Monday, April 24, 2017

The “Lake Worth Non-Profits” Showcase is TODAY at 7:00.

If you could please arrive by 6:45 it would be very helpful. We will try to get a group photo of everyone. As you arrive please see me [Karla] and I will add your name to the list and you will present in order of arrival time (we were going to do alphabetical order but that might not work logistically). There will be a table set up for you to provide handouts. It will be a really great night. Karla Engel, Secretary, Bryant Park NA”:

Click on image to enlarge: 
Monday at 7:00. Hosted by the Bryant Park Neighborhood Assoc. at the Beach Club, #1 7th Ave. North:

There are approximately 23 local nonprofits presenting. Each will present in alphabetical order for approximately 5 minutes each:
  • The person representing the non-profit.
  • How you got involved and the non-profit’s mission.
  • Accomplishments and future needs.
This Showcase of local nonprofits will be videotaped.

Public Safety. What to do if you see smoke.

If you see suspicious or unusual smoke, even without presence of flames, call 911 immediately.

However, if you see any smoke at all coming from a crematorium call 561-840-4500 or contact the Palm Beach County, Florida, Dept. of Health. If you wish to schedule an appointment to discuss this matter, call 1-855-438-2778, or use this link. Another option is to write a letter to:
Palm Beach County Dept. of Health, 800 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, Florida, 33401.
If you’re interested in learning more about this issue, e.g., a recent event and about what occurred in 2015 according to a creative reporter at the Post, use this link:

“The thick black smoke was hard to miss. It curled into the sky, swallowing the tops of palm trees and tumbling down like a shroud over the downtown streets . . .”

Club meetings, free instruction, and other things to do here in this little City of Lake Worth.

Some meetings and other events published in the Lake Worth Herald are below:

“Free listing for service clubs’ and charitable organizations schedules and special events open to the public. Send information to About Town, 1313 Central Terrace, Lake Worth, FL 33460, fax 561-585-5434 or email
     Please keep it brief. We reserve the right to edit and/or reject any announcement deemed not appropriate for this column.”

Free Adult English Classes. Tuesdays 6:00–8:00 at the Compass Community Center, 201 N. Dixie Hwy. To register call 561-863-5778. Everyone is welcome. [Clases gratis de inglés para adultos. Martes 6:008:00 en el Centro Comunitario Compass, 201 N. Dixie Hwy.]

GriefShare. A support group for people who have lost someone either recently or some time ago meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:00 at Lake Osborne Presbyterian Church. The church is located at 2101 6th Avenue S. in Lake Worth. For more information, call 561-582-5686.

Adult Pickleball. Every Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 8:00 at Sunset Ridge Park Tennis Courts, 14th Avenue North, Lake Worth (between A and D streets). Adults 18 and over. $1 per player, balls and paddles provided. For more information call 561-533-7363. Sponsored by the City of Lake Worth Recreation Dept. For more information contact Steve Haughn, 561-214-0685,

Lake Worth Rotary Club. Meeting every Wednesday at Brogues Downunder, 621 Lake Ave., downtown Lake Worth at Noon. Come visit, become a member! For info call Ron Leeds at 561-969-9600.

For contact information at the Herald use this link.
The Herald is still ¢50! Pick up the print edition at 600 Lake Ave. at the City’s newsstand in the Downtown, across the street from Starbucks.

Please Take Heed: Buying illegal drugs in the City of Lake Worth is very dangerous. People are getting shot.

If you have no other options and absolutely need to purchase your heroin (or any illegal drugs) here in the City of Lake Worth, please protect yourself and call for a FREE security escort:
  • To schedule an escort: 561-688-3400
  • For immediate assistance: 561-586-1611
  • There is even a convenient Fax number to schedule a future escort (if you’re not in immediate need at the moment): 561-586-1763
Why would a security escort be a good idea? Consider this news in The Lake Worth Herald:

     On Tuesday . . . deputies responded to a 911 call in reference to a male having been shot in the parking lot of 2001 10th Avenue North, Lake Worth.

[and. . .]

     The investigation revealed that the victim was shot during a narcotics transaction. Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-8477 (TIPS).

Where, oh where, have all the protesters gone? Recall the “forced relocation” that wasn’t? The “curfew” that wasn’t either?

My readers always have a lot of fun with this blog post below. To the question: Where have all the protesters gone? Our City hasn’t had a protest for over a year now. Not even one from our friends who live in a local trailer park community. Is it because Mr. Snarky and all his friends have left town to stir up trouble somewhere else? As always, Thank You for visiting today.

We all survived another election season last March here in the City of Lake Worth. As you know, City elections can bring out the worst of some in the press and the media. Do you remember, “One of the ways you know it’s getting close to election season”?

There was never a “curfew” here in Lake Worth. That was the Post’s headline editor trying to stir up trouble last year:
The word “curfew” is an example of loaded language: “wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes.”

So what happened to all those protesters prior to our municipal elections in March of 2016? The signs, megaphone, bells, whistles, and banging of pots and pans? The answer to the question is, of course, obvious.

Remember the “trailer park” protest that turned into a dud in Lake Worth? The advice for people back then was if they wanted to see what it’s like to be a protester, they better do it before election day. There won’t be any more protests for a long time now. The next election of candidates isn’t until March 13th, 2018.

You see, all those protests ostensibly about the homeless — who never did get any help from the protesters who were too busy protesting — the protests over trash pick-up at the trailer park, and all the others were just for show. It was all a stage act in front of the press, the TV cameras and the rest of the media who fell for it. Those protests were all about manipulating the results on election day in 2016. Period. And it all failed spectacularly as evidenced by the results: all the incumbents were re-elected by landslide victories.

To learn the truth about that “trailer park” nonsense The Lake Worth Herald explained it all quite well. Now. . . let’s take a look back at CBS12/WPEC’s hysterical take on what they thought that protest was all about last year:

Seniors argue reduced city services all about forced relocation
This ‘story’ was by Israel Balderas in February of 2016, just prior to our City’s elections.* Here is an excerpt:

LAKE WORTH (CBS12) — Hundreds [?] of senior citizens voiced their fears outside city hall Tuesday night over feeling pushed out of their homes.

“Hundreds”? There were about ten or so. But isn’t it interesting how much news reporting can change leading up to an election in Lake Worth? And lastly, then came that Palm Beach Post article from last year that had to be retracted:

Click on image to enlarge:
It’s because of reporting like this that some newspapers have what’s called an ombudsman, or a “public editor”.

Anyhow, stay tuned. Before long Summer will be over and the entertainment will begin all over again. Remember, this is the “quirky” little City of Lake Worth.

*When you hear the words “forced relocation” what comes to mind right away? An excerpt from Wikipedia: “The internment of Japanese Americans in the United States during World War II was the forced relocation [emphasis added] and incarceration in camps in the interior of the country of between 110,000 and 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry who had lived on the Pacific coast.”

The City of Lake Worth needs to seriously consider a Sister City in Guatemala.

Why? Because along with having a new Guatemalan Consulate here in the City of Lake Worth we will also be hosting another Palm Beach County celebration of “Día De Los Muertos(Day of the Dead, #DayOfTheDeadLW2017) this November:

Para más información o oportunidades de venta llaman 561-493-2550. (“For information or vending opportunities call 561-493-2550”.)

If you’ve been following the latest, our City’s Sister City Board may very well be “sunset” (removed as a board). The entire volunteer Advisory Board system may soon be changed and updated, something that’s been needed for a very long time (how boards are added, removed, and the process of adding members to boards by the Commission); this was a topic of discussion at a City Work Session on April 11th (to read all about that use this link).

What also came up at that Work Session was an entirely new idea: Have the City itself, or an organization in our town, join Sister Cities International.*

Getting feedback from the The Guatemalan Maya Center (GMC) and our Guatemalan neighbors would be very helpful. Many of you will recall this recent news from Peter Haden at WLRN:

“Officials estimate more than 55,000 Guatemalans live in the county. . . . ‘We’re going to see cultural, commercial, economic affairs — in order to have a more intense and big link with Palm Beach County,’ said De Mora [Miami Consul General Rosa Maria Merida De Mora].”

Here is a recent message from the GMC:
“Estamos en la aperatura de un consulado de Guatemala en Lake Worth! Gracias por este apoyo para nuestras familias que antes pagaban $300 para llegar al consulado en Miami.”

Translation: “We are at the opening of a Guatemalan Consulate in Lake Worth! Thank you for this support for our families, that before had to pay $300 to get to the consulate in Miami.”

*The City of Lake Worth’s long-neglected Sister Cities and our too-long Forgotten Sister City are:
  • The Forgotten Sister City of Lappeenranta, Finland.
  • Saint-Marc, Haiti.
  • Southend-on-Sea, England.
  • Once rumored to be a Sister City of Lake Worth, Sopot, Poland, IS NOT. That is a myth.

Check out the video by the Lake Worth CRA and LULA: “United in the Arts”.

Below is a very well produced video by LULA and the Lake Worth CRA of street art and the many murals in the City. Towards the end of the video is the La Joya Village mural (below) being painted.

The inspiring mural at La Joya Villages on 6th Ave. South. Enjoy the video!

Here is an excerpt from LULA’s mission in our City:

“Our mission is to invest and revitalize in the neighborhoods and commercial corridors in the community. The CRA will continue to maintain the character of the City, respond to the needs of the residents and encourage sustainable economic growth to improve the quality of life for our residents and the future health of our City.”

If you would like to learn more about LULA and the Lake Worth CRA call 561-493-2550.

News from Lantana in this week’s Lake Worth Herald: “Free drug disposal of expired or unused prescriptions.”

Clean out your medicine cabinets and help the environment. The public can voluntarily surrender expired, unwanted, or unused pharmaceutic-controlled substances and other medications for destruction.
  • When: Saturday, April 29th from 10:00–2:00.
  • Where: Lantana Police Dept., 500 Greynolds Cir. in Lantana.
  • For information email Reserve Sgt. Ronald Shearouse:
  • Or call the Lantana PD directly: 561-540-5701.

Interesting history: Information sent to me from former Post reporter Scott McCabe back in 2007.

In 1913, “A two-story bath house, known as the Old Casino opens. . .”.

The timeline, 1912–2000, for our City of Lake Worth’s Beach and former Casino structures are below, compiled by Scott McCabe. Following the timeline is Mr. McCabe’s latest endeavors for those of you who recall him.

Note the tower on the north side of the former Casino:
This image is prior to the 1928 Okeechobee Hurricane which damaged much of the second floor and destroyed the former Casino’s tower.

Mr. McCabe sent me the historical timeline 10 years ago — in March of 2007 — from the City’s founding in 1912. Our Lake Worth Beach and a Casino structure located there (gambling, interestingly enough, was once permitted) has always been one of the City’s focal points and economic drivers that’s “gone off the rails” many times in the past.

Enjoy reading this timeline and keep in mind the current situation in historical context:
  • 1912: City leases oceanfront property from Palm Beach resident E.M. Brelsford.
  • 1913: A two-story bath house, known as the Old Casino, opens and serves as a gathering place for bathers and Saturday dances. Gambling is allowed until 1928.
  • 1918: Fire destroys the structure.
  • 1922: Lake Worth Casino and Baths opens, featuring a saltwater pool and an underground passage to the beach.
  • 1928: Boardwalk built; hurricane damages Casino tower.
  • 1947: Hurricane tears open the Casino’s roof.
  • 1949: Casino remodeled with $185,000 in bond money; upper level parking lot built near Casino building; pool changes from salt to freshwater.
  • 1951: Concrete promenade replaces boardwalk.
  • 1959: Pier opens.
  • 1973: John G’s Restaurant opens in Casino building, becomes famous for its huge breakfasts.
  • 1982: City Commission pays architects Peacock & Lewis $45,000 in January for plan to revitalize the Beach and Casino. The $3 million plan includes a restaurant, recreation area and pedestrian promenade. In June, residents petition Commission to stop Beach improvements.
  • 1983: Peacock & Lewis plan estimated to cost $8.5 million.
  • 1985: Commissioners accept renovation at $6.6 million in February, then finally cancel it in April. City then plans to build a convention center at Municipal Beach Complex.
  • 1986: Commissioners agree with consultants Botkin & Associates, Inc. that Casino should be demolished and rebuilt but take no action.
  • 1990: Underground passage filled in; commissioners contemplate building a miniature golf course at the beach.
  • 1993: Developer Pugliese Co. proposes movie theater, restaurant and apartments at the Beach.
  • 1995: Commissioners end talks with Pugliese in April; Bridge Design Associates submits study in July on the Casino building, reports it needs to be repaired but is salvageable.
  • 1996: Developer David Paladino proposes 160,000 square feet of shops and restaurants in August; the city takes no action; city surveys voters in November about their visits to the beach and what they’d like to see there.
  • August 1998: City officials ask more than 100 developers for ideas to improve the beach area.
  • November 1998: Four development teams, including Paladino, submit plans that include a hotel, park, timeshare, shops and restaurants.
  • December 1998: Commission aborts multi-million dollar plan for any redevelopment after residents complain.
  • March 3–4, 2000: City to hold public meetings to find out what residents want for the area.

Photograph below is the former Casino in 2000. Note the pool building: a former City administration built a new Casino without taking the aging municipal pool into consideration. Now the pool is shut down, possibly never to reopen at the Beach.
And the rest as they say, “is history”. In 2017, the City is still trying to figure out how to fix all the problems with the Casino and pool. Our newly-renovated Casino’ by the way, was actually 94% demolished in 2010; and it was “Greenwashed” too.

Scott McCabe was a reporter for the Post from 1998–2005. Use this link for his LinkedIn page.

Back then that newspaper had a “200,000-circulation”. Now that the Post has decided to chase the online “Chimera”, the print circulation is much less now and the newspaper is printed by the Sun Sentinel in Broward County. The Post if you didn’t know — “back in the day” was once a significant source of jobs for many here in Palm Beach County — as well an economic powerhouse for the region.

And the latest is this: Received a letter from the Post the other day. They’re raising the price of their newspaper for subscribers. Again. Read “All About It!” using this link.

Now back to the timeline above: A developer seeking to renovate the Gulfstream Hotel and build a new hotel with a parking garage may want to read over the timeline several times. The Beach in the City of Lake Worth — you could say — is problematic.

History proves that to be the case. Look in the right-hand column for “March 31st, 22 days ago. Historic date for Gulfstream Hotel?”, the ruling by the 4th District Court of Appeals. Now that the lawsuits are over and done with the public is getting restless for something to happen.

Let’s leave it at that for now.

Just in case you missed this over the weekend:

The blog post, “Sober Home Conversation” with Commissioners Shanon Materio and Andy Amoroso at the Parrot Cove meeting on April 17th.

There are a total of three videos (see below) from this meeting. The president of the Parrot Cove Neighborhood Assoc., Mr. ​Anthony Marotta, invited Lake Worth City Commissioner Andy Amoroso, member of the Sober Home Task Force, and West Palm Beach City Commissioner Shanon Materio, member of the Proviso Sober Home Task Force, to address this crucial topic.

Both of these task forces were created by State Attorney Dave Aronberg to address what many have come to see is a serious crisis. Both Commissioner Materio and Commissioner Amoroso updated those in attendance on recent efforts at the local, County, State and Federal levels and what other plans are being worked on to tackle this problem affecting so many local communities, especially our own.

According to Mr. Marotta, Parrot Cove* will have Boynton Beach City Commissioner Joe Casello scheduled for next month’s meeting to discuss some of the initiatives the City of Boynton Beach is pursuing. Stay tuned for more about that.

Here is the second video and below are the links to the first and third videos from that meeting last Monday (April 17th):

To watch the first video use this link.
For the third video use this link.

To become a subscriber to my Lake Worth YouTube channel click on the red “Subscribe” icon. Subscribers get notified by email when new videos have been uploaded.

As always, many thanks to the Beach Club Lake Worth (located at the City’s Golf Course, #1 7th Ave. North) for being such gracious hosts and opening up their space for neighborhood and other community meetings here in our City.

*“The Parrot Cove Neighborhood Association was formed in April 2000 as a non-profit organization with the goals of providing information about a wide range of issues and serving as a way to meet one’s neighbors and build a strong sense of community. Everyone is welcome to attend our general meetings which feature guest speakers, PBSO updates, and announcements about current events.”

Another reason why elections last March were indeed “seismic”? A theory about City of Lake Worth politics.

If the theory proves right (explained below), there has been a major shift of power here in this little City of Lake Worth. You can call it, “the rise of the middle”. A local politico (to go unnamed) has bandied about this theory for many years and it does help to explain a lot of things. Our City has, or had, three major factions vying for political control. Two of them were dominant for many decades, forming an alliance; but that dominance is now over following the elections last March.

The elections changed everything and they were indeed “seismic”, including the passage of the referendum extending terms of the electeds from two to three years. But maybe seismic for other reasons too, other than just the obvious. Because two of those City factions, the theory goes, had an alliance that’s now in shatters and one of those factions is now in total, complete disarray.

Don’t misunderstand: this blog is still an “OFFICIAL ELECTION-FREE ZONE”. Meaning not until after the July 4th Raft Race will the elections in 2018 or any current or future candidates be discussed on this blog. However, that in no way suggests looking at past elections will not be addressed.

Prior to the elections last March the mantra from “the other side” was Messrs. Omari Hardy and Herman Robinson would just be two more “rubber stamps” for the majority: Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell, and Commissioner Andy Amoroso.

However, commissioners Hardy and Robinson, if you’ve been paying attention, have wasted no time putting that ‘rubber stamp’ label to rest. Remember, these two are fresh off the campaign trail and they’ve heard all the complaints. Many of those complaints were about the majority on the City Commission, not just all about the former do-nothing commissioner in District 2 or the former lame duck commissioner in District 4.

“We’re working on it”, isn’t going to fly with Omari and Robinson. They both clearly want to see results. The Commission meeting on April 18th bears this out. For example, Robinson took on the issue of body cameras for PBSO and Hardy dove right into the topics of a City Facebook page (the tortuous reasoning to not begin one) and he took on the issue of panhandlers as well, what the City is and isn’t doing to fix the problem. Read more about that meeting using this link.

Do both Hardy and Robinson have reason to be so confident pushing forward their issues of importance and concern? According to the theory the answer is “Yes, absolutely”. The balance of power is now either 3-2 or 4-1 in their favor.

Here is the theory, briefly, and will delve into this in depth some time later on. The three factions are:
  • Lake Worth East (LWE): the boundaries are Federal Hwy. east to the Intracoastal, including the Casino and Beach.
  • Lake Worth West (LWW): West of I-95 in the City limits, including parts of Suburban Lake Worth, and other groups west of the City with political interests at stake.
  • Lake Worth Middle (LWM): Everything between Federal Hwy. and I-95 including the Downtown and Dixie Hwy. Corridors.
For at least 20–30 years, the theory goes, LWE and LWW both have held sway on the City Commission. Up until the elections last March both Districts 2 and 4 remained both solidly in the LWE/LWW faction. LWE still has a significant presence on the Commission, but less so after the elections. For LWW, however, it’s a totally different story — they’re in total disarray now — again, as evidenced at the last Commission meeting when they sent one of their core members “laying on the charm”, to the new City Commission. A change in demeanor that didn’t go unnoticed.

LWE has little use for LWW now. The future power arrangement will be one between LWE and LWM.

Very few people here in Lake Worth expected this all to end on March 14th. Chris McVoy, PhD, was the incumbent and would at least force a run-off with the newcomer, Omari Hardy. Herman Robinson’s race was seen as a toss-up. But Hardy and Robinson both won their elections outright and that shocked almost everyone. That night the word, “seismic” started being used around the City. Why? Because the election results rocked the status quo over the last few decades.

What’s to be determined now is if that new power of LWM translates into getting people out to vote. Because, except for select precincts in LWM, the vast majority of residents don’t bother to come out and vote (ergo the failed “LW2020” bond referendum in 2014). And that’s where commissioners Hardy and Robinson come into play: they both have to keep “the middle” excited, engaged, and the public needs to see real and tangible results.

There’s little time left for “We’re working on it”, coming from the City Commission, administration, and staff.

The job of LWW now, if you follow the theory through, is to do everything they can to make sure that doesn’t happen, that both Hardy and Robinson don’t succeed and that every obstacle possible is thrown in their way.

If the theory above is valid — or until proven otherwise untrue — well, expect the political changes going forward to be indeed “truly seismic” for our little City of Lake Worth: The “rise of the middle”.

YouTube videos about the little City of Lake Worth you might find interesting.

For the most-popular videos (30 in all) on my Lake Worth YouTube channel use this link. Along with each video is a red “Subscribe” button. Subscribers get an email when new videos have been uploaded.

Coming in at #9 is “Historic Postcards from Lake Worth — early to mid-20th Century”. At #21 is “The Cottages of Lake Worth”, Yours Truly with Allan Mason from WBZT. And hope you enjoy this one as well, “Why it’s generally unwise to be disrespectful to City employees”.

The video below needs a short explanation. A story that’s legendary in Lake Worth. Loretta Sharpe has since passed away but 4 years ago, in very poor health even then, it was Loretta who took up the fight against THE BIG LIE about building heights in Lake Worth. Back in early 2012 THE LIARS got such a huge head start confusing the public that no one thought it was possible to get the truth out.

One piece of propaganda used to confuse the public about building heights in Downtown Lake Worth:
A stealth propaganda campaign had gotten a huge head start back in 2012–2013, many month’s in the making. But Loretta saw a way to fight back. How? It was spectacular! 

Here’s the short version: I got a call from Loretta in January 2013 and she told me there was a meeting at her house — she had an idea to talk about, hanging a gigantic banner atop the Gulfstream Hotel to win the ‘heights vote’ — everyone thought she had lost her mind, including myself.

But Loretta’s idea was brilliant and everyone noticed. . .

Loretta Sharpe.
November 4th, 1938–January 26th, 2016.

An excerpt from The Lake Worth Herald: “Loretta was born on November 4, 1938 and hailed from South Portland, Maine. No one knows how much of her legendary feistiness, uninhibited temperament and fierce loyalty were imbued in her character by the geography and culture of her New England childhood home. But what everyone who ever met and admired this woman knew without doubt, Loretta elevated those qualities to an art form and brought them all to Lake Worth when she settled here almost three decades ago.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Reporter Edward “Ed” Henry at Benny’s on the Beach, “BREAKFAST WITH FRIENDS”. Maybe CNN next week?

Ed Henry “was the moderator of the CNN Inside Politics broadcast when Robert Novak stormed off the set, on August 4, 2005, during a live discussion with James Carville, about Florida Republican Representative Katherine Harris’ just-announced 2006 bid for U.S. Senate. Henry carried on with just Carville for the remainder of the segment.”

Equal time for breakfast? Maybe somebody here in Lake Worth has a contact at CNN? Have a Live report by CNN’s “New Day” from Benny’s on the Beach next Sunday?
About “New Day” at CNN: Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota report the latest news and top stories from 6:00–9:00 a.m. Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul host weekends.

Remember when a former Lake Worth Commissioner with a PhD celebrated the Socialist Party takeover in Venezuela?

Go Democracy! It’s good when it works!
—Quote: Former City Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD, at a City Commission meeting excited about the United Socialist Party takeover in Venezuela.

“Venezuela in the eyes of Australia”:

“A sepulchral chill of sadness and pain blew in when we learned the news of Fidel’s departure,” added [Nicolás] Maduro, as Socialist Party officials, the Cuban ambassador, and supporters wiped away tears, waved flags, and sang traditional Cuban songs including “Guantanamera.”
—Excerpt from Reuters. President Maduro is leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

Prior to Election Day last March did now-citizen Mr. McVoy come down your street, knocking on doors, and spreading a few kind words about the passing of Fidel Castro and how much he missed the former president of Cuba?

Did McVoy remark briefly about critics of the government who just suddenly disappear, never to be seen from again, and did he talk up communism and about how wonderful socialism is too, and that food lines, out-of-control inflation, and roving packs of angry people with AK-47’s are just temporary inconveniences?

Then-commissioner and now Mr. McVoy wearing his Venezuelan baseball cap.
The United Socialist Party takeover of Venezuela was a reason for celebration for some in our City 2 years ago.

This is what McVoy said:

     “Happy New Year! Some folks in the room may be aware. . . [a pause as McVoy dons Venezuelan baseball cap] that’s my Venezuelan cap! Today was a very significant part of democracy in the world. The major elections that happened in early December [2015] in Venezuela that drastically changed the course of what the country’s been doing for the last stretch. They were inaugurated in the national assembly today.
     I was able to watch some of that. And it went very peacefully despite some very strong differences of views and opinions and changing of the guard.
     So, ummm, Go Democracy! It's good when it works!"

“Go Democracy!”? In Venezuela? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

“Hmmm. I didn’t know the City can host a quinceañera at the Casino on the Beach.”

Can you schedule an anniversary party, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, sweet 16, or quinceañera at the Beach? Yes. You certainly can. Fill out a request for information using this link, contact Lauren Bennett at 561-533-7395, or by email:

Check out the City’s website a few days a week and you’ll be “plugged in” to what’s going on. And for events, exhibits, performances, and festivals (both new and ongoing) use this link.

Want to learn more about the City of Lake Worth? Can you spare a few moments a few days a week? That’s how long it takes to get news and more information straight from the source: The City of Lake Worth.

Did you know the City of Lake Worth owns an electric utility. Surprised? It’s true. To learn more about our Electric Utility use this link for:
  • Emergencies (561-586-1695) and outages (1-877-454-4480).
  • To learn about “Light Up Lake Worth” use this link.
  • Look over the map for the Utility Service Area which includes the Palm Beach County (“Lantana”) Airport and other unincorporated areas, e.g., Palm Beach State College and John Prince Park.
  • Contact information for Customer Service and Electric Utility Director, staff, and much more.