Friday, September 11, 2009

Palm Springs?!?!?!???!!!!?? 800 jobs not in Lake Worth.

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COLUMN: New factory not just a cosmetic change


"Cosmetics maker Oxygen Development expects to employ 800 people - more than Scripps Florida. Only this project isn't costing the county a dime. Oxygen is making the move from Deerfield Beach in Broward County to Palm Springs because of federal stimulus money."

"Palm Springs, a central-county town of 14,500 with an aggressive approach to growth, is hurting in a county with an 11.3 percent jobless rate. With construction scheduled to start in January and take at least 18 months, the plant is unlikely to open before 2011. When it does, it could provide the kind of job base that is so rare in South Florida and America, for that matter."

Read on and cry. I wonder how tall their plant will be?


Anonymous said...

Status Report on Commission Activities:
Cara is protesting something that doesn't have anything to do with Lake Worth.

Golden is resigned to living in a ghetto till things get better.

Mulvehill just got back from montreal and is going to London for some more great ideas.

Clemens is out campaigning for his next career move.

Lowe is fed up with the lot and is avoiding any more workshops.

It is not as if this crew had no time to do something constructive.

Anonymous said...

Golden didn't want it here because it would use too much water. Plus 600 people would cause too much trafic.