Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wes Blackman keeps "beating a dead horse". . . all those one-way streets in the City

Here's an article from the Strong Towns blog written by Rachel Quednau; an excerpt:

     A recent article out of South Bend, IN suggests that the movement toward two-way streets is growing. [emphasis added] South Bend plans to convert many of its downtown streets back into two-ways by the end of 2016.
     As an example from the neighboring state of Kentucky, the article explains how one multilane couplet (two parallel one-way streets that move traffic in opposite directions) was previously a high crime, low-property value area:
     John Gilderbloom, director of the Center for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods at the University of Louisville, lived on First Street with his wife when he first moved to the city. 
It was awful, he recalled recently. 'There were prostitutes, people selling fenced goods, drugs, everything like that. . ." But after the couplet was returned to its two-way origins:
     Steadily, crime fell, property values rose and retail revenues increased, he said. New investment followed, as residents and business owners rushed to take advantage of the improving landscape.
Remember, Lake and Lucerne avenues in the downtown weren't always a multilane couplet:
That came much later in the City's history when moving cars from point A to point B was the most important thing to traffic engineers and FDOT.

Oh, and by the way, won't stop "beating that dead horse" about all the one-way streets here in Lake Worth. Many of them need to be two-way streets once again.

Jon Faust and his remarkable video: Memorial Day at Pinecrest Cemetery in Lake Worth

Jon wears a lot of hats, so to speak. Besides being an ambassador for the City of Lake Worth and a Realtor, he is also Chair of the Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents Council (NAPC) and also Chair of the neighborhood assoc. Downtown Jewel.*

Thank you for producing this video.

*Earlier in this blog post wrote that Jon Faust was Chair of the Mango Groves neighborhood. Greg Rice is Chair of that neighborhood association.

If you're looking to start a new business in Lake Worth be prepared for what to expect

This is a quote from Lake Worth beat reporter Kevin Thompson on the opening of C.W.S. on Lucerne Ave., his idea for an adult beverage in this article:

"The City Commission: A rum-drenched cocktail best ordered before or after one of those contentious commission meetings when a lot is said, but nothing is accomplished. [Huh? Emphasis is added] Drinking it before the meeting could make the experience more palatable. Downing it after will make you forget everything you’ve witnessed. Forever."

First, does anybody remember the last City Commission meeting the reporter attended? Why make a business opening political? Is he referring to all those 3-2 votes with the two "Nays", commissioners Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy, always being against the business community and economic development here in this City?

If you want to learn about the headwinds those in the business community face read this explanation and then ask yourself this question: "Why won't Maier and McVoy walk the walk"?
The good news is both Maier and McVoy are up in the next election cycle. Look for "March 14th, 2017" in the right-hand column to learn more.

Question for Commissioner Chris McVoy: Do you still have your baseball cap with the Venezuelan flag colors?

McVoy and his baseball cap with Venezuelan flag colors last January 15th. His excitement turned out to be a bit premature (read the latest news below).
McVoy was all aglow last January about the change of government in Venezuela and this is what he said:

     "Happy New Year! Some folks in the room may be aware. . . [a pause as McVoy dons baseball cap with Venezuelan flag colors] that's my Venezuelan cap! Today was a very significant part of democracy in the world. The major elections that happened in early December [2015] in Venezuela that drastically changed the course of what the country's been doing for the last stretch. They were inaugurated in the national assembly today.
     I was able to watch some of that. And it went very peacefully despite some very strong differences of views and opinions and changing of the guard.
     So, ummm, Go Democracy! It's good when it works. [emphasis added]"

Well, not so quick: The latest from Venezuela in a New York Times article titled:
"Venezuela Drifts Into New Territory: Hunger, Blackouts and Government Shutdown"
Enjoy this video. Watch McVoy happily announce his news at the 20 second mark, right after Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell finishes with his remarks. Will we get an update at the next City Commission meeting?

"Am I getting this right?"

Learn more about former U.S. Rep. Barney Frank using this link.
Official White House photograph of President Barack Obama: A real Progressive. For those with Bernie Sanders yard signs in LDub, this is what Progressive means: "Progressivism is a philosophy based on the idea of progress, which asserts that advancement in science, technology, economic development, and social organization are vital to improve the human condition." Hello.

A look back—Thursday night in downtown Lake Worth, June 5th, 2008: "A fire drill at the Gulf Stream Hotel"

This is a blog post I wrote about that night while a Citizen On Patrol (COP). This was prior to PBSO taking over for the Lake Worth Police Dept. Back then downtown Lake Worth was not any place you wanted to be after dark:

"While on COP duty last night, I stopped to take this quick video of the drill held at the Gulf Stream Hotel for local fire departments. They need two organized night time drills like this to retain their certifications. This is what it looked like. No smoke but maybe that came later."
"By the way, the streets were swarming with real police cars last night. Many active scenes and busy radio traffic."

PBSO has continued to employ the COP program and you can learn about that using this link. Would strongly suggest this as a way to help your neighborhood if you have persistent issues with crime. And also remember this:
For more information about Lake Worth's District 14 PBSO look for this image in the right-hand column of this blog.

1940s view of Bath and Tennis Club Pool in Palm Beach

This image from The Bath and Tennis Club in Palm Beach features a bevy of 1940s bathing beauties and a slew of poolside revelers. Diving was a popular recreation at area resort pools but has since been rendered nearly obsolete by modern liability insurance. When was the last time that you were on a high diving board? (Photo courtesy of the Historical Society of Palm Beach County)

The high hypocrisy finally makes the print edition today in a paper of record

The Palm Beach Post's 'news' about the City's potholes finally made the print edition today, Tuesday, March 31st. To read more about that look in the right-hand column for, "Low-hanging fruit & stuff that happens during slow news week. . .".

Unfortunately for the public, what's missing in the article is the reason why we're in this predicament in the first place. And that's all thanks to a bond vote that failed in 2014. The reporter briefly mentions the failed bond vote but not the reason it failed by just 25 votes.
"NO NEW TAXES!", they said.
The "high hypocrisy" is one of those interviewed in the today's article was also one of the most vocal in opposition to that bond. Here is a letter he recently had published in the very same newspaper:
1st Ave. South would be a brand new street now, along with updated infrastructure, had the "LW2020" bond passed.
And then we get to the real problem you can read about using this link—reporters, editors, and journalism:
Did the Post provide the information you need to make the best possible decision about your life, community, society, and government? No. Crucial information was not reported.

And it continues. . . False news reports by news media of events/crime "in Lake Worth" that did not occur in Lake Worth*

Memorial Day weekend was a bad one for the TV news:

This is a list that's compiled starting from April 6th, 2016.† Instead of featuring each individual false news report will just add them to the list.

Many in the news media, especially the TV news, can't grasp the concept that a "Lake Worth" zip code doesn't make that location "in Lake Worth". So many in the public are being confused about what is the City of Lake Worth and what is not. Locations outside the City should be referred to as "suburban Lake Worth".

Here is the list and you can follow this by looking in the right-hand column for "Inaccurate news reports about crime in 'Lake Worth' continue":
  • April 6th, ABC25/WPBF reporter Ari Hait, man runs over teenager, slams car into house. Falsely reported as occurring in Lake Worth.
  • April 8th, CBS12/WPEC reporter Gary Detman, carjacking victim found dead. Falsely reported as occurring in Lake Worth.
  • April 17th, CBS12 staff report, person shot near Rudolph Rd. That area is not "in Lake Worth".
  • April 17th, "Person injured in Lake Worth shooting". Same incident as item above and wrong location given by NBC5/WPTV "Webteam".
  • April 29th, CBS12/WPEC reporter Gary Detman again, robbery outside church on Hypoluxo Rd. There is no "Hypoluxo Rd." in City of Lake Worth.
  • And after a long stretch. . .
  • May 29th, ABC25/WPBF staff report, "Deputies investigate suspicious death in Lake Worth", that didn't happen in Lake Worth.
  • May 29th, NBC5/WPTV reporters Monica Magalhaes and Austin Carter, "Deputies investigating suspicious death in Lake Worth", again, not in Lake Worth.
  • May 30th, ABC25/WPBF staff report, "Deputies investigate shots fired in Lake Worth", in "the 4300 block of Gretchen Place". You would think the '4300' number would be their first clue. But then again, this is WPBF.
*In some cases news reports in the past have been corrected after the reporter/editor was informed of the error. The list above only reflects the day the error occurred, although the news segment may have been corrected at a later date if you click the links above. I hope that makes sense.
Note: It's not possible to catch every error by the media, so if one is missed send me an email and will add that to the list (my email is in the right-hand column of this blog).

Monday, May 30, 2016

Enough of politics: What to do with those stacks of old worth-less tabloids?

Old tabloids also come in handy for training puppies and lining bird cages. Don't work well when blowing one's nose though.
Re-purpose and help save the environment too! Click here for the steps.

All you need are a stack of tabloids and a spray bottle with this mixture: 2 cups of water, 1/4 cup of vinegar, and 1/2 teaspoon of liquid detergent. Use that old silly news for something that will do some good.

Very cool video: Firefighter training and controlled burn of abandoned/unsafe structure in Lake Worth

"In Flanders Fields"

Learn about the poem In Flanders Fields.

News from The Lake Worth Herald: Lake Worth Summer Camp for children 7–14 years old

To find out more about the Lake Worth Recreation Dept. use this link. The following information on Lake Worth's Summer Camp is from the The Lake Worth Herald:

     "The City of Lake Worth is in the process of accepting applications for this year’s 'Summer Camp.'
     Camp will be held from June 13–August 5, 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Norman J. Wimbley (Lake Worth) Gymnasium, 1515 Wingfield St., Lake Worth.
     This camp is for children ages 7–14. The cost is $450 per child. Those wishing to attend may register at the Osborne Community Center, 1699 Wingfield St., Lake Worth, Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. Phone: 561-533-7363 or the Norman J. Wimbley Gym, Monday–Friday, 3:30–8:30 p.m. Phone: 540-5133.
     For more information, call Coach Osborne at 561-721-5319, 561-533-7363 or the Gym Staff at 561-540-5133 from 3:30–8:30 p.m."

Pool Side. The Colony Hotel, Palm Beach, 1961

Photo courtesy of Slim Aarons.

Images after 1928 Okeechobee Hurricane: Lake Worth's City Hall, Masonic Temple, Lake Worth Bridge. . .

A "house tossed like a football", flooded streets, and Lake Ave. with devastated structures are some of the images below. The traditional start of hurricane season is this Wednesday, June 1st.

The 1928 Hurricane was a direct hit on cities such as Palm Beach, Lake Worth and Lantana. This was prior to hurricanes being given names. The storm continued towards Lake Okeechobee. In the end over 2,500 people died and this storm remains the second deadliest in U.S. history.

There is a mass grave in West Palm Beach for victims of that storm. Another sad legacy is only Black people are buried there. The White victims were buried elsewhere. In coffins.

These pictures courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.