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Cold cases in City of Lake Worth: Murders of Woodley Erilas, Tyler Etue, Thomas Altman, Jose Aguilar Juarez.

“Not every article [by Scott McCabe] resulted in a closed case, but each one gave voice to those who had only known silence
for years.”

Does the name Scott McCabe sound familiar? Please continue reading to learn more about this reporter.

Do you recall the brutal murder of Thomas Altman in March 2016? That murder case in the City of Lake Worth received multiple articles in The Palm Beach Post and from several TV news stations for well over a week. News about that murder was well-publicized by social media as well.

But that case is still unsolved. It’s possible another article featured in the Post could bring forward that one tip to solve this crime, because “No tip is too small”.

Just one tip to CrimeStoppers at 800-458-8477, even one little piece of information, could bring some solace and closure to the families and friends of murder victims.

Shouldn’t the press and news media be giving voice to those families of homicide victims “who had
only known silence for years”?

For example, our current beat reporter from the Post could take a lesson from another former beat reporter that once covered the City of Lake Worth beat, Scott McCabe. Mr. McCabe worked as a reporter for the Post from 1998–2005 and for many years now has been a crime reporter for the Washington Examiner in Washington, D.C.

Here is an excerpt from an article datelined January 13th by reporter Leigh Giangreco:

Scott McCabe, the Examiner’s crime reporter, did yeoman’s work with his cold case series, which tried to revive the hopes of many D.C. area families who lost their loved ones to homicides. In one instance, McCabe’s column and the television show “America’s Most Wanted” assisted in a tip that led to the capture of a suspect in a 15-year-old murder case. Not every article resulted in a closed case, but each one gave voice to those who had only known silence for years. [emphasis added]

Has reporter Kevin Thompson, the City’s current beat reporter from the Post, ever tried to give voice to the families of homicide victims “who had only known silence for years” such as the family of Woodley Erilas who was murdered in early 2015.

Later in 2015 was another murder in the City of Lake Worth. Do you remember Tyler Etue who was seeking recovery from addiction in a ‘sober home’?

See below for more information about one homicide in particular here in the City of Lake Worth: the murder of Woodley Erilas.

And a question: Why do some murders get the overwhelming attention of the press and news media — selling newspapers and blaring headlines for a week or even longer — but other families suffering news of a loved one being murdered can’t get the press and news media to tell their story for more than a day or two, if their story is told at all?

Does it really all come down to what sells
newspapers and what doesn’t?

In August of last year Juan Javier Cruz was murdered and the suspect was quickly apprehended. Reporter Elliott Wenzler at the Post wrote that this incident happened, “in an area in which residents would not expect a shooting to occur, neighbors said.” Would that be why this murder was news in the Post for an entire week but the murder of Jose Aguilar Juarez barely received any news coverage at all?

Another example is the murder of Tyler Etue. He was young man, a recovering drug addict, dumped into a trash can and left to die. When was the last time you read any news or updates about that?

Do you have any information about any homicide?

Do you fear providing tips because of retribution in your neighborhood or community? There is a way to help solve these terrible crimes, remain anonymous, and claim a reward.

Click on image to enlarge:
Call 800-458-8477. To learn more about CrimeStoppers use this link.

The murder of Woodley Erilas, however, received scant attention from the news media. He was murdered on January 9th, 2015, in the early morning here in Lake Worth. The case remains unsolved and the family continues looking for leads.

This crime occurred on the 900 block of
North ‘H’ Street. Somebody saw something.
Woodley Erilas was only 27 years old when he was murdered in 2015. Maybe an update in The Palm Beach Post could bring forward a tip. Call beat reporter Kevin Thompson at 561-820-4573 or send an email to:

“All Aboard logo is a little disturbing”

Here is an example of an open-ended question,
“laced with not too subtle fear-mongering.”:

“Is the V representative of Florida, and the cross lines are All Aboard Florida [now called Brighline] disrupting the calmness of our state?”

Click on image to enlarge. This is an actual ‘Letter
to the Editor’ from 2015 published
in The Palm Beach Post:
Three years later the Post is still publishing letters “laced with not too subtle fear-mongering” about Brightline passenger rail service. But note that in the 3 years since 2015 the Post has never come up with any better solutions to solve our regional traffic problems. Don’t you find that ‘a little disturbing’? 

“FEC [Florida East Coast] Railway station at Lake Worth, Florida”.

Image Number: DG01369. 1965 or 1966. Source: Howard C. “Pappy” Yochum. Description: 1 digital image, b&w. Click on image to enlarge:
For interesting history about our little City, enter “Lake Worth” into the search bar at “Florida Memory: State Library & Archives of Florida” some time soon. If you would like to contact the State Archives use this link.

Miss any news in Post about code or law enforcement in Greenacres? No. They just don’t report news like that any more.

If you are a resident of the fine city of Greenacres, below you’ll find information on how to locate and try to contact your former beat reporter. For example, there hasn’t been any news in the print edition about the switch to PBSO in well over two years, hardly any news about the upcoming elections next March, or any news at all about what is happening at the Greenacres Town Council.

Click on map of Central Palm Beach County:
By the way, when was the last time you read anything in the Post about code or law enforcement in the Village of Palm Springs? Lake Clarke Shores? Great Walled City of Atlantis?

About time for an update from your former Post beat reporter? Remember the news about “Blight, eyesores addressed at special Greenacres workshop”?

“We want to try to clean everything up like they’re doing in Lake Worth.”
—Quote in The Palm Beach Post, May 4th, 2016. Read more about this below.

The article below surprised a lot of people in 2016 about the City of Greenacres and code enforcement. We don’t get much news from Greenacres any more even though that city faces many of the same issues our City of Lake Worth does.

Ever since the Post began publishing their Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Cursory Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE; see image below) much of the local news outside the City of Lake Worth in Central Palm Beach County is going unreported in the print edition.

 How many articles have been written to date about Code Enforcement in our City of Lake Worth? A lot.
 How much news about code in Greenacres? None since May of 2016. Greenacres switched over to PBSO as well: How many news articles have
you read about that?

Maybe a good place to start would be an update from the Post about this situation

It’s no secret the Greenacres City Council has been splintered for some time. But for 90 minutes, at a special workshop Monday, the council, along with other city officials, played nice to talk about issues of blight and neglect in the city’s original section.

Below are more interesting quotes from that 2016 article:

“We want to try to clean everything up like they’re doing in Lake Worth.”
—Quote. Greenacres Deputy Mayor Jonathan Pearce [now former Mayor Pearce; Joel Flores is the mayor now].

And there’s more. . .

     “District I Councilwoman Lisa Rivera led the wide-ranging meeting, which covered everything from trash inside newspaper vending machines to unsightly medians along Lake Worth Road to pitch black streets on Haverhill Road.
     Several city department heads and Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies were on hand to answer questions from Rivera on why her district looks the way it looks.”

and lastly. . .

     “Rivera is also concerned that many of the businesses in her district, which runs from the L-10 Canal south to the L-15 Canal, and from Military Trail west to South 57th Avenue, look like they should be in a flea market, with their garish colors and tacky banner signs.
     ‘It looks horrid,’ Rivera said.”

So. Do you live in Greenacres? Hoping to get more of your community and city news into the print edition at the Post? Here is how you contact your beat reporter:

Click on image to enlarge:
Remember this “IN FOCUS: LAKE WORTH”?
This RaceTrac isn
’t in Lake Worth. It’s
located in Palm Springs.

“I hang out at RaceTrac a lot because it’s a good, clean, and inviting place to plug in my laptop when I’m working in and around Lake Worth, [emphasis added] something I’m now doing four days a week — a new mandate from our editors to fully embed ourselves in the communities we cover.”

“. . . fully embed ourselves in the communities we cover.”? If you live in Greenacres and are scratching your head right about now, well, join the club.

So. How much has changed in Greenacres since 2016?

Below is the contact information for your local beat reporter. Good Luck! and hope to see more news about Greenacres in the print edition some time soon about code enforcement, and PBSO, as well as what’s going on with politics in your fine city:
  • Email:
  • 561-820-4573

Once again, a “cautionary tale”: Why heeding the advice below can save you a lot of time, money, and effort.

Are you considering a new project here in the City of Lake Worth? Or are you considering a renovation? A new restaurant? A new retail opportunity?

If so, you need to learn about the Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents’ Council (NAPC). Find out
more about the NAPC below.

They can help you engage the neighborhood and the public prior to or even after approaching the City staff with your idea. For example — in one classic case — a group called the Lake Worth Artist and Cottage Entrepreneurs decided to approach the NAPC but then later, changed their mind. And because of that decision “all hell broke loose”. Learn more about that one particular ‘cautionary tale’ by clicking on this link.

The NAPC can help you engage the neighbors and neighborhood, provide as much information available at the time to the public, and maybe even quell the rumor mill from churning out one rumor after another.

How do I know this can actually be accomplished? Because there is a lot of proof that this approach works. Use this link for just one example:

The Planning and Zoning Board approved the site plan unanimously and recommended the rezoning request be approved by the City Commission. These approvals were made with conditions which addressed many of the issues which had been discussed between the developer, the City and the neighborhood beforehand.

In the excerpt above, the words ‘and the neighborhood beforehand’ are what one needs to focus on.
So “beforehand” consider approaching the NAPC. What you’ll discover is that sometimes the neighborhood understands their neighborhood much better than the City does. For the NAPC website click on this link, for their Facebook page use this link, or send an email to:

Natural gas service and the little
City of Lake Worth.

Thinking about converting to natural gas
in your home?

One of the benefits of natural gas (NG) is during long electric outages or following a hurricane you can still cook and boil water.

Learn more below how to switch over to NG. Gas is “cheap, clean, affordable, and plentiful”.

Back in the day, when the Lake Worth Electric Utility rates were sky high prior to 2012 some electeds continued to hint they wanted the rates to go even higher. That set off a panic in this City. Back in 2015, once again, two commissioners suggested spiking up rates to fund their ‘wish list’. Both of them are no longer on the City Commission. Learn more about that below.

Before 2012, residents who lived in areas with NG service lines who were able to afford the initial investment, began switching over or “hooking up” new or pre-owned appliances to NG provided by Florida Public Utilities, e.g., stoves, cloth dryers, and water heaters.

“Leading the Fight to Lower Electric Bills”?
After Cara Jennings got re-elected in 2008 electric rates continued to spike. Remember, political speech is Free Speech, one can claim almost anything
on a political mailer.

Homeowners previously on full-electric in their homes in NG service areas, who later converted over to gas, saw their utility bills drop significantly. But others in areas without NG were out of luck. It came as a surprise to many when they found out their neighborhood didn’t have gas lines but other areas in the City did.

Prior to 2012, City administrations used the Electric Utility to fund their wish lists, ergo the term “cash cow” that our City’s Electric Utility used to be called. Then in September 2015, well, all hell broke loose again when this news hit:

After all the work to lower electric rates since 2012, two commissioners wanted to spike up rates again in 2015.
Of course, this “push” came as the Summer heat was winding down. Later, then-District 2 commissioner, Chris McVoy, PhD, lost his bid for re-election and then-District 4 Commissioner Ryan Maier
opted not to run again.

Anyway. Enough of the history how we got here. Interested in finding out more about NG?

Call 888-765-4601 to contact Florida Public Utilities or use this link and “Ask4Gas”.
Ask4Gas! “Better meals. Longer baths.
Softer laundry.”

Here are more benefits:

  • NG is cheap, clean, affordable, and plentiful.
  • NG is extremely safe. Remember to “Call 811 Before You Dig!” or use this link.
  • Nine out of 10 professional chefs prefer cooking with NG.
  • NG is the “Green” choice.
In the video below, a Florida Public Utility expert explains the benefits of switching over to a NG range/oven:

City of Lake Worth history: Former Mayor Jeff Clemens and Cara Jennings during iguana crisis in Winter of 2009.

UPDATE: On the topic of iguanas there is recent news from WLRN reporter Nancy Klingener:

According to the FWC [Fish and Wildlife Commission], iguanas are not protected in Florida — except by anti-animal cruelty laws. It is legal to shoot them on private property during daylight hours with the property owners’ permission — but everyone should check with their local law enforcement agency about local laws regarding firearms before discharging them.[emphasis added]

Now back to City of Lake Worth history:

Back in January 2009 was a dangerous time for Lake Worth residents including a report of a Yorkshire Terrier being squashed by an iguana that froze and fell out of a tree. In a blog post written back then by Mr. Tom McGow (see below), then-Mayor Jeff Clemens was quoted:

“We are in a state of crisis this morning,”
stated Lake Worth Mayor Jeff Clemens. “We will be closing all city parks until this crisis has passed.

There’s more about that crisis in 2009 below — one in which Cara Jennings was a big part in resolving to the benefit of everyone — including the iguanas. Mr. McGow, if you didn’t know, was quite the creative type as well here in the City of Lake Worth back in the day.

Take for example his take on “Green Acres”:
“Remember the TV show ‘Green Acres’? You know, the one about the city guy who wanted to live in the
boonies and his wife who was always
fussing about the hillbillies.”

And Mr. McGow went on to conclude in 2009 about ‘Green Acres’: “Too bad the town to the west of us is already named Greenacres. If a certain someone is elected mayor it might be a more fitting name for Lake Worth.”

Back to the crisis in
Winter of 2009:

Dateline: Monday, January 19, 2009,
City of Lake Worth, Florida:

     The chilly weather in South Florida this week was cold enough to force some iguanas to fall from trees.
     Experts say the cold-blooded reptiles go into a deep sleep when the temperature falls into the 40s. Their bodies basically shut off and they lose their grip on the tree.

and. . . 

     “[Cara] Jennings has proposed shutting down the courts at the shuffleboard center and enclosing them as a haven for the iguanas. ‘I have already looked in to a State Grant Program to provide heating pads and lettuce for the Iguanas until this crisis passes’, commented Jennings.

If you’re interested in learning more about this crisis in 2009 click on this link to read the entire article by Mr. McGow.

*Iguanas, if you didn’t know, are not native to south Florida. You see them around because people buy them as pets and release them when the creature gets too big. Some locals who delight in eating iguana call them the “chicken of the tree”. The population of iguanas goes away after a deep freeze. Ergo, that sound you hear of something falling out of the tree and hitting the ground with a loud “Thump”.

Ventusky, the most amazing weather website and app you’ll ever use.

A few days prior to Hurricane Irma last year stumbled across one of the most incredible weather websites ever called Ventusky. You’ll never look at TV and press weather reports in the same way ever again.

Ventusky is a,
“. . . [C]ombination of two words. The first is Latin word, Ventus, means wind, the second is English word, Sky.”
You can customize Ventusky to your liking for the time of day, shows estimated wind speed, waves, etc. You can choose what you want to see on the left side of the page using various tabs. It will ask to follow your location (“Search for location. . .”) and works on mobile devices too.

Once you enter your location into Ventusky (e.g., your zip code) you’ll be blown away (pardon the pun):

The Ventusky web application has been developed for you at our company, InMeteo, in collaboration with Marek Mojzík and Martin Prantl. We are a Czech meteorological company based in Pilsen. At our company, we focus on weather prediction and meteorological data visualisation. We have a wealth of experience in presenting weather data from our portal, In-počasí, which was founded in 2006 and is now one of the highest-traffic servers in the Czech Republic.”

This weather application is really amazing and encourage you to share it with all your friends and family.

The 2018 Street Painting Festival is coming up on February 24th and 25th. Just around the corner. . .

Have you submitted your artist application yet?
What are you waiting for?

Now let’s take a stroll down memory lane.
Lake Worth Street Painting Festival,
Saturday, February 22nd, 2014.

Just in case you missed this news yesterday about Mathews Brewing Co. here in the little City of Lake Worth.

Last year, in early December, the first mainstream news report was published about Mathews Brewing.

Question: Do you remember the reporter who first broke the news last year?

Mathews Brewing Co. was big news in The Palm Beach Post all last weekend long and big news in the Post’s Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Cursory Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE) too. Reporters at the Post were scrambling and tripping all over each other to report this news.

News about the Grand Opening of Mathews Brewing Co. was recently front page news in The Lake Worth Herald and the Lake Worth CRA issued a news report about Mathews Brewing as well many weeks ago. Mathews Brewing is pretty much big news all over South Florida. For example, it’s big news in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale too. Why?

Because reporter Nicole Danna first broke the news about Mathews Brewing last year.

So some of you are scratching your head right now and saying to yourself, “Hmmm. That name, Nicole Danna, sounds very familiar.”

Most of my loyal blog readers will recall reporter Nicole Danna. What happened to her? Find out
at the end of this blog post.

Hands down, Danna was the best reporter covering the City of Lake Worth’s food, restaurant, and adult beverage scene. But ever since she left in January 2016 there’s been a huge void or a “dearth” of consistent quality reporting. For example, it was Danna who first broke the news about C.W.S. Bar + Kitchen coming to our City back in February 2016.

Maybe, if enough people contact her editor at the New Times, Mr. Chuck Strouse, we’ll get her back covering this City much more often once again. There’s so much going on!

For example. . .

Here’s the latest City of Lake Worth news from Nicole Danna about, “Mathews Brewing Co. Will Offer South Florida’s Only Cask Ale Program”. Some excerpts from the article datelined Dec. 6th, 2017:

On December 15 [2017], Mathews Brewing Co. will open the doors to its Lake Worth brewhouse and taproom located just west of the city’s downtown, in the newly recognized Artisanal Industrial District.
     Mathews Brewing Co. owner and brewer Dave Mathews says he originally planned to launch his business in West Palm Beach but was drawn south thanks to Lake Worth’s “funky, cool vibe” and the city’s business-friendly atmosphere. [emphasis added]
     “Now I’m hoping to lead the charge in revitalizing this area by motivating other like-minded small businesses to come here,” Mathews says. “I see nothing but potential.”
     The establishment will be not only Lake Worth’s first brewery but also one of the first in South Florida to offer patrons a dedicated cask ale program in addition to a rotating selection of beers brewed in-house. Cask ales, also known as “real ale” in the United Kingdom, are unfiltered and unpasteurized beer conditioned (including secondary fermentation) and served from a cask without additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide pressure.

and. . .

     “Our goal is to make solid, quality beer that’s as true-to-style as possible,” says Mathews, whose late Jack Russel terrier serves as the official brewery logo. “We can literally brew anything here, and I plan to offer a broad range of styles, from an American IPA to traditional British-style cask ale.”

lastly. . .

     “The brewery’s opening-day tap list will include a number of the brand’s core beers, such as Accelerate American IPA, Hop Dynamics red IPA, Florida Haze New England IPA, Heavy Metal American double IPA, L-Dub Tropical pale ale, White Goblin Belgian wit, Junkyard Dog brown ale, Sweet Emotion cream ale, Seek and Destroy imperial stout, Night Moves amber ale, and Riff Raff American porter.

The details:

Mathews Brewing Co. is located at 130 South ‘H’ St. in the City of Lake Worth. Call 561-762-7293 for more information or send an email to:

More information from reporter Nicole Danna: “Parking for Mathews Brewing Co. can be found on the street or in two lots off South H Street north of the brewery.”

When you go to Mathews Brewing for your first beer remember to say, “I read the article by Nicole Danna and couldnt wait to come by and check this place out.”
Mathews Brewing Co. is “Lake Worth’s First”
craft beer brewery. Mathews Brewing could
have chosen West Palm Beach.

But they didn’t.

So. What happened to Nicole Danna?

In January 2016 the New Times Palm Beach operations were shut down and consolidated with the Miami New Times:

Voice Media Group announced today it has completed the combination of its South Florida publications, Miami New Times and New Times Broward-Palm Beach. Moving forward, the company’s award-winning editorial coverage and business operations will be handled through Miami New Times, a consolidation consistent with VMG’s nationwide emphasis on expanding its digital reach with maximum efficiency for readers and clients.

In my Twitter exchange with New Times editor Chuck Strouse last year he said, “Nicole is still writing for us, but focus is moving south!” Maybe if enough people contact Mr. Strouse he’ll tell Nicole Danna,

“Your focus is moving north! The little City of Lake Worth needs you!”

Coats and blankets needed for the homeless in Central Palm Beach County. Below is drop-off site for supplies.

Help the homeless in suburban Lake Worth, Village of Palm Springs, City of Greenacres, and the needy in County’s John Prince Park near City of Atlantis
(see map below).

Please note, this is very important: John Prince Park is not in the City of Lake Worth. John Prince Park is in unincorporated Central Palm Beach County (CPBC) and is managed by the County, not managed by the City of Lake Worth.

The City of Lake Worth is only responsible for its own public parks. Press reports such as this one published in the Post last week can be very confusing for those trying to help the homeless and those in need seeking help to understand.

Now back to helping the homeless:

If you have any used coats, blankets, or sleeping bags drop them off at Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store located in the City of Greenacres. This drop-off center is closed today but reopens tomorrow morning at 9:00.

Directions: Take Lake Worth Rd. to Military Trail. Then head north towards the intersection of Military Trail and Bowman Rd. (approx. ½ mile) and look for a “Thrift Store” sign on the left (west) side of the street. For more information call 561-469-7922.

Open Monday–Friday 9:00–5:00; Saturday 10:00–5:00; closed Sunday.

Click on map to enlarge:
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store is nearby the
Town of Lake Clarke Shores and the Great Walled
City of Atlantis (note: areas shaded white
are unincorporated CPBC)

Once again, just to be clear, please refer to the map above: suburban Lake Worth — unincorporated areas in CPBC west of the City of Lake Worth — are very different from the actual City of Lake Worth. Areas shaded white in the map above ARE NOT municipalities and are under the control of the County.

Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy, PhD, were both opposed to Brightline. Right?

Well. Actually. . .
That’s not true at all.

Here in the City of Lake Worth back in February 2016 the vote at the City Commission was unanimously in support of a passenger rail service then called All Aboard Florida (and the future Coastal Link too!) which was officially launched last weekend to wide acclaim.

So one would think former City of Lake Worth commissioners Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy, PhD. . .

Who both frequently cautioned ‘the people’ about almost all and any development would oppose this project. Right?

Remember, it was these two who both pontificated quite frequently on many, many topics, talking at great length advocating caution about any new projects. Calls were repeatedly made to be ‘reasonable’ and that it would always be prudent to delay any hasty decisions. Time and time again they would ‘raise the question’ after ‘listening to the people’ and quite detailed personal anecdotes about whether or not it would be wise to ‘expedite decisions’.

But. . .

On the issue of passenger rail service here in South Florida, after hearing the facts, both Maier and McVoy (who has a PhD by the way) came out in support of Brightline and passenger rail service here in South Florida.

And they both supported the idea of a “Coastal Link” as well.

What’s the Coastal Link? Learn more about the below. Here’s an excerpt from this blog dated February 7th, 2016:
On the discussion that followed at the City Commission about Brightline (formerly All Aboard Florida) the vote taken was 5-0 to support rail transit going forward.

Note that another topic up for discussion in February 2016 was something called the “Coastal Link”:

Click on image to enlarge.
This is the future “Coastal Link”:
The Coastal Link will follow Brightline service and link all of the coastal downtown’s together
in Palm Beach County.

For example, you’ll be able to take the Coastal Link from Lake Worth to Jupiter’s Loggerhead Marinelife Center. Or you could take the Coastal Link to West Palm Beach and then take Brightline to Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and to Orlando in the near future.

By the way. I still remember that meeting back in early 2016. And remember how refreshing it was to see the entire City Commission working together, albeit very briefly. Two years ago though nearly every important vote at the City Commission was a 3-2 with the ‘2’, Maier and McVoy opposed to nearly everything.

But on the topic of Brightline? It was unanimous. You see, back then, even Maier and McVoy saw how important Brightline was for the future of this City and for all of South Florida.

On ‘white elephants’: An Olympic-
sized lap swimming pool at the
Lake Worth Beach.

Who was the first to call a lap swimming pool at
the Lake Worth Beach a “white elephant”? The answer may surprise you. Find out below.

And many of the people who say they want a brand new lap swimming Olympic-sized pool at the Beach didn’t even use the now-condemned pool when it was open.

Don’t you think it would be “repugnant” — as one current City commissioner said this year at a budget workshop — to construct another ‘white elephant’ at the Lake Worth Beach? Also, as the editor at the Herald wrote, “Does it have to be there?” The headline of that editorial earlier this year was “Stop the bleeding”:

     Lake Worth needs a pool, but they also need some Staffers with some creativity. How many times do we have to fail at the same thing before we realize it is the taxpayers who suffer in other areas so we can keep failing?
     If staff won’t get creative, maybe the electeds should take take the wheel and not just take staff’s worn out ideas that have proven time and again to be extremely expensive to the taxpayer.

So. Who was the first to call an Olympic-sized lap pool at the Beach a “white elephant”? It was Mr. Tom McGow back in 2010:
“Commissioners need to take a hard look at
the economic realities of our pool and the national trend towards municipal aquatic parks.”

Fast-forward to 2017. . .

“[T]o subsidize what’s happening at the Beach is repugnant to me on many levels.”
Quote. Lake Worth Commissioner Omari Hardy
at a City budget workshop, July 11th, 2017
(see entire quote below).

We know. . .

  • A new 50-M lap pool at the Lake Worth Beach and Casino complex will need to be subsidized using City taxes. 
  • Why subsidize a new lap pool when so many of the people who will be using it are not even Lake Worth residents?
  • Many of the people who say they want a new pool didnt even use the former pool at the Beach when it was open. 
  • When the next recession hits, and it will, we’ll be left with a pool the City will not be able to maintain. Back to square one. . .
  • Our City can have a pool for the public — for swimming lessons, lap swimming, and exercise — in any number of locations in the City.
  • A pool at the Beach, we know, is an amenity that will never make a profit or even break even (budget neutral).
  • If a new lap pool at the Beach is constructed, it will continue on the failed business model from back in 2010.
  • However, a small aquatic complex would be an attraction for visitors and tourists (fewer lifeguards, less maintenance).

The entire quote from Commissioner Hardy:

“When this line [Hardy referencing Beach Fund graph] gets to zero in Fiscal Year 2018 that means we’re taking money out of the General Fund. As far as I understand, it’s not like we have a lot of money from the General Fund to spare.
     For me, the idea of taking any money out of the General Fund when we’re barely able to afford the services we’re providing for our residents right now, and when we need to fund additional services, and we’re unable to do that, the idea of taking money out of the General Fund to subsidize what’s happening at the Beach is repugnant to me on many levels.
     I don’t think that we should ever allow ourselves to get to that point, and if we do, we need to make hard decisions about what’s important and what’s not.”

Think this comment is hard-hitting? Then click on this link for another quote by Commissioner
Omari Hardy from another budget workshop
earlier this year.

Have thoughts on this issue?
Click on this link to contact your
“Mayor and Commissioners”.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

About the City Commission meeting
last night in the City of Lake Worth.

Here is a photo taken from PBSO Cpt. Baer’s
update to the City Commission last night.
This was one of the first presentations of the evening. The YouTube video of last night’s meeting is below.

To no one’s surprise, the beat reporter from the Post didn’t show up last night at the first City Commission meeting of 2018. After what was published in the paper yesterday one can understand why.

If this reporter, or any other reporter for that matter, reports any news about this meeting it will have to come from the City’s YouTube video from the Live Streaming feed. You can watch what happened for yourself (see below) and be your own citizen reporter. And by the way, having actual citizen reporters ‘at the scene’ reporting what happened at City Hall is nothing new.

However, in a clear indication how irrelevant The Palm Beach Post has actually become here in this City, the Post’s beat reporter, Kevin Thompson, wasn’t mentioned or even referenced one single time last night until the very end of the meeting when District 3 City Commissioner Andy Amoroso, ‘tongue-in-cheek’ talked about how Thompson never reported that Amoroso was unopposed this election season and will serve another term beginning next March.

The agenda last night was a long one. The meeting lasted over 4 hours. And from the start our City Commission was clearly focused on getting things done.

They were not going to be distracted by any
silly news from the press.

The meeting last night was at times spirited and there were many topics such as code enforcement, how to use Community Development Block Grant funds, much about the City’s Electric Utility, and what the status of the Neighborhood Road Bond program is. And much more. Zoning was a big issue as well. I’ll have more about that a little later.

However, it’s very important to point out that the mood in the City Hall chambers last night was a very positive one. If you were there last night you would know what I mean. So. As you watch this meeting in the video below you’ll certainly see ‘spirited’ and passionate debate.

There are members of this City Commission that clearly have different opinions about some of the issues but they also clearly have deep respect for each other.

Stay tuned for more information later on about what happened at the City Commission last night. And as always, Thank You for visiting today.

This is called “Democracy In Action”:

Idea gaining steam again! Have a big, huge party at historic Gulfstream Hotel!

First, aren’t you getting a little tired of news drip drip drip from news organizations interviewing the same old tired actors in this drama?

Don’t you really want to see an official press release from the City of Lake Worth and the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) about what’s going on with the Gulfstream Hotel? Wouldn’t you really like to see a press release or a news conference by City and government officials that they are enthusiastic and truly committed to getting the historic Gulfstream Hotel open once again?

Well. Anyhow. Do you remember the newspaper headline below from 2½ years ago? What’s happened since? Very, very little.

Now it’s time to get on
with it. Create some vibrancy!

From a March 2015 letter, “We would like to immediately get to an agreement. . .”. No way!
Bryant Park is safe from developers and so is our Beach too! But what about historic Gulfstream Hotel in the Downtown? Let’s promote this treasure and attract developers and investors with a big
party and a Ghost Hunt too!

The Ghost Hunt we were hoping for on New Year’s Eve didn’t happen. But the 2018 Midnight Sun and Street Painting festivals are coming up real soon! Click on this link to learn more.