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Ms. Stanton on Transparency: Greenfield, CA

For Sale: Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast Inn

Lake Worth, FL   Offered for sale at $1,349,000 
A half mile from the beach on the southeast coast of Florida, Lake Worth is Palm Beach County's jewel by the sea. Minutes from the Breakers Hotel, golf and historic downtown with restaurants, antique shops, and jazz clubs. Guests can explore all the sites of Palm Beach. A AAA, 4-Diamond inn voted Number 1 on TripAdvisor.

The inn consists of 7 rooms with owners quarters. Views of the Intracostal Waterway and golf course located across the street from the inn. 

Property Details
  • 7 Guest Rooms
  • 7 Guest Room Baths
  • Has Owner's Quarters
  • Built in 1936
  • Last Renovated in 1998
  • Opened in 1998
  • Building is 6,500 SQFT
  • Lot is 0.25 Acres
  • Photo Gallery
  • Property Website
Financial Details
  • Offered for sale at $1,349,000
  • Occupancy Rate: 46%
  • Average Daily Rate: 174
Contact Information

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Yesterday on Facebook...

Respectfully, a thread on Facebook yesterday needs to be addressed. This concerns the LW20/20 bond vote on August 26 and fellow Lake Worth citizen, business owner, and P&Z Chair: Mr. John Rinaldi. Mr. Rinaldi asserted that our City, Lake Worth, is not financially viable and claims, therefore, the bond should be rejected. The information Mr. Rinaldi cited was unsourced and uncredited. I was able to find the source and here it is:

From: Guidebook For Project Implementers and Policy Makers in India [Note: not Indiana in the United States; India, as on another continent and the second largest country in population worldwide]

Click here for link to document.

Note these words about "City Financial Viability" in India:

Here is a sample of the information Mr. Rinaldi used without credit or citation to assert Lake Worth is not "Financially Viable":

I will address these in full later as many of this principles are covered in the bond issue and LW2020 Plan
This information you will find on page 105 of the link noted above. Interestingly, on the very next page, page 106, you will find these prescient words:

"Without major change, these service gaps will continue to worsen over the coming decades due to the anticipated growth of urban populations. Demand for urban infrastructure services will most likely increase [...] depending on the sector." 

"[This] highlights an incredible challenge for local governments to develop infrastructure that serves both the backlog and future growth needs."

Under the heading, "Not Investing Enough Money" there is this: "About half of the projected capital investment requirements is needed just to cover the backlog of infrastructure projects to reach basic standards; the remaining investments would serve additional demand."


"On this path, current services will continue to deteriorate, even if cities were to stop growing right now."

On THIS continent, in THIS country, in THIS one of fifty States, in THIS--one of the most underperforming city's WITH SO MUCH POTENTIAL, the paragraph above could be written this way:

"On Lake Worth's decades-long path, current infrastructure will continue to deteriorate, even if Lake Worth were to miraculously stop growing right now, the City will continue to deteriorate."

Clarification from the City about how the LW2020 bond issue would work in the CRA district.

Thank you for your question regarding Lake Worth 2020.   In response to your question about how the payoff of the bond would work within the CRA district.  All property in the City will be effected by the bond based on the taxable value as determined by the County Property Tax Assessor.  There is no distinction between properties within and outside the CRA district. 

For more direction answers to your questions you can email the city directly at this address:

PBSO to stop holding immigrants for ICE without court order |

This represents somewhat of a sea change in the way the Sheriff's office will operate. They will not detain people for immigration status without a court order. With some education, it may allow people that were previously afraid of law enforcement to more easily report crime and avail themselves of the law enforcement services. Click title for link. From the article:
After facing pressure from local civil rights groups, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday that it will no longer hold inmates simply at the request of federal immigration officials.
The holds allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to consider deporting people picked up for petty crimes. The sheriff’s office pays the costs of incarceration for up to two days on behalf of ICE, but it no longer will take that action unless ordered to do so by a judge, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said in a statement.
At a private meeting June 24, a local consortium of faith-based groups — called PEACE, or People Engaged in Active Community Efforts — pressed Bradshaw to drop the holds. He asked for 30 days to consider their request, the groups told The Palm Beach Post. This month, the American Civil Liberties Union delivered legal arguments to the sheriff explaining why the policy exposed the department to legal liability.

The latest from Greenfield, CA - Leopards do not change their spots

A little communication goes a long way, Ms. City Manager.

Two reporters, same meeting.....but different numbers?

On Tuesday, July 22, two reporters covering the Palm Beach County Commission meeting on the county's tax rate had slightly different stories.

Joe Capozzi at the Palm Beach Post in a story titled, "Most property owners to pay more in taxes under rate set Tuesday", wrote:

"The tax rate of about $4.97 per $1,000 of taxable property approved by commissioners for the 2014-2015 budget year is roughly a penny lower than the 2013-2014 rate of $4.98 per $1,000."

Andy Reid at the Sun Sentinel in a story titled, "Palm Beach County holds the line again on property tax rates", wrote:

"Commissioners for the fourth year in a row held the line on the tax rate, agreeing to cap the potential operating budget tax rate at $4.78 per $1,000 of taxable property value."

After a little poking around, it appears that Mr. Reid at the Sun Sentinel wins the award for most accurate reporting.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

From Yesterday: West Palm Beach's All Aboard Florida Station

Current Conditions in a Portion of District #1 - SW part of city

Town of Palm Beach - Lake Trail Closure for the Lining of the E-3 Force Main

As a follow up to the Town’s May 29, 2014, press release, Lake Trail is closed from Plantation Road to Via Marila through November 1, 2014, for the E-3 Force Main Project contingent on delays due to unforeseen conditions. The work involves rehabilitating the existing force main and manholes along Lake Trail.

Residents are asked to enter and exit Lake Trail at Plantation Road (south) or Via Marila (north).

The Town will issue periodic updates during the project to notify residents of the status of the trail.

Please use caution and read all construction signage when traveling along or near Lake Trail.

All questions and/or comments should be directed to contact the contractor representative Chase Rogers at (561) 640-3503 at Hinterland Group. The Town’s representative is Michael Roach, P.E., Project Engineer, who can be reached at (561) 838-5440.

Note: This is the bike/pedestrian trail that runs north of Royal Poinciana along the west side of Palm Beach Island along the Intracoastal Waterway. It is a popular destination for off-island people as well.

Coming this Friday!

Creepy in this day and age...

I appreciate the City Manager's forthright response. Watch the news report below.

This is portion of the city of Fruitland Park's homepage on its website with an ironic message.
The city is located north of Orlando, near the Villages. The Villages is a super-planned unit development filled with retirees.

Graphic from a devoted reader...

Margaret Thatcher

“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.”

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Mayor Pam Triolo's Weekly Message on Facebook

Seth Bramson, FEC Historian and Lake Worth Memorabilia

Selected Pictures from the West Palm Beach All Aboard Florida Station Unveiling

Michael Reininger, All Aboard Florida

Station architects presenting their plans.

West Palm Beach Mayor Muoio, Michael Reiniger, Palm Beach County Mayor Priscilla Taylor

Combination of Palm Beach County and West Palm Beach Commissions, Commissioner Materio right front

Courtesy of Former Commissioner JoAnn Golden and others...

GOP chair: Dis-inviting Human Rights Council president not gay... |

Rand Hoch, PBCHRC President, is right on both counts, by the way. Click title for link to a few political blurbs from the Post. This one is amusing. Click title for link.
Opposition to the $787 billion federal stimulus bill of 2009 helped galvanize the tea party movement.
So it was odd to see the Palm Beach County Tea Party endorse Republican Calvin Turnquest’s congressional bid and mention that Turnquest, one of the group’s board members, was “instrumental” in bringing $3 million in stimulus money to Tequesta in 2009 for a bridge project.
Turnquest objected to the stimulus reference and had it removed from the endorsement write-up on the Palm Beach County Tea Party website.
Tea party activist Fred Scheibl said he wrote the three-paragraph endorsement message by using past Turnquest statements. In the June 2009 edition of the Tequesta village newsletter, for example, a “From the Desk of Calvin Turnquest” column says: “I am pleased to inform you that thanks to stimulus money for infrastructure, The Village of Tequesta has been approved for $3,000,000 towards the replacement of the bridge.”
Turnquest last week said he didn’t write the materials Scheibl relied upon and wasn’t aware that the bridge money came from the stimulus.
“Most times, we have an assistant to write those things and I sign it…Maybe I should have taken the time to read over it carefully,” Turnquest said.

Excerpts from the Lake Worth Herald Editorial, July 17, 2014:

     "It is unfortunate for some the cost of floating a bond will weigh heavier on them than others in the beginning. Their property values will rise and so will the amount of taxes they pay. At the same time, properties with taxable values below the taxable threshold will see their value increase and become contributors to the tax base. This will spread the burden of bond payments among a larger pool of contributors and ease the pain for some of the larger tax payers."


     "The city is asking voters to approve a General Obligation bond of approximately sixty three million dollars. This is the total, worst case scenario for the financing of the infrastructure revamp. The money will not be borrowed all at once, but spaced over three borrowings, enabling the city to supplement the cost with grants and reduce the total bond obligation."


     "Lake Worth spent a ton of money to build a Reverse Osmosis water treatment plant to provide some of the best water in the state to the citizens. When the water leaves the water plant it probably is the best water in the state. After traveling through mineral deposits in the existing pipes, the water in no longer near the best water in the state. 
     The water lines will not be paid from the bond, there is money in the utilities fund to cover the cost of replacing the older water lines. This work will be done at the same time as the road work to facilitate tearing the road up only once."

To read the entire editorial, the current news about Lake Worth, and the clever musings of "Pelican Pete", go to:

Singing Karaoke last night - South Shore After Rafter Party

Dolly Parton

"If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader."

Today's Selection from the Tom McGow Archives

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Suggested readings on white flight and urban sprawl:

Len Sprishen
Senior Economics Thesis
The College of New Jersey
"While it may be difficult in practice to separate white flight from the various definitions of sprawl, some contend that the consequences are the same: an isolated base of blacks and Hispanics develops in central city neighborhoods and declining suburbs. These individuals are unable to develop wealth through home ownership, due to the falling property values or lack of access to credit. The result of this isolation results in chronic unemployment, failing schools, and increased crime (Orfield, 1999).
The purported effects of sprawl have created great problems in housing, both in costs and in decreased homeownership. Blacks and Hispanics are increasingly left in the urban core, and as bigger and bigger homes continue to be built in the suburbs, the opportunities for the former groups to own a home and increase their wealth are very infrequent."
Negative Effects of Urban Sprawl
by Leonardo R. Grabkowski, Demand Media
"When residents relocate outside of a city’s core, they take their tax dollars with them. Often, it’s the city’s poorest residents that are left behind. This creates economic disparity and stratification based upon location. It also creates funding problems for the core, which directly affects the money available for education, crime prevention, and maintenance and upkeep. Urban sprawl can also lead to economic “white flight.” According to “Urban Sprawl: A Reference Guide,” urban sprawl leads to racial segregation as minorities are often left behind in the poorest parts of a region. This problem may not be as widespread as it has been in the past, but it's present nonetheless."
Urban Sprawl on Wikipedia

A comment worthy becoming a post. From Ebb, consider this a prayer request...

"I have a hangnail on my pinkie and the pain is excruciating. I also have an anal fissure. I wouldn't have these problems if PBSO showed more of a presence in our city. I asked for mayo on my Publix sandwich and the sandwich maker put mustard on also. I only asked for mayo. I did not even mention mustard. How did that happen? I know Captain Silva is involved somehow."

Elections coming up in Greenfield, CA

Remember this from November 2009? From the Tom McGow archives...

This owner of Nature's Way soon went out of business after the incident. The story is a good example of the "herd" thinking that was promoted at the time and led to a series of bad and expensive decisions in our city's government.

Christie commentary: Voters deserve primary debate between... |

Christ should debate Rich. But he likely won't. This is more of a sad story about the state of Florida's Democratic party infrastructure. I like reading Palm Beach Post editorials now. Click title for link.
Some party faithful may beg to differ. Has his heart changed on 10-20-Life, the sentencing law derided by Democrats but supported by him as a Republican attorney general? Is his heart with the Treasure Coast or South Florida on the proposed All Aboard Florida high-speed rail project? Is his heart now heavy after appointing two of the most conservative justices on the state Supreme Court?
There’s no doubt that these are all questions Crist could answer deftly in a single debate.
He’s doesn’t have to do it to win the Democratic primary. Even Rich seemed to sound a conciliatory tone at the Florida editors meeting, saying: “I am a Democrat. … Despite the fact that I don’t like the way I’ve been treated, I will be supporting the Democratic nominee.”
Charlie Crist should debate Nan Rich. There, I said it again.

45th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing - Why it couldn't be a hoax

North D Street around 3:30 a.m. this morning...

These pictures were taken by a resident on North D Street, several blocks north of 10th Avenue after an apparent impromptu car "race."
 One of the drivers was injured. Deputies said there was no alcohol involved.
This is what one of the cars looked like in the morning light.

Notice the "Speed Bump" sign in the right part of this picture. We think one might have sent the cars flying when they were going at high speed.

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Finance Advisory Board Welcoming New Members - from Chair Robert Guyer

Lake Worth 2020? Keep the lightly used Casino pool despite it losing $260,000 per year? What to do about Lake Worth’s $1.5 million budget deficit- what to cut, what to keep, raise revenue through metered parking, bring in new jobs? Lake Worth FAB Chair, Robert Guyer, is seeking Lake Worth voters willing to make finance-based recommendations to City Government.  Previously unutilized and mired in conflict, with new city leadership the FAB is being rebuilt to contribute as Lake Worth faces hard and unclear budgetary choices. 3 immediate openings and more expected. A heart driven by service and a commitment to meet as the FAB one time per month is the primary qualification. If you understand budgeting, then all the better. Call Robert Guyer at 561 582 0501 if you would like to know more. Or apply directly for the FAB at this link. It’s our Lake Worth, we as a city have great potential, and we must act to ensure our better tomorrow. Please join the Finance Advisory Board today.

Tales of Two Palm Beach County Cities


Population, Gender and Age

Housing Value


Population, Gender and Age
Citizens Against Unfair Taxation Treasurer, Atlantis Resident, Dennis Dorsey

Oh! Look what came through the in-box today...

The District #3 meeting on the Lake Worth 2020 Plan from May 21st

Worth watching again...

This is the District #1 meeting which took place on May 22nd on the Lake Worth 2020 plan. These three videos in the playlist are the question and answer session after the presentation. Make sure to check out the 2:40 mark in the third video. It is pointed out that Mr. Dorsey is not a Lake Worth resident.

Parrot Cove Meeting Monday July 21, 7:00pm - Come See the Plans for the Gulfstream Revitalization

Parrot Cove General Meeting Monday - Presentation by Gulfstream Redevelopment Team on the Plans for the Redevelopment of This Historic Lake Worth Site - Believer's Victory Church - 10th and N Lakeside.

This is an open meeting and we invite all our neighbors outside of Parrot Cove to feel free to join us for this very interesting presentation. 

Our guest speaker will be Sarah Martin and the Gulfstream redevelopment team, who will be going over the plans for the revitalization of the Gulfstream and what will be happening with the renovations. They will give a presentation with pictures and designs to let us all know their plans and how they fit into our historic area. We will be hearing about the plans for the restaurant, the pool area, possibilities for the roof top and the lounge, as well as the entire site and what is to come in the next couple of years.

They will have a scanner on hand so if you have any old pictures with the Gulfstream in them, please bring them along to help build the archives of this local icon. 

We will also be having a more detailed review from our PBSO liaison as it relates to recent activities of concern to our neighborhood, what we can do as homeowners, what the PBSO responses are, and the recent PBSO initiative. Please feel free to bring your questions.

Editorial: Concern over All Aboard Florida loan sounds more... |

Strong editorial about the All Aboard Florida project which calls out politicians who suddenly see ghouls and goblins when it comes to federal loans to private entities. The Post calls out a few previous examples of public/private relationships that were designed to benefit the region and where was the outcry then? Click title for link. From the article:
Because if this is not the case, if Negron and this growing cadre of skeptical politicians truly oppose All Aboard Florida chiefly as a troubling example of crony capitalism, then surely they must also have opposed:
  • The $310 million federal grant to the private Scripps Research Institute to build its campus in Jupiter.
  • Jupiter’s Roger Dean Stadium, built with $28 million of county tax dollars to house spring training operations for two private baseball teams.
  • Palm Beach County’s $27 million subsidy toward the building of a private Hilton hotel alongside the county’s convention center.
  • The $89 million federal proposal to dredge the Port of Palm Beach to encourage greater use by private container ships and cruise line.
If these politicians also opposed these investments, it’s reasonable to take their complaints about All Aboard Florida’s federal loan at face value. If not, let them explain why this project is different. If they can’t, ask them to offer the real reasons for their opposition.

Young border crossers feel leaving Central America for U.S. is the only choice -

Lake Worth coming to help those in need. Click title for link. From the news article:
"From the beginning of time, people have immigrated when their roots at home have failed them," said Jill Skok of Guatemalan Maya Center in Lake Worth.
Skok said she feels the country has plenty of room for the newest wave of young illegal immigrants. She feels all they want is a better life.
Alvarenga said all he wants is to go to school and become a doctor.
"To save others lives," said Alvarenga.
Teachers at the Guatemalan Maya Center said what they need the most are volunteers who can come in and help the young children learn English.

CAUghT - Characteristics of the Great Walled City of Atlantis

From the Citizens Against Unfair Taxation (CAUghT) PAC filing papers.

Friday, July 18, 2014

City's Flier on the Lake Worth 2020 Plan

The After-After Raft Race party at South Shores this Sunday 7/20

South Shores Tavern and Patio Bar invites all the 2014 Great American Raft Race Fans to celebrate the victors and the vanquished at an After Rafter Party on Sunday, July 20th from 4 - 10pm. A special slide show presentation with more than 400 photos from the raft parade and races will be playing all evening long. Special Thanks to Leonard Bryant Photography for sharing his professional photography along with our many generous shutterbug friends and neighbors who all took such great pictures. Bring your trophies if you got one and let's start planning strategies for next year!

Sea Level Rise? Climate Change? Seems like Miami hasn't heard about it

Public Service Message: Formaldehyde Exposure

Medical Management Guidelines for Formaldehyde (HCHO)

Formaldehyde is a nearly colorless gas with a pungent, irritating odor even at very low concentrations (below 1 ppm). Its vapors are flammable and explosive. Because the pure gas tends to polymerize, it is commonly used and stored in solution.

For sensitized persons, odor is not an adequate indicator of formaldehyde's presence and may not provide reliable warning of hazardous concentrations. Odor adaptation can occur.

Adverse effects on the central nervous system such as increased prevalence of headache, depression, mood changes, insomnia, irritability, attention deficit, and impairment of dexterity, memory, and equilibrium have been reported to result from long-term exposure.

Formaldehyde poisoning can cause permanent alterations of nervous system function, including problems with memory, learning, thinking, sleeping, personality changes, depression, headache, and sensory and perceptual changes.

For more information, contact: 
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Division of Toxicology and Human Health Sciences
1600 Clifton Road NE, Mailstop F-57
Atlanta, GA 30333 
Phone: 1-800-CDC-INFO · 888-232-6348 (TTY)
Fax: 1-770-488-4178 

Endangered Florida Forest Will Be Destroyed To Make Room For Walmart And Chick-Fil-A | ThinkProgress

EF! Look over here.  Where is your outrage? Click title for link.

Look what I found in my in-box this morning!

Scary. Are we back talking about women's suffrage now? Sheesh!