Thursday, March 5, 2009

What the rest of the civilized world is doing...

City of Delray Beach
City Reaches Out to Community with Citizen Survey

March 4, 2009: The City of Delray Beach is interested in residents' feedback on the community and local government. In an effort to reach out to citizens, randomly selected households will receive a survey questionnaire in the mail during March.

Since 2007, citizen surveys have provided the City with important information. Citizen surveys can help measure service performance, assess community needs and provide information for strategic planning. Conducting a survey also provides a means to obtain opinions from a broader range of citizens whose voices may not be heard at meetings or other public events.

A pre-addressed, stamped envelope will be included in the mailing to return completed surveys. All answers are kept anonymous.

If your household receives a citizen survey in the mail, please complete and return the survey. Your participation is important; please take time to let your voice be heard.

For more information, please call (561) 243-7190.

City of Delray Beach
Public Information Office
(561) 243-7190
City Commission:
Rita Ellis, Mayor
Woodie McDuffie, Vice-Mayor
Gary Eliopoulos, Deputy Vice Mayor
Fred Fetzer, Commissioner
Mackenson Bernard, Commissioner