Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Yes We Can!!"

From a loyal and concerned reader

"I am one of those few that actually watch city meetings on line regularly: city commission, P&Z, HRPB... It's usually in the background while I do other things. Imagine my surprise when I go to watch the P&Z and John Rinaldi is not there. Greg Rice was in the chair seat and some woman I never saw before was sitting to his right. What is going on? 

I go to Advisory Board section and look over P&Z. Commissioner McVoy's District 2 appointment which used to be John Rinaldi was now represented by Elise LaTorre. Did John Rinaldi not re-apply or did he resign? Does anyone know what happened?

As the meeting progressed they had a vote for the vice-chair and Mr. Sherwin was elected. Greg Rice is now the P&Z chair.

Shouldn't a press release be issued by the city? When the P&Z Chair suddenly leaves the scene the public should be aware, don't you think? P&Z is one of the more important boards in the city. 

If I find out something I will let you know. Thanks, Wes, for all that you do for the city."

Evening On The Avenue, callout for vendors and performers

Are you a vendor or a performer and interested in participating in this years Evening on The Avenue in Lake Worth? The new season is starting and it is All The Buzz about town!

Here is your contact info:

See you there!

Great slide show featuring the Lake Worth Arts Lofts...

Click title for link.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween came early in 2012

Grand opening at Mulligan's with "the gang." The date was October 17th. Apparently, they were running a special on demon possession that night.

Unbelievable College Republican National Committee ad supporting Rick Scott - Creepy and Patronizing

From the Post's Kimberly Miller about the latest on sober house in WPB

Click title for link. The evolving saga of the Green Terrace condominium. From the article:
Residents of the Good Decisions Sober Living home in West Palm Beach are looking for new places to live after being told Tuesday they had four days to move out.
Good Decisions, which houses recovering addicts in units at the Green Terrace Condominium, was raided by the FBI on Sept. 11, while the community’s condominium association is under investigation by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
John Lehman, president of the Boca Raton-based Florida Association of Recovery Residences, confirmed residents are being asked to leave by Friday.

What a difference a city manager makes

Today marks 898 days since City Manager Michael Bornstein was hired on April 16, 2012. There is nothing significant about 898 days except as a matter of perspective. Consider this, the previous city manager, Susan Stanton was fired on December 6, 2011 after 953 days on the job. Stanton's tenure was marked by divisiveness and a lack of outreach to the greater community in Lake Worth. To put it bluntly, Lake Worth continued to be a mess under the tenure of Susan Stanton.

Under Stanton, the relationship between the business community and the city was strained, to non-existent. The relationship with the CRA was contentious, at best. Stanton caused such a rift with the neighboring communities that to this day some are still wary of partnering on projects fearing Lake Worth will be too much trouble. Under direction of then-sitting commissioners (Jennings, Golden, Mulvehill) Stanton cut the code department and sent neighborhoods already on the brink on a downward spiral for almost three years. A local blog at the time, referencing the coming Christmas holiday season and the firing of Stanton, wrote:
"In this joyous season, I am celebrating the potential for renewal in Lake Worth which began with a bold move to clean out city management from the top down.
From Paul Boyer, Bob Baldwin to Susan Stanton… inept, corrupt, wasteful and often cruel leadership disregarded the public and common sense honesty and openness.
Yes, I know there are those who are disappointed to see Stanton fired but dwelling on one side of her performance while ignoring the other side of the story… is delusional."
Let's focus on one aspect of City Manager Michael Bornstein's performance in comparison to then City Manager Stanton: outreach to the community. In the months before Stanton's firing she refused any invitations to neighborhood meetings. Except for her supporters she rarely engaged the public. On rare occasions when she did engage the public outside city hall she requested a PBSO escort.

Community outreach changed dramatically under the direction of City Manager Bornstein: Bornstein has engaged the public at every level. Under his tenure the city commission, staff, city employees and the NAPC have worked to educate and involve many citizens in our city. It is rare to have a public event in Lake Worth and not have the presence of Bornstein, and if not, he'll have a representative there in his place.

The form of government we have in Lake Worth requires a confident and engaged city manager. We as a city simply cannot solve our problems without such an individual. I'll leave unsaid for now the respect Michael Bornstein has outside Lake Worth, in surrounding communities and the county government. I'll discuss that at a later time. But it is significant and important as the city goes forward.

Sunday, January 11, 2015 will mark Michael Bornstein's 1000th day as city manager in Lake Worth. I don't know about you, but I think that's a good reason for a party. Mark the date!

The Broward/Palm Beach New Times looking for new writers!

The New Times is famous for reporting breaking news and then retooling the story until they get it right. Of note were the stories about the Fort Lauderdale Police and the confrontations with the Critical Mass rides in July and August. In typical fashion the police are assumed to be wrong, the aggressor, and the bike riders are assumed to be righteous, innocent, incapable of wrongdoing. 

The days after the initial reports showed a very different reality. The police were doing their job and the bicyclists had broken the law and the rules agreed to before the Critical Mass ride began. It was really that simple.

Now we have a new development at the New Times. They're looking for new writers to join their team. If you are interested click here.

From the story:
"Applicants should have solid news judgment and knowledge of current events. They should be able to discover relevant local stories, report hard news, and meet deadlines.
Interested candidates, please send a résumé and three clips to:
No phone calls, please."

Political Advertisement with a cameo by our own Lisa Maxwell

Proven Leader from Ellyn Bogdanoff on Vimeo.

Clematis Street named one of America's Ten Best Streets

Click title for link to website. This showed up in the Palm Beach Post in today's print edition by Eliot Kleinberg, but appears to be unavailable on line. Clematis Street is in good company with the other top streets on the list. Click here for a portion of that article.

I remember a time when this was the last street that would be eligible for such an award. Things do change, with intention and persistence.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

L.A.: "Yes We Can!!"

Who can believe anything this person writes, does or says?

Ironic motivational picture in Supervisor of Elections' lobby

"Communication - Build bridges, not walls."

Chögyam Trungpa

"The goal of warriorship is to reconnect to the nowness of reality, so that you can go forward without destroying simplicity, without destroying your connection to this earth."

Town of Palm Beach 2014 Floodplain Management Plan Progress Report

The Town of Palm Beach has completed the 2014 progress report for its Floodplain Management Plan. The progress report is required as a part of the annual re-certification process for the Town's participation in the CRS (Community Rating System) Program. Participation in this program allows residents to receive a 15% discount on the purchase of flood insurance.

A copy of the report can be obtained by clicking on the title of this post.

October King Tide Brings Trove Of Data For Sea-Level Threat In Miami Beach

A group of Florida International University students are ready to record data for this October's King Tide in Miami Beach. It is thought to be a harbinger of things to come as sea levels rise over the coming years. Click title for link.
Saad Masud, a 15-year-old sophomore at MAST, believes it’s important work.
“If we can understand how the effects of this huge tide is going to be, we’ll be able to better enhance our drainage systems,” he says.
All that data, along with helium-balloon images of the coastline during the King Tide, will be studied to refine estimates of how degrees of sea-level rise will make life difficult or even impossible in coming years. Faculty advisor Robert Gutsche says it may provide some necessary answers.
“Here’s how we are going to build in the future," Gutsche says. "Here’s who’s going to be able to live here in the future. Here’s what our big problem is.”

Ag Reserve Round-table Discussion

From Andy Reid at the Sun Sentinel on the Ag Reserve round-table yesterday. Click title for link. And Drew Martin gets quoted! Probably one of Drew's best performances to date:
"County officials on Monday held a day-long discussion with neighborhood representatives, growers, developers, environmentalists and others to try to find common ground on whether to change the development rules for the Agricultural Reserve.
But at one point, some participants couldn't even agree on the idea that producing food and other agricultural pursuits should still take priority in the Agricultural Reserve.
'It is called the Ag Reserve,' said an exasperated Drew Martin of the Sierra Club."

Fort Lauderdale Critical Mass Ride

James Argyropoulos at the Broward New Times has some great pictures from the last weeks Critical Mass ride in Fort Lauderdale. Click title for link. The ride by the looks of it has become much more novice- and family-friendly. Good for them.

Remember! The Lake Worth Critical Mass ride is this Friday. I'll have details later in the week.

Economic Development Projects in Palm Beach County's Pipeline

Jeff Ostrowski reports on some very big business news for Palm Beach County. Click title for link. All of these are very cryptic, especially "Project Framework" - imagine what that would do for the Lake Worth Park of Commerce and our local economy!
"One company, which Smallridge [Kelly Smallridge, president of the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County] identified only by the codename Project Gemini, is looking for a place to build a $175 million manufacturing plant with 250 workers, she said Thursday.
'We need that really bad for the Glades area,' Smallridge told Business Development Board members during a meeting in West Palm Beach.
The other company, known as Project Carbon, would spend $7 million on a green energy facility with 100 jobs.
The Business Development Board has pushed for economic development in Belle Glade, Pahokee and South Bay, poor areas in an affluent county. Smallridge estimated that unemployment in the Glades is 36 percent.
Smallridge said she’s also wooing another company that would be a coup for the county. Project Framework is looking for a 200,000-square-foot facility somewhere in central or southern Palm Beach County. That company would bring 1,000 jobs."

There are standards...

Interesting editorial piece in the "Hot Topics" section of the Palm Beach Post today. You can read it here.

The commentary by Mr. Wasserman deals with the journalist code of ethics and specifically the Society for Professional Journalism (SPJ). Just last week I brought up the SPJ because a local "journalist" had publicly come to the defense of a blogger who is using violent images and harmful/personal attacks. The SPJ code of ethics does not encourage such tactics. No professional "journalist" would.

You can re-read my earlier post here.

The Post also seems to be grappling with issues in local reporting such as when it is appropriate to publish unattributed rumors. I think the state of the media in general has let go of what standards it had and is playing to the lowest common denominator.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Lynn Anderson Unmasked...

From the College Park Neighborhood Association comes this...

Since the College Park Neighborhood Association was founded in 1996, we have been fortunate to have had so many dedicated people step up to serve as officers and directors. Every year since then, each new board member has brought fresh ideas and unique talents to bear on the challenges and opportunities that are a part of living in College Park. Please consider bringing your own fresh ideas and unique talents to serve our neighborhood for 2015.

From the bottom of my heart, it's truly been an honor to serve as President of College Park NA for the last four years. Together with all of you and our other officers and directors during that time, we have achieved some wonderful goals. But there is always more to be done and more ways to do it. I am looking forward to supporting a new President next year and helping as a neighbor to continue all our efforts to make College Park a neighborhood we can always be proud to call our home.

I especially Thank our 2014 Board of Directors, Vice President Johnny Pickett, Secretary Kim McEvers, Treasurer Terry Brokovich and Directors, Wes Blackman, Rick Dytrych, Scott Eller, Charlotte Keshian and Kristine Olson for their dedicated service and I sincerely hope that each of them will consider serving again next year. On behalf of the entire board, I also Thank our neighbor, Ian Esplin, for his continued service as volunteer webmaster for our College Park website.

The election for 2015 officers and directors will take place on Monday, December 8th at 6:30 at our usual meeting place, the First Congregational Church, 1415 North K Street.

Your Neighbor,
Mary Lindsey, President CPNA 2011-2014

For all of us missing the weekly quotes from Drew Martin in the Palm Beach Post...

Good news everyone! Drew Martin is fine and there is nothing to worry about. Joe Capozzi from the Palm Beach Post is tweeting live from the Ag Reserve round-table discussion and Drew Martin is working with a facilitator.

Maybe tomorrow Drew Martin will once again resume his position as THE SOURCE for quotes in the newspapers on environmental issues.

Stay tuned!

From a loyal reader, catch the moment while you can!

Latino workers dying at higher rates in job accidents, report shows

From the Broward Bulldog comes this story about the hazards faced by Latinos in the workplace, especially construction and related jobs. This was part of the issue when we had large groups of people assembling west of the Shuffleboard Courts for day labor in the early 2000s. I remember horror stories of on-the-job injuries and little regard for basic safety for some of the workers. Some would do work and not get paid or get paid less than others doing similar work. They were afraid to complain due to their undocumented status. Click title for link. From the article:
As Latino workers take on more and more of the nation’s toughest and dirtiest jobs, they increasingly are paying for it with their lives.
Preliminary federal figures released last week showed that of the 4,405 U.S. workers killed on the job in 2013, 797 were Latinos. That equates to 3.8 of every 100,000 full-time Latino employees in the U.S. dying in workplace accidents during the year.
The fatality rate for Latinos was up marginally from 3.7 per 100,000 workers in 2012, and was significantly higher than the 2013 fatality rates of 3.2 for whites, 2.9 for blacks and 1.5 for Asians.
Safety experts point to reluctance among many Latino workers, particularly immigrants, to protest job hazards. They commonly attribute the reluctance to language barriers or fears that complaining about working conditions will cost them their jobs or even lead to deportation.
In addition, worker advocates blame weak federal and state regulation and a trend of employers increasingly giving dangerous jobs to temporary workers, including some with little training.

Below: Complete Final Copy of Downtown West Palm Beach Walkability Report

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Two-thirds of Florida voters weren't wrong...

Lawsuit: Town goes too far on political sign rules and...

Lesley Blackner is suing the Town of Palm Beach for their zealous enforcement of the Town's political sign laws. Mind you, this is the same person who fought for a state constitutional amendment that would require a vote on every change to a local government's Comprehensive Plan. That was Amendment 4 of 2010, also referred to as Hometown Democracy. If it passed, which it didn't by a long-shot, it would have trampled on private property rights around the state and subjected land use regulations to the equivalent of mob rule. Our ballots would also have been at least 5 pages long. Here, she is asserting her First Amendment rights to display political signs on her property. She and the other blogger were pals and Blackner used the Sunset property case here in Lake Worth as a rallying cry for her effort. Click title for link.
Before the Aug. 26 primary, the couple [unidentified in article] placed two signs in the yard of their Australian Avenue home. One supported Attorney General Pam Bondi ; the other Palm Beach County School Board candidate Larry Rosensweig.
According to the suit, code officer Walton removed the Rosensweig sign a few days before the election, citing the limit on the number of signs. On Aug. 30, a code officer informed Blackner that the other sign should be removed because more than 48 hours had passed since the election. She refused. Walton removed the sign Sept. 1 and placed it, with a violation noticed stapled to it, at the door of the couple’s home.
Blackner [Lesley Blackner] is representing the couple.

Critical Mass Fort Lauderdale Is Happening Tonight With New Route

Click title for link to Broward New Times article. It appears that things are getting under control and there are rules now for this ride. It's been a bit of a rough-and-tumble experience of late, for the bicycle riders and the police. From the article:
"It was the consensus that we don't really want an exact repeat of last month, where traffic lights sliced the ride into a series of different groups, where tickets were issued instead of warnings, and even though we handed out a map some people got a little lost," the post adds. "That is why we were trying to work with the police for a better protocol on intersections. As of now we have not had a positive response from Fort Lauderdale Police Department about assisting the ride through intersections. The only definitive statement is that they will be out monitoring the ride and enforcing the law, like last time."
The new route is designed to avoid as many traffic lights as possible, as well as hit more localized roadways.
Fort Lauderdale Police has insisted that the mass be split at each traffic light, which has created small pods of riders. CM is going to try breaking riders into small groups prior to the ride starting, in a preemptive maneuver to avoid this headache.
Each small group will have an assigned leader who will dictate the pace of the group. Moreover, if a group gets accidentally split up by a red light, the others can simply pull over and wait for them to catch up.

Peter Pan

"Shall we have an adventure now, or would you like tea first?"

Mr. Nice Guy - Taste Test - Going back to one of my older product reviews

Today I reveal  my much-anticipated review of the drink called “Mr. Nice Guy.” First, here is a little background. On June 4, 2014 in the Palm Beach Post there was an article about entrepreneur Dylan Harrison. He got into a little trouble a while back; old news now. Anyhow, he partnered with a gentleman named Ron VanTassel to produce his new beverage called: “Mr. Nice Guy.”

After reading the Post article, I went to the 'Mr. Nice Guy' website. There I noticed a 'Contact Us' link and sent a quick note requesting a sample to review and giving well wishes to Mr. Harrison. Two days later, a pleasant young man came by the house and dropped off ten cans for me to sample and review. Just by coincidence I had a contest going on at the time and used 'Mr. Nice Guy' as the prize and received additional reviews. You can read about my contest here.

The cans are cute and fit easily in the hand. Upon opening, the smell is fresh and effervescent The drink flavor, upon tasting, can be described as "Chillicious Berry" and perfectly carbonated. I carried the beverage into my bedroom whilst I browsed through my Kindle for the day's readings. Soon, I felt a slight tingling sensation across my upper back. Something like you would feel after a gentle massage. Just the right drink before bed time which is exactly what 'Mr. Nice Guy' is for. In big letters they have the word, “RELAXINOL” and on the can they have their 'Mr. Nice Guy' motto:

“When the day is over, or work is done, get your head right & Relaxinol. Cool calm & carefree is the way of Mr. Nice Guy. ENJOY THIS CAN & BE NICE.”

Note to self: Save a can in reserve for the other blogger in town. She could use a little relaxation.

Soon, I found my eyes falling off the page and had to put my reading down. Turning off the light, I adjusted to the fetal position and soon it was morning. I was wide awake and fresh as a daisy.

The product is manufactured in the USA and the office of 'Mr. Nice Guy LLC' is in West Palm Beach, FL. Can you say, “Buy Local, Drink Local, Relax Local.”

The reviews, including my own, are very favorable for the product and it does exactly what it claims. On the can under “Supplement Facts” they list their proprietary blend of amino acids and other ingredients. No doubt these ingredients cause the calming and soothing effect of the drink. There is also a warning on the drink: “May cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate machinery after consuming.” Sound advice.

I give Mr. Harrison, Mr. VanTassel, and their product, 'Mr. Nice Guy' two thumbs up. Just be safe and wait until you get home before consuming. Drink Up, Relax, and Be Nice! And put down that heavy mechanical equipment.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Vintage Florida Postcard...

Courtesy: State Archives of Florida

A favorite from the Tom McGow archives...

As schoolyard tactics mount, Florida Dem chief lashes out at Scott campaign | Post On Politics

This recalls the days when we had local fundraisers and meet-and-greets at various residences in Lake Worth. One candidate made the mistake of publishing the planned events ahead of time, on social media, for everyone to see. Well, everyone did see, including the opposition. Wouldn't you know, our pals Dee and Larry, showed up at every one heckling and handing out fliers in front of host's homes. The fliers were usually negative copy related to the candidate having the fundraiser. Part of keeping it classy in Lake Worth. This article made me think of those tactics. Click title for link.
Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant lashed out Friday at Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign for sending more than a dozen protesters to a recent fund-raiser at her home where they harassed guests and photographed the license tags of those attending.
The Florida Republican Party in concert with the Scott campaign has been dispatching handfuls of operatives for months to demonstrate, chant and shout questions at appearances by Democratic nominee Charlie Crist or his supporters.
But Tant said crashing the private fund-raising affair at her Tallahassee home took the middle-school tactics too far.

DANGER: Rip-currents Today (9/27)

Editorial: Most provisional ballots aren’t counted in Palm...

Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher continues to play ostrich on this issue. She's not talking to the Palm Beach Post and she is not responding to requests regarding the total number of countywide provisional ballots from the August 26th election. What is she hiding? It could be plenty. Oh, and then we have the mid term election coming up in November. What will happen then? Click title for link for a strong editorial article from the Palm Beach Post on the issue.
When Palm Beach County poll workers ask voters to cast provisional ballots, they don’t tell them that their votes most likely won’t count. But it’s true. If you’re asked to vote with a provisional instead of a regular ballot in this county, the odds are that it will never be tallied.
According to our analysis of five general elections from 2004 to 2012, more than half of all provisional ballots cast in Palm Beach County were never counted, a rejection rate far higher than either the national or statewide average.
The county’s rate of rejection was at its highest in the 2012 presidential election, when the county’s canvassing board disqualified an astounding 72 percent of the more than 2,000 provisional ballots cast. That was the highest rejection rate in the state and three times the national average.
Will these trends continue in the November election? Given the cause for concern, it would be instructive to know how provisional ballots were handled countywide in the Aug. 26 primary. But a month after the fact, Bucher has not released information about those ballots, or even said how many were cast. Given the stakes, such a lack of transparency is troubling.

Your secrets are safe with the other blogger - NOT!

Too much residential development in the Agricultural Reserve?

What follows is an excerpt from a Sun Sentinel article about the Ag Reserve. The article isn't spectacular for what it points out, but what is spectacular is how did an article about an Audubon Society issue get through to print without a quote from Drew Martin? Click title for link. Here is some from the article:
"The Palm Beach County-based Audubon Society of the Everglades has called for county Inspector General John Carey to investigate whether too many new neighborhoods and other development have been allowed on prime farmland where building limits are intended to preserve room for agriculture.
This comes as the County Commission is considering easing development rules in the 21,000-acre Agricultural Reserve area that spreads west of Boynton Beach and Delray Beach.
In addition to calling for an investigation, Audubon has called for a halt to most building in the Agricultural Reserve and a moratorium on more development approvals during the investigation.
"Residential development is seriously impeding the ability of farmers to conduct large-scale farming operations within the Ag Reserve," Paton White, president of the Audubon Society of the Everglades, wrote in his Sept. 21 letter requesting the inquiry."
We really should still be following the Eastward-Ho! plan and be directing redevelopment dollars to the already developed coastal communities.

From the "journalist" who appeared out-of-no-where...

At the last Commission meeting, a "journalist" appeared at the podium to endorse the violence-charged graphics of the other blogger. Click title for link for a blog post from Ms. Menge dating from 2012 which outlines her opinion of Ms. Bucher.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The many talents of Tom McGow; the many faces of Lynn Anderson

If you missed the Lake Worth CRA Presentation from last Tuesday...

How Lake Worth appears on

Yesterday a story appeared in the Palm Beach Post from Jennifer Sorentrue about the incredible amount of traffic the Florida Tourism website, Visit Florida, received last year. Here is an excerpt from the article:
"Florida tourism leaders on Tuesday unveiled a series of marketing efforts designed to lure more millennial and international visitors, and they are creating a hospitality training program to ensure there are enough employees to serve the travelers.
Visit Florida, the state’s tourism marketing agency, aims to reach a younger audience by inserting its logo and other marketing material into a popular motocross video game that has been downloaded more than 4 million times. The agency also expects a partnership with National Geographic and an aggressive marketing campaign at Fashion Week in Sao Paolo, Brazil in April will bring more international tourists to the state.
Nearly 95 million people visited Florida last year. State leaders intend to boost that number to 127 million visitors by 2020 — a push that is expected to create 315,000 new jobs."
Visit Florida has done an amazing job promoting Florida and they continue to explore new avenues to increase tourism.

What I want to do is challenge my readers and fellow Lake Worth citizens to send new photos and update the information on Visit Florida website as it concerns Lake Worth. Why? Consider the following screen grabs from the Lake Worth section on the Visit Florida. Let's get more of our share of tourists to Lake Worth! Remember, the Gulfstream Hotel is reopening! I have added some of the Lake Worth beach as a trial run and they were accepted. Credit is also given.

Question: Why is a golf course in Wellington highlighted as a "Lake Worth" destination and our own municipal golf course not listed on Visit Florida? Visit Florida is the most visited site for tourists interested in Florida.

Letter to Editor at the Palm Beach Post re Spring Training

Congrats to the county commissioners for voting against jobs, prosperity and the chance to assist an underserved portion of Palm Beach County. The commissioners voted against the proposed spring training and minor-league stadium at 45th and Military Trail. That parcel has been vacant for decades and is now overgrown and filled with broken glass and trash. Let’s keep it that way. The fact that the Nationals and Astros were even interested astounds me. My advice to the two teams would be to look elsewhere. There must be a location that would welcome jobs and associated local development.


Click title for link.

Looking over various campaign Treasurer Reports...

A gentle reader brought these to my attention. Do you think these signatures from our District #2 Commissioner were from the same person? I am interested in knowing what you think.

Wellington Vice Mayor calls out Palm Beach Post reporter at public meeting.

Click title for link. He doesn't hold back his criticism of the beat reporting that has been done for the Village of Wellington over speculation regarding the Village Manager's position or other matters. To be fair, the video appears on the Palm Beach Post website.

Gigantic tunnel project in Seattle at a partial standstill...

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Some people have apparently tried this and ended up with a dangerous mess on their hands.

It's a bird, it's a plane...NO! It's incoming Snowbirds!

New VisitFlorida advertisement:

Hurricane Jeanne 10th anniversary: Storm caused floods, death and destruction

John Nelander reviews the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Jeanne, the storm which followed Hurricane Francis two weeks to the minute later back in 2004. Click title for link to the Shiny Sheet article.
Thursday is the 10th anniversary of the Florida landfall of Hurricane Jeanne, which lashed the peninsula’s East Coast just 20 days after Hurricane Frances in September, 2004.
It was part two of a double-whammy that was followed up by Hurricane Wilma 13 months later and triggered another round of soaring homeowners insurance rates. It was a storm that will be remembered for its meteorological oddities as much as for the damage and deaths it caused.


For several days after raking Haiti, it appeared that Jeanne would not be a problem for Florida, or for the U.S. It meandered north of Hispaniola, regaining tropical storm strength, and then headed north to a point more than 500 miles northeast of the Bahamas.

But then, due to a complex weather pattern to Jeanne’s north — including conditions caused by the remnants of Hurricane Ivan — Jeanne began a loop to the northeast, east, south and then west as it regained hurricane strength. It moved over its own previous track on Sept. 24, according to the NHC. Because the storm had churned up cooler water on its track north, the storm weakened slightly but then began gathering strength again as it continued west toward the Bahamas and Florida.

Our Commissioner Scientist and his "thinking" process...

If someone can explain the logic of Commissioner McVoy, please give it a try.

At last Tuesday's commission meeting, the Commission voted 4 to 1 to change the qualifying period to run for office in Lake Worth. Commissioner McVoy was the lone dissenting vote. The qualifying period is 14 days for one to file before the end of the qualifying period. That is how you go about getting your name on the ballot and become an official candidate. The item concerned the amount of time allocated after that deadline and before the election.

The next election day is 3/10/15; District Two Commissioner McVoy and District Four Commissioner John Szerdi are up for re-election is they choose to run again.

As it was before the vote on Tuesday, if someone were to choose to challenge either of the incumbents, and they qualified on the first day of the qualifying period that person would have only 42 days to run a campaign for the office.

Now, with the change that was approved on Tuesday to the election rules, a person can qualify starting 11/25/14 through 12/9/14. If someone chose to qualify to run for office on 11/25/14, they would have 105 days to actively and openly campaign until election day, on March 10, 2015.

So, the Lake Worth commission voted to extend the campaign time frame by 63 days (105 days versus 42 days), if someone chose to qualify on the first qualifying day, 11/25/14.

In Commissioner McVoy's seemingly twisted logic he sees this as disadvantage for someone considering a run for elected office. Commissioner McVoy is a Cornell University graduate and it's possible he learned something at Cornell that is a mystery to the rest of us, The Great Unwashed.

Could it be 42 days is just a short enough period of time to hide behind smoke and obfuscation? Doesn't a longer campaign period add in the local democratic process in terms of providing more information for voters regarding candidates, where they stand on issues and how they are going to lead the city forward? Isn't more time better than less time? Of course, you could declare your candidacy whenever you want, but the most recent system allowed for people to wait in the shadows, essentially until the last minute, and then attempt to mount a campaign. By this time, campaigning and the legendary telling-of-stories could go on with abandon and it would be hard to get the cows back in the gate. I am all for the new change.

Healing words for Greenfield, CA

"Hope is what makes us strong. It is why we are here. It is what we fight with when all else is lost.. - Pandora

Assault with Deadly Weapon
200 Block 13TH ST

Breaking & Entering
200 Block 6TH ST & OAK AV

200 Block 6TH ST & PALM AV

Vehicle Recovery


300 Block PEPPER DR

Breaking & Entering

Breaking & Entering
1200 Block ELM AV

Assault with Deadly Weapon

1100 Block ELM AV & 12TH ST

09/12/20141000 Block GAVILAN DR & 12TH ST

Let's not forget where this all began...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Charles Osgood

"It was while making newspaper deliveries, trying to miss the bushes and hit the porch, that I first learned the importance of accuracy in journalism."

Last night's (9/23/14) commission meeting

Last night, 9/23/14, at the Lake Worth city commission meeting at the public comment period someone, claiming to be a journalist, came to the defense of Lynn Anderson and her erratic, bizarre behavior. Why a "journalist" would come to the defense of horrific images like putting names on bullets and burning the mayors image in effigy is beyond me. What happened on 9/9/14 as the public had had enough of Lynn Anderson's inappropriate behavior, someone "called her out." Bloggers are not special. They don't deserve special treatment. The First Amendment isn't just for the protection of bloggers. The First Amendment also protects the public against the abuses of so-called "bloggers" who are unable to control themselves by giving the right of people to speak up against what they find objectionable.

To the "journalist" who came to the defense of Lynn Anderson and her hateful activities? The truth is what you saw was the First Amendment at its best.

To the "journalist" who supports the violent and hateful behavior of Lynn Anderson, I direct her to the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ).

Here is the SPJ Code of Ethics

Some excerpts from the SPJ Code of Ethics:

- "Never deliberately distort facts or context, including visual information. Clearly label illustrations and re-enactments."
- "Label advocacy and commentary."
- "Ethical journalism treats sources, subjects, colleagues and members of the public as human beings deserving of respect."
- "Balance the public’s need for information against potential harm or discomfort. Pursuit of the news is not a license for arrogance or undue intrusiveness."
- "Acknowledge mistakes and correct them promptly and prominently. Explain corrections and clarifications carefully and clearly."
- "Recognize that legal access to information differs from an ethical justification to publish or broadcast."

Click here for an example of a journalist not following the code of ethical journalism.

Now here is an example of commentary correctly labelled "commentary" and not "news." This is how commentary and opinion should be shown.

So much for "professional" journalism in Lake Worth, don't you think?

Oh, and here we have Katie McGiveron feigning surprise and crying "How could this be? on Facebook:
Showing respect for our leaders? Remember her Mighty Thumbs!

Worth watching again...

The education of Misty Meanor...

My intrepid roving photographer, Larry the Lenz, sent me some pictures and notes concerning his good friend, Misty Meanor. Here is the story from Larry's notes and photos. 
The lovely Misty Meanor.
Misty and Larry have known each other for many years now and Misty has been considering purchasing a house in Lake Worth. After a life of partying and causing trouble Misty wants to calm down and enjoy the slow pace for a while. Misty settled on a house west of Dixie not far from the Arts Lofts, a fixer upper and she can purchase the property at an excellent price. Here is the problem: Misty is concerned about the talk of rising sea levels that Commissioner McVoy keeps bringing up and some reporter called Pissant is writing about all the time. In fact, even an ex-city commissioner talked about the looming threat of rising sea levels. 

Larry invited Misty for a ride to the beach and he brought along some props and information for her.
First Larry showed Misty the 'Conclusions' from the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact Action Plan of October 2012:

"Southeast Florida [Regional Climate Change Compact] require active learning OVER THE DECADES TO COME. The Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact has developed the institutional capacity to enable the collaborative learning required to MEET THESE CHALLENGES OVER TIME."

So Larry was able to demonstrate there is no immediate threat from sea level rise. In fact, the property Misty is considering is 20 feet above sea level. 
Then Larry took out his visual aids. He brought along a slice of Kraft Singles American pasteurized prepared cheese. Actually Kraft cheese is one of Larry's favorite foods. Larry showed Misty that in any year the rising seas, over a year, MAY be as much as 3 mm or .119 inches. Larry even stood on the cheese slice and asked Misty if he looked taller, she laughed and said, "No!"
So, Misty was relieved and a little embarrassed she had been duped by the hysteria and misinformation. She was also a bit upset that people in positions of responsibility were misleading the public in such a fashion. 
Thank you, Larry, for getting the information out and getting us in Lake Worth a wonderful new resident!

The public needs to attend a class on who owns the railroad crossings

People are getting the lesson that the railroad was here first. After that, everyone else followed. When you are here first, people have to get your permission and not the other way around. Click title for link.
Gregory Stuart, executive director of the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization, said several cities in Broward County have signed the crossing agreements, but the county government has not.
“The original agreements are almost 100 years old, and they’re all written a little bit differently,” Stuart said. “It’s unfamiliar territories for the cities. When they become familiar with it, they’ll understand that they might want to negotiate.”
If the agreements aren’t signed, Stuart said federal law supersedes local decisions and the municipalities will still be billed for maintenance and repairs under the existing plans.
“Railroad law predates most of our communities in Florida,” he said.

Palm Beach County balks at cost but keeps baseball stadium proposal alive - Sun Sentinel

John Prince Park is still being discussed, but in slightly hushed tones. The loud talker seems to be the money needed and some Commissioners are balking and want to make sure all bases are covered. Click title for link.
The push to expand spring training baseball in Palm Beach County is stretching into extra innings.
County commissioners Tuesday balked at committing $24 million more of public money than once planned to build a new spring training baseball stadium to lure two more Major League Baseball teams.
But the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals did agree to take another month to keep negotiating with county officials to try to strike a deal to build a $140 million, publicly funded stadium that supporters say could attract more tourists.
"The consensus is to keep on talking," said County Mayor Priscilla Taylor, who heads the commission. "This board wants baseball."
While team officials say they still want to move to Palm Beach County, they also say they have been approached by at least three potential suitors from Florida's West Coast. They are angling to have a stadium ready by 2017.
The stadium proposal goes back before the County Commission Oct. 21.
"We need answers quickly," Houston Astros owner Jim Crane said. "This is where we want to go."

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Something to watch for during break at tonight's City Commission meeting...

From the last Commission meeting...

Eleanor Roosevelt

"People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built."

The Hummingbird Hotel

In last weeks Lake Worth Herald, 9/18, Helen Vogt Greene wrote an article about the renovation of the old Hummingbird Hotel. Here is an excerpt:
     "Daniel Gorman, of Universal Exports, is no stranger to recreating the beauty of history. Lake Worth is fortunate to have Gorman's latest project - The Hummingbird Hotel. The name is not new, but the vision and the results will bring new life to 631 Lucerne Avenue.
     The Hummingbird Hotel was, since 1921, the McCarty or New McCarty Hotel. The original owner was Mary A. McCarty. McCarty was part of the company owned by A.D. Clark Insurance. Clark, Mayor from 1923-1926, sold insurance and was a prominent realtor in Lake [Worth] for 39 years. She was an active member of the Board of Realtors.
     The hotel remained the McCarty Hotel until c.1995 when Rose Belanger and JoAnn Davis purchased the hotel. They changed the color, refurbished the rooms and renamed the hotel - The Hummingbird."
To read the entire article, read more news about Lake Worth, FL, and contemplate the musings of our "Pelican Pete", go to

Here are some pictures taken last weekend of the location:

Judge hears arguments in countersuit in “chapel” condo fight | West Palm Beat

No ruling yet in the "tortuous interference and abuse of process" file against citizens against the Chapel-on-the-Lake decision in West Palm Beach. Click title for link.
Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Gregory M. Keyser heard arguments Tuesday morning, but didn’t rule, in a move to toss a countersuit by the developers of the high-rise condominium at West Palm Beach waterfront “chapel-by-the-lake” site.
Citizens for Thoughtful Growth, a neighborhood group, says  the city broke its own rules in January when it approved the project.
GAK Partners, the developer, later sued Citizens, arguing the group’s legal moves constituted “tortuous interference and abuse of process.”

Some analysis on the composition of city advisory boards:

Click title for link to city website to refer to the rosters of the various advisory boards.

For purposes of this analysis, there are nine citizen volunteer boards in the City of Lake Worth:
- Community Development Agency
- Electric Utility Advisory Board
- Finance Advisory Board
- Historic Resources Preservation Board
- Library Board
- Planning and Zoning Board
- Recreation Advisory Board
- Sister City Board
- Tree Board

Tonight on the Consent Agenda, Vice Mayor Maxwell will be appointing another volunteer member to the Library Board.

I decided to perform a tally of those currently on city advisory boards in order to determine how many people were appointed by each elected official. This is what resulted:

Mayor Pam Triolo: 11
Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell: 11
Commissioner John Szerdi: 6
Commissioner Andy Amoroso: 5
Commissioner Christopher McVoy: 3

Clearly Commissioner McVoy is the one with the least current appointees. Besides Vice Mayor Maxwell, he has had the longest time on the Commission. He was elected in November of 2010. So by November of this year, he will be completing his fourth full year as Commissioner. His term is extended now due to the change to March elections.

Here are the boards on which his appointees are serving:

Electric Utility Board: 1
Library Board: 1
Tree Board: 1

Now, I know that there can be a lot of turnover in board positions, so these data do not suggest that he has only made three appointments over that entire period of time. But it does show a lack of engagement or recognition of the importance on advisory boards and the role they play in the governance of the city. The difference is too stark not to think so.

If you are a supporter of Commissioner McVoy and think that his constituents (which are really all city residents) are under-represented on appointed boards, you should point this out to him. Perhaps you should consider applying for one of these positions. Click here for the application. There is currently a vacancy on the Historic Resource Preservation Board.