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Pre-Thanksgiving Potpourri

Lovely agrarian couple...all courtesy Tom McGow archives

Commissioner McVoy on Climate Change and Everglades Restoration

Study finds no negatives in Palm Beach County imported trash plan |

Next year the new Palm Beach County incinerator will be up and operating. The incinerator will produce electricity that will be used by the grid (FPL). Due to complaints and concerns from neighbors in that community a study was commissioned. It is uncertain at this point if the study will alleviate anyone's concerns. Here is the latest from Joe Capozzi at the Post, click title for link:
A controversial moneymaking plan to burn imported trash at a new waste-to-energy plant will not add significant truck traffic, increase air pollution or hurt local tourism, according to an independent study released Monday.
The 320-page study by the Hinkley Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management also says the imported trash plan is not expected to increase noise and odors in neighborhoods around the plant and will probably reduce harmful vehicle emissions.
The study backs up many of the opinions expressed by the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority officials, who have been pushing the imported-waste plan for more than a year despite concerns from residents living near the facility.
“We believe it is a fair and reasonable report and it is consistent with what we’ve been saying,’’ said Dan Pellowitz, the authority’s managing director.

Will the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department and PBSO be ready?

On Thursday, 11/20, I referenced a protest in Palm Beach Gardens scheduled for this coming December 5th. You can read about it here (in the last paragraph) and see the link the protest organizers placed on Facebook.

A reader of my blog sent me this today. Here are screen grabs from that Facebook link here:

Seems our local, and not so local, Lake Worth chapter of EarthFirst (EF) has enlisted the help of their Tampa EF chapter for money and boots on the ground. Read about the theory of "Boots on the Ground" here. The protest by EF on Friday, December 5th, is shaping up to be a major action. The "invites" sent out by Tampa EF is over 1,500; that combined with the 'invites' by the Lake Worth EF at almost 1,000 portends a significant turnout for the protest in Palm Beach Gardens, our Palm Beach County neighbor to the north of us.

Forewarned is forearmed.

State-of-the-art policing in Greenfield, CA

Pinkie, the bike and the Sermon from Lake Osborne...

This is moved up due to popular demand. It is getting a lot of attention.
This practice is common in any urban setting and has been at least since the year of my birth.
The photograph above is of a bicycle locked to a pole downtown in Lake Worth. What I think when I look at the picture is the following: We need more bike racks or lockers downtown, quick releases for bike tires are one of the greatest inventions ever, and I wish we lived in a society where we didn't have to lock everything, houses, bikes. But, the truth is, we have had to do this for at least half a century, if not earlier. I go so far to say that thievery is part of the human condition. One of the Ten Commandments (#8) says that you shall not steal. 

Now what if I told you someone saw this very same picture and had these thoughts for a 'Sunday Sermon': amnesty for illegals, the U.S. Constitution, crime in Lake Worth, 'entitlements' for the needy, and President Obama's complicity in the Fall of Western Civilization...all because a bike rider in Lake Worth didn't want his or her bike or front tire stolen. [Editors note: One time at the beach, I saw a gentleman carrying his one-wheeled bike to a friend's car. In the time it took him to go for a swim in the ocean, his front tire was stolen. He was stranded at the beach and his friend had to pick him up. Lake Worth Commissioner McVoy locks his bicycle also. I once had a bike stolen out of my garage here in Lake Worth, years ago, while the garage door was up and I was mowing the lawn.]

The Other Blogger (TOB) has seriously gone off the rails. Here are TOBs unhinged thought process as it relates to a locked bicycle:

TOB writes, "Now we have to take a tire off our bike and lock it up with heavy duty chains because so many low-lives [sic] want our chips [sic] and think they are above the law."


And TOB in the very same post even manages to include this bible scripture President Obama quoted: “We shall not oppress a stranger for we know the heart of a stranger — we were strangers once, too.” Wow. Here's one from me: "Jesus wept."

Fortunately, it is not just me pointing out TOB's hypocrisy, flights of fancy and delusional logic. We have these comments that were left on TOB's blog:
There is so much more I could say about this latest "Sermon" from TOB. But I think Voltaire said it best and is quickly becoming one of my favorite and most useful quotes:

"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."

Locals react to grand jury's decision in Ferguson | Local News - WPBF Home

The local response is muted and small compared to the other protests around the nation. That's not saying that people here are not upset about the lack of indictment of Officer Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. Our country is far from being post-racial and we have a long way to go to make sure the justice system works equally, for everybody. Click title for link to the report on a local protest. Here is the link to the Florida Immigration Coalition's website. Part of the group's members attended what was to be a protest at West Palm Beach's City Center.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The word on the street...

Rahm Emanuel, the current Mayor of Chicago was famously quoted as saying, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."

The word is our Anarchist friends in Lake Worth are planning another protest against the PBSO on the heels of the Ferguson ordeal. No details yet but will let everyone know when I find out. If you should have information please forward it to me at

Remember at the last protest led by Anarchists Cara Jennings and Panagioti Tsolkas they had this sign:

Shop Local this Week!

Town of Palm Beach Traffic Advisory - Drawbridges

The Royal Park (Middle) Bridge will have one westbound lane closed, as needed, 9 a.m. until 3 p.m., Monday, December 1, for bridge maintenance.

The Southern Boulevard Bridge will undergo a complete closure, 9 p.m. until 6 a.m., Tuesday night, December 9, for hydraulic oil change.

J Street Awaits You this Friday and Saturday

Free Parking all day and night: Lots of Fine Art, Delicious Foods, Great Comics and Endless Coffee

Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery holds sneak-previews of "It's A Dog's Life", "A Van-Delicious Affair" and "A Sara-Sumptuous Spread." 10 % off all sales over $50.  Wine, Cheese and Desert Samplers all day and evening, both days.

Hungry?  Poutine Dog Cafe has some of the tastiest food in town.  Hot dogs and hamburgers grilled to perfection.  Don't forget to ask for Poutine- a real treat.

Excelsior Comics  has a series of sales going both days. This unique Comic Book Shop will take you back to your yesteryears, and give your children and grandchildren some fun reading.

Welcome Common Grounds Coffee Bar to the neighborhood.  This little cafe is filled with art, coffee, deserts and bagels.  Live music and concerts fill the hall on a regular basis.  This is really good family fare.

From PBSO Risk Management...

Hover over or click for larger image.

Over 3,000 Attend Congress of Cities in Austin, Texas

Click title for link for a quick set of videos generally discussing the key components of the National League of Cities conference held last week in Austin, TX. Vice Mayor Maxwell and Commissioner Amoroso attended on behalf of Lake Worth. Commissioner Amoroso will be a guest on High Noon in Lake Worth, Friday, December 5th at noon to review some of what he gained and learned from attending the conference. Be sure to tune in. Link available for show next week!

The City of Lake Worth’s Notification of the 9th Avenue South Greenway Project

The City of Lake Worth would like to notify the residents, businesses and visitors to the 
City that the first ever Greenway project is scheduled to start construction the beginning of December 2014. The project is the first of its kind in the City and is going to convert an 
existing unimproved right of way that is currently dirt and overgrown invasive species to a 
new greenway consisting of a shared use path, landscaping and natural areas. The project 
limits are on 9th Avenue South from South B. St. to South F. St. Construction is scheduled 
to take approximately three months to complete and will not impact local traffic patterns. 
The scheduled work hours are from 7:00am to 7:00pm and due to time constraints, 
weekend work may be involved excluding Sunday.

For further information on this project please contact the Public Services Department at 

Historic sign revealed after West Palm Beach crash | Local News - WPBF Home

These are also called "ghost signs" in urban planner-speak. Click title for link to article. They help identify businesses and reflect the area's character and relevance at the time the original sign was painted. This West Palm Beach example is from 1952 and can be found on the north side of Belvedere Road. It was uncovered after an accident and the current owners are going to restore it, as best they can, to what they believe the original was when it was painted. There is a very prominent, restored "ghost sign" on the south side of the building at the northeast corner of 17th Avenue North and Dixie Hwy. That one was restored, even though the "Coca-Cola" it advertises isn't sold in the building anymore. Check it out the next time you are driving north on Dixie.

Channel 12 (WPEC), the One To Turn To...Or the One To Run Away From?

Well, our friends at Channel 12 (Ch12) did it again. I alluded to this briefly last Wednesday. This time Ch12 sent a relative newcomer into our city, a fella named Jonathan Beaton. He did an 'investigation' (red flag) on the new Lake Worth Aggressive Panhandling ordinance and created his own special spin on the story, but more on that a little later.

On October 21, a full 29 days before Jonathan Beaton's 'investigation' a reporter at Channel 5 (WPTV) named David Gould did a very good story on the panhandling issue. He kept to the facts and avoided the hyperbole and misrepresentations you'll read later from Ch12. You can read David Gould's story here.

All ordinances in the city must have two readings. The first reading on the panhandling ordinance was on October 21st. The second reading was on November 4th. The ordinance passed 4 to 0 with Commissioner McVoy absent. A full two weeks later, on October 18 we have this from Ch12:
Breaking story?! Read Mr. Beaton's story here.  Ch12's Jonathan Beaton goes on to write: 
"CBS 12’s is [sic] investigating and found out commissioners have passed a new law targeting begging in the downtown area."
Investigating what? Is Mr. Beaton suggesting there is something here we haven't known for a least a month? If Mr. Beaton did 'investigate' the issue he would learn the law does not ban begging or panhandling. If he truly did an investigation he would have learned that the downtown Lake Worth merchants have been the targets of some very aggressive panhandlers of late. Mr. Beaton's investigation wasn't able to uncover this very public information. Truth is, his 'investigation' didn't uncover anything new at all.

Jonathan Beaton continues:
We hit the streets in Lake Worth today talking with business owners like Judy King, who’s had a consignment shop in the downtown corridor for a whopping [sic] 25 years.
During those years King’s seen plenty of homeless and plenty of panhandling but she tells us it’s [sic] rarely affected business.
I'm not an expert on panhandling, but don't think a second hand woman's consignment shop is high on the list for panhandlers to target. If Mr. Beaton had interviewed someone at Igot's Martiki bar, Starbucks, or the merchants near the Cultural Plaza he would have gotten a quite different view I suspect. I also suspect Mr. Beaton didn't just by happenstance come upon the lone Lake Worth merchant who supports and encourages panhandling.

In the last paragraph, Mr. Beaton has this sentence:
"We also spoke with the ACLU Tuesday who’s calling the law unconstitutional."
This leads to two questions. First, why does Mr. Beaton use the royal "We"? The byline for the story states, "Story by Jonathan Beaton". And second, who did Mr. Beaton speak with at the ACLU? He took the time to find a contact at the ACLU, spoke with someone who claims Lake Worth City Attorney Glen Torcivia is wrong, yet Mr. Beaton does not disclose an important material fact: who did he speak with?

If you're going to get your news from local television I suggest you watch Channel 5, WPTV.

Tourism Incentives

Story from Jennifer Sorentrue at the Post, click title for link, about a major convention incentive program for the coming Hilton Hotel at the West Palm Beach Convention Center in 2016. By then our Gulfstream Hotel in Lake Worth will be open for business as well as the boutique Hummingbird Hotel. We'll try our best to offer quality accommodations for those conventioneers! From the Post article:
Palm Beach County tourism leaders on Monday launched a $1 million incentive program designed to bring more large-scale events and corporate meetings to the county’s convention center in downtown West Palm Beach.
The incentives vary depending on the size of the event and the number of hotel room bookings, but officials estimate the four-year program could lure as many as 30 groups a year to the area.
The program comes less than three months after crews began vertical construction on the long-awaited, 430-room hotel next to the convention center. The Hilton hotel is expected to open in July 2016.
Tourism leaders have said the lack of an adjoining hotel has hindered the center’s ability to book larger business conventions.
“I think we need to look at the visual reality of the new headquarter hotel as a new era,” said Jorge Pesquera, president and CEO of Discover The Palm Beaches, the county’s tourism marketing arm. “It is a new chapter in the history of Palm Beach County in terms of its image as a convention destination.”

Good news AGAIN about Lake Worth

From the good news department comes this about our City of Lake Worth. This time the news comes from the Palm Beach Shiny Sheet. Carleton Varney, in a Special to the Daily News, reports on a new art gallery opening on Lake Ave right across the street from our Palm Beach Cultural Center building. Click title for link to full article. Here is an excerpt from Mr. Varney's story:
It is always fun to visit a gallery and see work by talented artists and artisans. And when you can see a variety of remarkable work at one destination, it's even better.
That was my takeaway from my first visit to Artisans on the Ave on Lake Avenue, just to the south of us in Lake Worth. If you want to see some delights — whether it’s jewelry, woodworking, sculpture, painting, shell work, blown glass or ceramics — put this shop and gallery on your must-see list this season.
The establishment sits across the street from the Palm Beach Cultural Center and I, for one, just happened across the shop after an early weekend dinner in Lake Worth. The shop-gallery represents some 25 artists, all from the Lake Worth area, and is operated by two artists, Betty Wilson and Linda Manganaro.
Artisans on the Ave. is at 630 Lake Ave in Lake Worth.
Call 582-3300 or visit

Make sure you tell them Carleton sent you!

Monday, November 24, 2014


Odd sighting at beach...

While at the beach this morning, I noticed the following on a number of vehicles at our beach "park", as a lot of people like to refer to it as. There were many cars with this stuck in the driver's side window:
There are a couple of odd things about this. First, these were business card size and I think that they were a bit old as the website identified is no longer in service. You'll notice that the Lake Worth location is not listed, which is strange since people seeing this may not think it was for use at the chain's Lake Worth location. The other ironic item is the reference that it applies to FPL employees. I don't think I need to explain the irony of that to a Lake Worth population, but it probably relates to the other Mulligan's locations listed on the card and their proximity to FPL's corporate offices.

If you are in business and are going to do this, is it too expensive for Mulligan's to print out 500 business cards, with current website and Lake Worth-specific information? You could restrict yourself to handing them out to patrons at the door, and not distribute them throughout the public parking lot.

If you want to see Mulligan's currently active website, you can click here. You will notice that the Lake Worth location is one of six outlets, so let's be clear that those that inked the lease with Mulligan's did not care if it was part of a chain in our Casino building. It replaced John G's, a family business, that had been there for almost 40 years and was a destination for many. Mulligan's also has a Facebook page and if you go there you will find out that they are open for Thanksgiving. Here is their poster proclaiming that:
So sorry, Mulligan's employees, we can add your employer to the list of those corporations that are open for Thanksgiving and require their employees to work on a national holiday, usually devoted to the company of family and friends, offering thanks for those relationships, freedoms and material comforts that we enjoy as a country. It is also a national day of service for many in the opening of kitchens and hearts to those that may not be able to enjoy the typical Thanksgiving meal for economic or other reasons. This week's Lake Worth Herald lead story above the fold is about the Farmer Girl restaurant that for 30 years has opened its doors for free Thanksgiving meals that day, no questions asked, to anyone who is in need. The owners are thankful and giving back, the real reason some celebrate the holiday.

Here is the photo of those responsible for bringing Mulligan's to us celebrating their grand opening at the Casino building. Just so you don't forget:
And, let's get back to the matter of those cards being placed on vehicles. There is a whole section of the Lake Worth code that prohibits this sort of advertisement on vehicles, or through other means.

I am not sure what the policies of the other tenants at the beach are regarding opening hours on Thanksgiving. Some may be open, others may not be, but we do know that Mulligan's is indeed open and you can make your choices according to your own convictions. I've only been to Mulligan's a total of three times and found their food expensive (perhaps the reason for the 15% discount?) in relation to the quantity and quality of both the food and the service there. When people from out of town visit, I never think of Mulligan's as an option. And then there is the inconvenient parking made necessary by the over-riding desire to "save the Casino building", that ended up being demolished anyway.

We can thank those pictured for those series of decisions. These were the people in charge that were so consumed and concerned with stopping the "over-commercialization" of our beach and maintaining the public purpose of it all.

The other blogger in her early years?

Marcel Proust

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” 

Two Men Arrested in Chase After Attempted ATM Heist in Lake Worth | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

Click title for link. The reporters of this story are, again, geographically challenged about what is, and what is not, Lake Worth. The distinction of what is the incorporated area and unincorporated area escapes them. A few takeaways: Be careful when you go to ATMs, especially around the holidays, and be aware of your surroundings and make sure you are in a lighted area, visible from a major street. And to thieves: It's not worth trying to uninstall an ATM and take it with you.

This not an example of aggressive panhandling...

A shout-out to our friends and neighbors in Lake Worth. Some in our community are in need of help and I am highlighting their plight here to garner support. This group is in SERIOUS need of immediate support! On November 7 our friends at Everglades Earth First (EEF) staged a protest in Palm Beach Gardens. The protest was reported by several news outlets and I also reported on their protest. You can read about it here.

As you can imagine, these types of allegedly illegal activities can prove to be enormously expensive. There is bail, lawyer fees, fines, vehicle battery disposal charges and all the additional costs of having an 'action' twenty miles away. The time, effort, and logistics can be daunting, even for seasoned professionals like EEF. To defray the costs EEF set up a funding site to raise money. You can see their funding site here.

Our friends at EEF are trying to raise $1000. This seems to be an overly modest goal, but they are overly modest as a group anyway. Be that as it may, they are looking to raise $1000 to...

The protest, somewhat related to the Briger tract, was on November 7. On November 7 and November 8 EEF raised $530. Today is November 24. Between November 9 and today EEF has raised a grand total of $50 bringing their total to just $580. But a close reading shows that they can wait for this money until that December date, in 2015. So, use the time to chill, collect and save spare change, but you can also help by donating TODAY. Give from your heart.

Wish to learn more about EEF? This might help:
Amazing isn't it how an organization can have no leadership AND capable of "direct action" at the same time. These people at EEF are ahead of their time. They also have a very clear "anti-oppression" policy. You can read their policy here:
EEF is opposed to "oppressive behavior" that "demeans, marginalizes, rejects, threatens or harms any living being" in any form including "interrupting to verbal abuse". So, if you actually try to live under this anti-oppression policy, are you actually the one being oppressed? There are many 'living beings' not included in the broad EEF 'anti-oppression' policy, including people that may not agree with their ways and means of doing things. For example, if I were a lake or other body of water, I would feel oppressed by having battery put in me. We can debate for hours the degree to which a lake is a "living being." As a former commissioner would say, "Let's have a workshop on it."

Now, you as an individual may or may not be covered by the EEF 'oppression' policy. It's hard to tell. So before you send them money you might want to find out where you stand. What if during a conversation you mention your deer hunting trip to Michigan? Awkward.

A Nativity scene in Lansing, MI? Place of my birth...

From MichiganLive, a source for local news in Lansing, Michigan, we have this article titled, "Christian Nativity scene proposed for Michigan Capitol lawn; will Spaghetti Monster be next?" Here are two excerpts:
The Michigan State Capitol Commission is seeking legal advice over a request to set up a Christian Nativity scene on the Capitol lawn in December, a move that could open the floodgates for other holiday displays.
The newly formed commission, in a Monday meeting, agreed to contract with the Michigan Attorney General’s office for a part-time staff attorney over six months at a cost of around $37,000, which will come out of its general operating appropriation.
The assistant attorney general will be retained to advise on a number of issues, including the Nativity request.
“We think it’s prudent in this case,” said commissioner John Truscott. “We’d rather not be stuck behind the eight ball if somebody decides to go to court over this, and part of it is just researching what’s allowed at the Capitol.”
[later in the article]
“It’s best to just keep the space neutral from religion,” said FFRF attorney Rebecca Markert. “Once you open up that door you have to allow everything, and you can see that has turned into a circus in other areas of the country.”
Last year in Florida, the Department of Management Services reportedly approved a Nativity scene for the state Capitol, prompting a slew of other requests, according to the Tampa Bay Times.
FFRF put up “Happy Winter Solstice” banners celebrating the "birth of the Bill of Rights." Another atheist group erected a “Festivus pole” made of beer cans in homage to the television show Seinfeld.
The “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster,” a parody religion that satirizes belief in creationism and intelligent design, also put up a noodle and meatball display honoring its “Pastafarian” deity.
The article above got the attention of our good friend Chaz Stevens, here is an excerpt of an email that Chaz sent to the Michigan State Capitol Commission:
Greetings good people of Michigan.
Chaz Stevens here, emailing in from South Florida.
I just became aware that someone up yonder had requested permission to set up a Christian Nativity Scene on the Capitol lawn.
Oh goodie!
Well then, make that two requests to install a display on the Capitol’s lawn, only mine isn’t for a Baby Jesus Motel 6, but rather permission to erect the world-famous Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole!
You can read the entire Chaz Stevens story here.

For all of you who are unaware of the holiday called Festivus, the role of the unadorned Festivus Pole, the "Feats of Strength" and the all-important "Airing of Grievances" you can educate yourself and your friends by watching this short video:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Not to trivialize anything, but you know that things are bad when the condiments go missing

Consider evacuating Lake Worth. As reported on another blog a heinous crime was committed on Wednesday in our downtown. Hard to believe Channel 12's Jonathan Beaton, Lauren Hills and Michael Buczyner were not there to report it.

Face it folks, when our condiments aren't safe any more isn't it time to find a safer place to live?

Lake Worth nonprofit expects to ship 1,000 care packages to troops |

Want to get involved and help our troops overseas? Read this story from the Palm Beach Post and note the links to help your neighbors. From the article by Chris Persaud, click title for link:
Tara Ashburn spent years as a counselor telling people, “If you live paycheck to paycheck without budgeting, you’re going to end up homeless.”
Then it happened to her and her family last year.
Ashburn lost her job and she and her husband could barely cover costs on the $1,400 a month the federal government sends her husband, a veteran who suffered a spinal injury in Iraq when a roof he stood on crumbled, she said.
But then she found the veterans-helping nonprofit Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, which hired her as a bookkeeper.
On Saturday, Ashburn and more than 10 other people at Forgotten Soldiers’ main office in Lake Worth filled dozens of boxes with granola bars, potato chips, chocolate bars, beef jerky, baby wipes (there’s few places to shower in a war zone), ChapStick, Girl Scout cookies and Kool-Aid, among other things.
You can help the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach also by visiting their Facebook page here. 

Stay involved!

Opening of Rolando Chang Barrero Art Gallery in former boutique adjacent to Webber Gallery

Great story about a new gallery in Lake Worth. AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt reports on the opening and has some great pictures of the event. Click title for link to post on AnnaMaria's blog.

Ex-Greenfield mayoral candidate investigated for missing money | Local News - KSBW Home

Political retribution or serious crime? Watch the video, click title for link. This breaking story is about the Greenfield, CA Chamber of Commerce, a Greenfield Commissioner and a recent, unsuccessful Mayoral candidate. Is this some sort of odd, parallel universe?

Mosquito rearing facility receives approval

Did you know that Palm Beach County used to be part of a much larger area known as Mosquito County? That was long ago before any significant non-native, "pioneer" population arrived here. Efforts are being made now to use "modern" methods to reduce or eliminate this human menace from the Keys.

If you have ever visited the Everglades or the Florida Keys during those 'special' times of the year, you know how terrible mosquitoes can be. From spraying to fuming, DEET, netting, eliminating fresh water sources, body lotions and sprays, all these measures are temporary at best from relief when outside. Bill Gates on his blog wrote about mosquitoes in a post titled, "The Deadliest Animal In the World" which you can read here. Could there be relief on the horizon? A permanent solution? Here are two excerpts from an article by Timothy O'Hara from the Florida Keys News on genetically modified mosquitoes possibly solving our mosquito problem for good. Read on:
A test release of genetically modified mosquitoes on Key Haven [a mile east of Key West] could happen as early as February. And the British-based Oxitec company will begin building a mosquito-rearing facility in Marathon later this month.
Oxitec proposes to alter male mosquitoes to make them "sterile," so when they are released and mate with a female mosquito in the wild, her offspring would die in the larval stage.
The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District has agreed to allow Oxitec to start construction of a mosquito-rearing facility at its Marathon office in anticipation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approving a test release of the genetically altered mosquitoes.
[later in the article...]
The mosquito control agency and Oxitec are looking at Key Haven as a possible testing site. As a peninsula, it would be easy to monitor and control the mosquitoes there, Doyle [Michael Doyle, Florida Keys Mosquito Control District executive director] said.
A Mosquito Control District survey of 249 Key Haven residents -- some 56 percent of its population -- found that 43 percent of residents supported the release; 16 percent strongly supported it; 32 percent were neutral; 6 percent opposed it; and 3 percent were strongly opposed, Doyle said.
By the numbers in the last paragraph, 91% of the public either support, strongly support, or are neutral about this experiment. A very big hill to climb for those in the fear-mongering business when it comes to genetically modifying anything, especially my luscious kiwis I get at our local Publix.

Murphy on Obama immigration order: ‘partisan gridlock…forced the president to act’ | Post On Politics

On November 21, George Bennett of the Post On Politics blog, click title for link, reported this item related to Representative Patrick Murphy's thoughts on the immigration order by President Obama: 
Asked for Murphy’s response today [on President Obama's immigration order], his office sent a statement faulting the Republican-controlled House for not acting on a 2013 immigration reform bill passed by the Senate.
“The only true solution for immigration reform is legislative action, which is why the House should have voted on the bipartisan bill passed last year in the Senate.  This deal would have had major economic benefits, from retaining high-skilled workers to helping entrepreneurs and startups to cutting our deficit by $900 billion,” Murphy’s statement began.
“It is extremely unfortunate that partisan gridlock and the continued unproductivity of Congress has forced the President to act.  I remain hopeful that Congress can still come together to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation because it is the right thing to do, both morally and economically, for our nation.”

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Pinkie and her dance with the genus Sus, within the Suidae family of even-toed ungulates, better known as a pig.

Brace yourselves as we delve into the world of vileness, vitriol, and the self-hatred of loud underachievers (aka, "blogging clowns")...and a pig.

First some background. On Saturday, 11/15, the Neighborhood Association Presidents Council (NAPC) and NAPC President Mary Lindsey hosted the 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Banquet celebrating the success of the NAPC and the individual neighborhood contributions. The event was wildly successful. You can read about it here.

It didn't go unnoticed by most of the attendees, who had a great time by the way, that there was an absence of certain people belonging to one particular neighborhood association. Specifically that would be any member of the ROLO neighborhood association, a constant critic of the Lake Worth neighborhood initiatives. I am sure they got the memo and were made aware of the event. Surely someone from the extreme southwestern part of the city could have made it there. Perhaps we could indeed have broken bread together on our knees.

The Lake Worth Herald's "Pelican Pete" on 11/20 had some thoughts on this snubbing by ROLO of the NAPC Thanksgiving Dinner, Pelican Pete wrote: "What a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner at South Shores...all of the...uh...most of the neighborhoods in Lake Worth were represented...seems one of the Neighborhood Associations doesn't play well with others...they don't even play well with few purport to speak for so many...shame."

Fast forward to yesterday, Friday 11/21, at the Evening on the Avenues in downtown Lake Worth. Even though it was a rainy night there was barely a spot to park anywhere in the downtown. Groups of people were all over the downtown despite the rain. My observation was this: many came to the downtown for the Evening on the Avenues, walked through the venue and then sought refuge in our restaurants and bars for a bit to return for the entertainment in the Cultural Plaza later in the evening.

Now for The Other Blogger (TOB), the one that simmers in bitter pickle juice most days, it would be good therapy for her to attend the NAPC Banquet. Getting her out in public, interacting with other neighbors and sharing the great repast. Instead, she declined for reasons unknown. A ticket was reserved for her at South Shores. That didn't stop her from posting this on her blog at approximately 4:00 p.m. on Friday, 11/21, this screen grab is from a friend's phone:
The image above is hard to decipher. Patience please as things now get very interesting. I called another friend to go to TOB's blog and capture the "NAPC slop" picture. She called me back to tell me there was no "NAPC slop" picture on Anderson's blog but she did send me some screen grabs of the blog. Here is one:
When I got home retrieved the original screen image and enhanced it with some software. Here is the enhanced image of the original above:
You see, at some time between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Lynn Anderson posted this offensive image of lipstick-on-a-pig, along with some choice words about "eating slop" by certain of her "betters." But then, almost as quickly, she then deleted it from her blog. Why?

For some reason Lynn Anderson posted an image on her blog citing NAPC President Mary Lindsey as "Eating the Slop", along with some unnamed commissioners and staff. If Lynn Anderson has such strong feelings about Mary Lindsey why would she publish this image at 4:00 p.m. and remove it at 7:00 p.m.? Did Lynn Anderson feel "guilty" perhaps? Perhaps it was a strange warming in her heart? Maybe it grew ten times its size that day? Why would TOB publish an offensive image and then delete it? Is she embarrassed? Ashamed? Or is she turning over a new leaf? Doubt the latter. But we can hope.

People living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, then pick them up and claim it never happened.

Big Party Today at Lakeside Point Gardens

Obama's immigration executive action could positively affect the economy -

Click title for link to Channel 5 video, with part of it taken in Lake Worth at the Guatemalan/Maya Center, about the predicted economic impact of President Obama's executive order on immigration.

Owner stands ground in hedge fight |

If you live in Palm Beach be very careful about removing those ficus hedges. It could cost you a lot of money. As Alese Kopf reports in the Shiny Sheet, click title for link:
The $250-a-day fine began Aug. 1, 2012, and accrued until March 13, 2013. That’s when Propp received Architectural Commission approval to buffer her office building with fishtail palms and install a 4-foot high fence. The project passed town inspection.
Propp said she removed the hedge because its roots were causing leaks to the building’s garage and threatening its structural integrity. She was told she didn’t need a building permit but was unaware she needed approval from the Architectural Commission, she said.
Masciarella argued Thursday that the fine should only have run from Aug. 1, 2012, to Sept. 13, 2012. He said Lead Code Enforcement Officer Rob Walton unlawfully fined his client an extra 179 days for the amount of time it took to install the fence, which was not a part of the original notice of violation or fine.
No fence was on the property originally, but Propp decided to amend the commission application for the fishtail palms to include a fence for security. The commission approved the addition.
The owner of the property also has a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of residents sitting on a code enforcement board, issuing fines and indirectly benefiting from that due to reduced property taxes caused by issuance and collection of fines. Good luck with that one.

Northwood merchants: why are we out of the trolley loop? |

Some very unhappy residents in the Northwood neighborhood of West Palm Beach. Eliot Kleinberg reports some are unhappy not being part of the new city "Arts and Entertainment" trolley. I don't blame them. Here from the Kleinberg article, click title for link:
When West Palm Beach introduced, with great fanfare, its “Arts and Entertainment District” on Nov. 13, the new program included a trolley that looped to the Norton Museum, Kravis Center, Clematis Street bars, CityPlace restaurants and even over to the town of Palm Beach.
But the Northwood neighborhood is out of the loop.
“Naturally, this made the Northwood Village merchants quite concerned,” Jon Ward, executive director of the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency, said in a memo in advance of a meeting Friday of the CRA’s advisory board for the city’s north end.
Ward said he’s working with the Downtown Development Authority to add the shopping, dining and entertainment district north of downtown, which is a linchpin of the planned revitalization of both that area and the Broadway and Currie Park corridors.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Baseball still alive in John Prince Park...

The reason I post and write about the little town of Greenfield CA...

Re-Post from August 17th of this year.

I was downtown the other day and a reader of my blog approached asked me curiously why I post about crime and other issues in Greenfield, CA of all places. It occurred to me it's been quite some time since I explained that and I'll do so once again.

First understand this, my posts about Greenfield are about demonstrating hypocrisy. Period. I have nothing but sympathy for the victims of crime and am not in any way making light of crime. Now...the reason for my Greenfield posts, the little town 2,940 miles away with a population about half the size of Lake Worth?

Prior to our current city manager, Michael Bornstein, the city manager was Susan Stanton. She was ingloriously fired in December 2011. There were many reasons for her dismissal. In a nutshell, she had become ineffective and towards the end had almost completely insulated herself from the community. Her conflicts with staff were the stuff of legends. It was a terrible situation for everyone and swift action was taken. Done. Big sigh of relief.

Oddly enough there were still some ardent supporters of Susan Stanton despite the facts. One such supporter is the other blogger. Some still think the woman who writes that blog has a shrine to Stanton in her tiny condo with burning incense, celestial offerings, and bottled tears. One of Stanton's most important goals was to rid Lake Worth of the Sheriff, PBSO. Stanton, in a hallucinogenic moment, believed Lake Worth should have its own police department and its own police chief. Imagine that, Stanton already had shown incompetence doing the most mundane duties of a manager and she believed that having her own police chief was going to miraculously solve all the city's problems - and save money. Just absurd.

Now to my Greenfield, CA posts and demonstrating hypocrisy: In the other blogger's effort to salvage Stanton's honor and haplessly try ridding our City of the Sheriff, she posts every single crime in Lake Worth in an effort to show how much better Lake Worth would be with its own PD. Some facts about Greenfield, CA. Greenfield has its own PD. Earlier this year Greenfield hired its own police chief; until then they shared that service with a neighboring city. There is crime in Greenfield, CA. There is gang activity in Greenfield, CA. Recently there was a homicide. There are assaults, break-ins, thefts, Greenfield, CA.

Stanton is the city manager for Greenfield, CA

Now at the Lake Worth Playhouse...

Looking for something to do this weekend?

Check out AnnaMaria's blog for some festive pre-Thanksgiving events and things to do in Lake Worth this weekend.

Establishment of a new satellite campus for Palm Beach State College

From Julie Unger at the Town-Crier Online (click title for link), we have this story about the new Palm Beach State College campus to be built in Loxahatchee Groves:
“This is the day that we’ve all been waiting for,” he [Palm Beach State College President Dr. Dennis Gallon] said.“It is certainly a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to say ‘good afternoon and welcome’ to each of you for taking the time to come to help us celebrate this milestone in the life of the college.”
The 75-acre campus site is located at the northwest corner of Southern Blvd. and B Road.
As Gallon looked around, he encouraged attendees to look at the environment and made a point to reassure them that the land is not just going to be plowed over for development.
“This is an incredible piece of property,” he said. “It has some three wetlands, it has cypress trees that are part of those wetlands, and ladies and gentleman, I want to let you know that we have included in our master plan — the master plan that has been approved by the board of trustees and that we have shared with the town council — we are assuring each of you in this community that we want to preserve those to be a part of the campus environment that we are creating here.”

National Headquarters Office Relocation to Palm Beach County

Big news for West Palm Beach, our good neighbors and friends to the immediate north of  Lake Worth. Click title for link. Here is a breaking news story from Palm Beach Post reporters Alexandra Clough and Eliot Kleinberg:
Reyes Holdings, a Chicago-area food and beer distribution giant, is opening a headquarters office in West Palm Beach, a major deal that boost’s the city’s image as a home for big companies. With $23 BILLION IN REVENUES [emphasis added], Reyes Holdings is ranked 12th on Forbes’ list of America’s Largest Private Companies
In October, Reyes Holdings quietly signed a lease for 16,000 square feet in the Class A Phillips Point office complex, at 777 South Flagler Drive. Reyes Holdings will take the 15th floor in the west tower, which formerly was occupied by FTI Consulting. Plans are to be in the space by Jan. 1, said Jones Lang LaSalle vice president Kevin McCarthy, who represented Reyes in the deal.
[And later in the article...]
The Reyes Holdings’ lease is a coup for West Palm Beach, which has been seeking to attract more financial and corporate tenants to downtown. The deal also is in line with other companies that have RELOCATED TO FLORIDA FROM HIGHER-TAX STATES [emphasis added], such as Illinois and New York.
“This is a real testament to the benefits we know West Palm Beach offers the private sector,” Mayor Jeri Muoio said in a statement. “From no income taxes to the prestige of our Flagler Financial District, we’re are seeing more and more companies RELOCATE TO OUR CITY [emphasis added].”
Now, these executives and office-workers have to live and shop somewhere. Let's hope they discover the welcoming arms of our Lake Worth, quirky as it is!

If you know anybody in Greenfield CA...tell them they are in your thoughts


Breaking & Entering
500 Block 12TH ST & HARVEST WAY

41400 Block 12TH ST

Breaking & Entering
1000 Block EL CAMINO REAL & 10TH ST

Breaking & Entering
300 Block OAK AV

300 Block OAK AV

1 Block 6TH ST & MAPLE AV

1 Block 5TH ST & MAPLE AV

Breaking & Entering
900 Block WALNUT AV


Assault with Deadly Weapon
1100 Block HEIDI DR & ELM AV

My trip to the northern part of Palm Beach County...

Re-Post - this is getting a lot of attention, originally from late October.

Yesterday, I pointed my compass north for business purposes and happened to have my camera with me. It had been a while since being in that part of the county and ended up getting off at the Donald Ross exit. If you head east on Donald Ross Road, you will pass by the Abacoa development on the north side of the road. This is where Roger Dean Stadium (Palm Beach County's current location for spring training facilities for major league baseball), as well as a branch of Florida Atlantic University.

It turns out that just to the east of Abacoa are the headquarters for Scripps Florida and the Max Planck Institute. Both of these facilities were products of state and local economic development efforts to create a base for biotech research facilities in Palm Beach County. Having never seen this campus environment before, I took the following pictures.

 From time to time I report on the antics of Anarchist-EarthFirst leaders Cara Jennings and Panagioti Tsolkas. Now and then I get queries from my readers about this legendary "Briger Forest." Questions as "Where is it?", "What's the big deal?", etc. I thought, well, I'm in the area, why not visit the legendary Briger "Forest" and take a few pictures?

So, just to the south of Donald Ross Road is another piece of property known as the "Briger Tract" of about 700 acres. It is largely undeveloped at this time, but is slated for a mixed use development project that would include residential, commercial and uses related to further development associated with the Scripps Florida facility. Here is the general layout of this part of the county:
Hood Road runs along the south side of the Briger parcel, ending at I-95. There is already some development along the southern and eastern edges of the property. The Mandel Jewish Community Center, located at the #1 above, takes up the southwestern corner of the property. It is a newer building that backs up to I-95 and its parking area runs alongside the building to the east. There is also an equestrian facility immediately east of the Community Center that goes further north into the Briger property. Here is a picture of a small portion of the horse stables and grounds.
Below are pictures from Grandiflora Road denoted by the number '2' on the map above. Note the menacing sign for people thinking of trespassing! Apparently, Grandiflora Road is going to be extended in the near future. This also happens to be the campus for the Upper Benjamin School and they have some major construction projects ongoing, including a new theater, I was told.

Sign posted at the current western end of Grandiflora Road. We know why.

Notice of the possibility of the presence of the threatened Eastern Indigo Snake and related instructions if encountered in the area.
As you can see, the Briger 'Forest' is east of I-95. There are many places like Briger that can be used for homes, condos and apartments to accommodate our new residents flooding the state of Florida. Tracts as Briger and many others would put less pressure on developers as they proceed westward. One example of those western projects is the Minto West development currently under consideration by the County Commission. 

There are also a number of gated communities along the eastern side of the property, along the west side of Central Boulevard.

Thus ends a little peek at part of the county that you may not be familiar with, but others in our city are.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Accentuate the positive!


"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."

First part of the Palm Beach County Legislative Delegation Public Hearing - Casino Building - 11/14/14

Our Mayor Pam Triolo begins her remarks at the 1:40 mark. Do not miss! More of the Public Hearing will follow in additional installments.

7 Habits of Chronically Unhappy People | Tamara Star

These are the seven habits/traits of the chronically unhappy. Click title for link to details. Sound familiar?
1. Your default belief is that life is hard.
2. You believe most people can't be trusted.
3. You concentrate on what's wrong in this world versus what's right.
4. You compare yourself to others and harbor jealousy.
5. You strive to control your life.
6 You consider your future with worry and fear.
7. You fill your conversations with gossip and complaints.

Evening on the Avenues - Friday, 11/21

Video of Controlled Burn at 231 North H Street

Landmarks: Resubmit plans for partially razed home

A few days ago posted a story from Jose Lambiet's Gossip Extra on a preservation drama going on in Palm Beach. The builder hired to do the 'construction' made some videos and posted them to Facebook. To say he regrets doing that is an understatement. Yesterday he appeared before the Landmarks Commission to explain himself. Again, this is not a situation in which you wish to find yourself before a historic preservation board. This is from the Shiny Sheet's David Rogers on their meeting yesterday and the builders explanation: 
During the meeting, Cooley [Chairman William Cooley] had staff show video clips Rossi [builder John Rossi] made documenting construction progress for owner Chuck Schumacher. In two clips Rossi had posted to Facebook, he jokes about the home’s condition.
“Here’s your house. Ain’t much left of it,” Rossi said with a chuckle. “Just a few feet. It is what it is, buddy. All for you.”
Rossi apologized for how he described the project in the clips.
“It’s my nature to be comical,” he said. “I did this job on a fixed (price) contract and I am just trying to kill the pain with humor. I didn’t mean to offend anybody.”
Rossi apologized for removing the 20-foot section without the town’s approval on Sept.2 but said the demolition was needed to protect workers’ lives. After crews cut windows into the second floor of the home’s front section, a doorway there ripped apart, Rossi said.

7th Ave South and LWH editorial

A few days ago I referenced the recent editorial in the Lake Worth Herald. You can read the editorial here. Some took offense and went to ridiculous lengths to blunt the editorial's effectiveness. You can read about this and how they use Peter Timm of all people to lamely make a point.

The editorial addresses the planned new street proposed for 7th Avenue South west of the new La Joya CRA project. The 'road' is now a dirt path. The city is finally using the unused Community Development Block Grant money that previous commissions ignored and worked with the county to construct a road. Months of work began that involved plans, drawings, city meetings, community meetings, that all culminated with the item placed on the Consent Agenda for the City Commission to approve, "by consent" on October 7th. You can read my report with accompanying pictures and a map here.

Then a 'thing' happened. At the very last opportunity after the City had done their due diligence a group assembled to monkeywrench the project claiming their voices were not listened to. This is after they failed to 'voice' their concerns at the previous city meetings. Note Commissioner McVoy was present at commission meetings where this project was discussed.

Now for a few excerpts from the Lake Worth Herald editorial that has some unraveling at the seams:
     It is time the commission accepts these few who come to commission meetings to gripe are going to be there to complain no matter what the issue is. The time has come for the commission to begin ignoring the few and serve the greater, most of whom don't attend commission meetings because they have put their faith in the elected officials and the process of government. These are the ones who will speak at the polls, they will either vote to re-elect based on performance or not re-elect, again based on performance. It is not a commissioner's job to please everyone, it is their job to use sound judgment in the decision making process. 
[Later in editorial...]
     Commissions who have pandered to the vocal minority through the years have put Lake Worth in the condition it is in.
     Once a decision is made, this commission needs to have the backbone to move forward and not let those who ignored the meetings on issues until a decision was made, interfere after the fact and delay progress. If they don't show their concerns when the items are being considered, they should not have a special meeting, scheduled just for them, which costs the city additional money.
     The roadways and greenways went through a number of workshops and district meetings, attended by none of those who appeared after the fact. Staff had engineering work done and plans drawn according to desires of those who took the initiative to attend the workshops and give their input. Now, comes the circus crowd, led by one commissioner, wanting to redraw all of the plans, which would cause the city to have to repay the county about 50 thousand dollars in engineering fees. The "Johnny come lately" tactic is just one of the ways they keep stalling progress, and should no longer be catered to. 
Visit the to read the entire editorial and the clever musings of our Pelican Pete on the circus crowd's "battery in the lake."

How is this for an apology?

"Protesters apologized, saying they meant solely to target the forest."
Quote from reporter Tony Doris of the Palm Beach Post in this article, click title for link.

Which begs the question, when is an apology not actually an apology? Which protesters "apologized" to the parents and children who were severely inconvenienced by Everglades Earth First (EEF) on November 7 at the Mandell Jewish Community Center? We don't know because the "apology" was attributed to no one and their actions affected almost everyone in the area. Individually, hand-written letters to each parent, student and administrator would be a start. Or, another alternative would be something like this written one thousand times on blackboards at the school, "I will never blockade an entrance to a school."

It appears that Panagioti Tsolkas' EEF made more mistakes than just throwing a battery into a lake polluting the environment and potentially crippling a Green Indigo snake, perhaps making it an electric eel. He also was unaware that the law looks unfavorably on terrorizing young children where they go to school. And...he was apparently unaware that the driver of the van is considered complicit in the protest, which made for three arrests instead of two. Now the charges against the protesters go to the level of a "breach of peace by three or more persons".

In the article, a future protest is referenced on December 5 near the Briger Tract. I plan on going and you can join me if you wish. We'll make it a picnic. Here is the Facebook page with the details. I'll bring the finger sandwiches.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Lake Worth passes aggressive panhandling ordinance - WPEC-TV CBS12 News :: News - Top Stories

No video here, but Channel 12 gets a little carried away with explaining this new ordinance and paints the City Attorney as the bad guy. They also mention the ACLU, again. Click title for link. This news is a week old, too. Always beware when you read the following: "CBS 12’s is investigating..."

From last weekend, the beginnings of the Amory Annex mural...

The Bamboo Room MAY reopen

Larry Aydlette of the quickpulse blog reports this, click title for link:
According to TGIF local music columnist Bill Meredith, downtown Lake Worth’s fabled emporium of live music, the Bamboo Room, may reopen. But nothing is final.
This is what Meredith writes in his upcoming Friday column:
Great news for local music fans: The owners of the Bamboo Room in Lake Worth are in discussions to sell the club, and it would stay largely intact in name, booking and decor. More details as a new opening date approaches, likely in early 2015.

No, he's not bitter. On the County Commission yesterday...

Reflecting on his years as a county commissioner and the reason former-County Commissioner did not show up at the county commission meeting yesterday, Santamaria had these pleasant, conciliatory words as reported in the Palm Beach Post, click title for link:
“For me to just sit there and hear all of the comments from the incoming commissioner and the incoming mayor, I did not feel it needed my half-hour drive to and from West Palm Beach. Mine was a minor role that really did not warrant my presence,” he told The Palm Beach Post.
Santamaria said he watched the meeting on TV.“You know and I know that I don’t get along with most of the county commissioners and they don’t like me,” he said.Attending the meeting would have created “another potential topic for somebody to say something to create controversy. There was no purpose for me to be there,” Santamaria said.

Big zoning news from Palm Beach - Super-majority vote coming for variance approvals?

From William Kelly at the Shiny Sheet (click title for link), we have this about a possible change coming to Palm Beach concerning the approval threshold to combat the high number of variances being issued on the Island. From the article by Kelly:
The Planning and Zoning Commission is recommending that the five-member council raise the threshold for those approvals to four votes from three.
Commissioners have said too many variances are being approved, which they say erodes zoning protections, especially for parking requirements.
The four-vote or supermajority recommendation also was triggered by the failed Royal Poinciana Way zoning initiative, Commissioner Michael Scharf has said. The council approved the controversial zoning change with three votes; voters then shot it down in a hotly contested referendum in March.
Scharf, who is challenging incumbent Michael Pucillo in the Feb. 3 town election, has said a higher approval threshold would encourage council members to work harder toward compromise.

Five days in Greenfield, CA - Must feel like an eternity


1200 Block APPLE AV

Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle Recovery
1 Block 9TH ST & MAPLE AV

Theft of Vehicle
1000 Block TYLER AV & HEIDI DR

Assault with Deadly Weapon
1100 Block HEIDI DR & ELM AV

Breaking & Entering

Breaking & Entering
900 Block WALNUT AV

300 Block OAK AV

Breaking & Entering
300 Block OAK AV

Breaking & Entering
1000 Block EL CAMINO REAL & 10TH ST

From ABC News

ABC News reports about instigators and outside agitators following the Grand Jury report in Ferguson, MO, click title for link:
As the nation waits to hear whether a Missouri police officer will face charges for killing unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., the FBI is warning law enforcement agencies across the country that the decision “will likely” lead some extremist protesters to threaten and even attack police officers or federal agents. Peaceful protesters could be caught in the middle, and electrical facilities or water treatment plants could also become targets. In addition, so-called “hacktivists” like the group “Anonymous” could try to launch cyber-attacks against authorities.
“The announcement of the grand jury’s decision … will likely be exploited by some individuals to justify threats and attacks against law enforcement and critical infrastructure,” the FBI says in an intelligence bulletin issued in recent days. “This also poses a threat to those civilians engaged in lawful or otherwise constitutionally protected activities.”
The FBI bulletin expresses concern only over those who would exploit peaceful protests, not the masses of demonstrators who will want to legitimately, lawfully and collectively express their views on the grand jury’s decision.
The bulletin “stresses the importance of remaining aware of the protections afforded to all U.S. persons exercising their First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.”

ABC News references the 'Hacktavist' group "Anonymous". Very recently in Fort Lauderdale the group 'Anonymous' has threatened the city of Fort Lauderdale. You can see the 'Anonymous' video below. The message by 'Anonymous' begins at the 1:10 mark on the video.

You can hear a response from the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale in this interview with Rick Sanchez and earlier post on this blog.

Palm Beach County Commission Votes to Support Marriage Equality

(West Palm Beach, Florida) -- At today's meeting, Palm Beach County Commissioners joined the statewide marriage equality debate by voting 6-1 to sign on to a court brief opposing Florida's constitutional ban on same-sex-marriage. The action was taken at the request of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council, a local non-profit organization dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Commissioner Hal R. Valeche, a Republican from Palm Beach Gardens, cast the sole "no" vote.

The brief, initially filed by the cities of Miami Beach and Orlando in June, argues that in addition to bringing legal, financial and psychological harm to families, marriage inequality makes it difficult for the governments to recruit talented employees and hurts tourism.
"There should be no room in the Florida Constitution for the discriminatory marriage ban," said Palm Beach County Human Rights Council President Rand Hoch.  "By signing on to the brief, the Palm Beach County Commissioners are acknowledging that the marriage ban is harmful to Floridians and is detrimental to the efficiency and effectiveness of Palm Beach County as a public employer." 

Today's vote puts Palm Beach County on the opposite side of a legal battle in which Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi continues to defend the marriage ban in several pending appeals in state and federal court.  

While several state attorneys general across the nation have declined to spend taxpayer dollars to defend the marriage bans which have been declared unconstitutional, Bondi remains steadfast in her efforts to use public funds to preserve the state's discriminatory ban on same-sex marriages.

In addition to the Cities of Miami Beach and Orlando, Broward and Orange Counties, the cities of Gainesville, St. Petersburg, Tampa and Wilton Manors and the Village of Biscayne Park have also signed on to the brief.

On November 24, West Palm Beach City Commissioners will consider signing on to the marriage equality brief

Perhaps this will be one of the ideas for the city to make money at the beach?!

This is a 500 plus foot high roller coaster planned for the Orlando area.