Monday, March 2, 2009

March Library Programs @ the Lake Worth Library

@ the
Lake Worth Public Library

All programs are free and open to everyone.They will be held in the
City Annex Meeting Room
(414 Lake Ave., across the street from the library)
For more information please call the library at 561-533-7354.

"Food Attack"
Friday, March 13th -- 3 pm
(45 min.)
Flor Doylet, RD, LD/N Senior PublicHealth Nutritionist from the Palm Beach County Health Department is here to helpus celebrate National Nutrition Month with a wonderful program everyone'sfavorite subject - food. Ms. Doylet will be discussing the comparison between food portion sizes in the past andpresent and how active you'll have to be to control your weight.

Blood Components and Typing
Saturday, March 14th -- 10 am (1 hr.)

Blood, is the fluid oflife that flows through our veins. Join Dr. S. Kramer, licensed physician andeducator, for a look at answers to these questions and more. What is blood? Howis plasma different from blood? How much is in the human body? What is in theblood? What are red blood cells, platelets, white cells and what happens if youhave too few or too many? Why and how does blood clot? What are blood type andblood typing?

Finland and the "New" Baltics
Friday, March 20th -- 3 pm
(60 - 90 min.)
Join world traveler,Grant Eccles, on an exciting travelogue taking you to Finland and the"new-old" Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania.Experience and see the modern-day culture and traditions and learn oftheir unique history. Journey through amazing Finland and explore the blend ofold-time traditions an d modern-day life of this compact nation of 5 millionpeople that extends north, well above the Arctic Circle. From anotherrecent trip to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, seehow these Baltic countries are adjusting to the challenges ofrediscovery following their independence in 1991 from the former USSR and theirvery recent joining of the European Community.

Grant Eccleshas intimately explored Canada from the Atlantic Ocean to the PacificOcean and to the Arctic Ocean as well as 52 countriesworld-wide. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada and now living inBarrie, just north of the city, Grant's immediate roots are in the Sudbury areaof Finnish grandparents on one side and sixth generation Irish on the other. Throughmeans of a digital slide presentation, Grant looks forward to sharing thisimpressive and beautiful region of Finland and the Baltics with you.

Résumé Help and JobInterviewing Tips
Saturday, March 28th -- 9 am (2 hrs.)

Having trouble getting hired? Scared in an interview? Don't have thatimportant résumé? Don't know what a résumé is? Diane Clark, City of Lake Worth Human ResourcesManager, will present a look at what managers look for in a resume when hiringnew personnel. She will discuss how to fit your résumé to the type of job you are trying to get, the importanceof a cover letter, interviewing etiquette, answering tough interview questions,dressing for success and much more. Diane will be reviewing résumés at the end of theprogram. Bring yours and get free help on how to improve it.

Thank you,

Vickie Joslin
Library Services Manager

Lake Worth Public Library

15 North M St.

Lake Worth, FL 33560