Sunday, April 5, 2009

San Francisco Mayor Newsom speaks at Compass yesterday morning...

About 30 or so people attended a talk given by the visiting Mayor of San Francisco. The remarks in the video surround issues related to gay marriage and the importance of the courts in propelling the movement. After this, he took some questions and one was about the various "green" initiatives led by San Fransisco, increasingly followed by other communities. One of them is making possible urban wind generation such as this installation:

Check out this link to San Francisco's Department of the Environment for more detail on the many city -sponsored programs designed to address environmental and, many times, social justice issues.

Representing Lake Worth were Mayor Clemens, Vice-Mayor Golden and Commissioner Mulvehill. Commissioner Muio from West Palm Beach also attended the talk. Afterward, Lake Worth resident Drew Martin mentioned to me that he wants to see Lake Worth pass a ban on plastic grocery bags. I told him to work through the three commissioners that he supports and wished him luck.