Thursday, April 9, 2009

You may find this interesting...

This is taken from the first section of a group of ordinances related to the formation of the Architectural Review Commission (ARCOM) in the Town of Palm Beach. I came across it while doing some code analysis and comparison for a client. I think it communicates a vision for a community in an interesting way. It also shows that you can't maintain or improve a community without commitment at a very deep level. Here is the section of their Code of Ordinances:

Sec. 18-146. Statement of findings and purpose.

(a) The town council has found that Palm Beach is internationally known and has become a worldwide synonym for beauty, quality and value.

(b) In recognition of the fact that beautiful communities can be created only through a deliberate search for beauty on the part of the community leadership, architects, planners, realtors and the building industry, backed by an appreciation of the visual world by the people, the town council has created the architectural commission.

(c) Public action for improving community appearance, as embodied in the architectural commission, will provide the ultimate designers of individual structures with the larger contexts in which their particular works will be viewed. Since the beauty of a community involves the aesthetic quality of all one sees in moving about, it goes far beyond the design of individual architectural facades.

(d) Zoning is the single most powerful legal enforcement of an overall urban concept, but alone it does not create beauty, aesthetic order, or amenity. The task of the architectural commission is therefore to preserve various elements of urban beauty and require that new projects enhance the existing elements.

(e) The essential foundation of beauty in communities is harmony. The plan for achieving beauty must grow out of special local characteristics of site, aesthetic tradition and development potential. Some local areas of natural beauty are the beaches, ocean and intracoastal waterway. The vistas and visual delight of these should be allowed only to be enhanced. It is the intent of this article to achieve a pleasant and comprehensive cohesiveness in community development.