Friday, December 19, 2008

Reminders from the Florida Redevelopment Association...

A vacant building doesn’t become a thriving business overnight.

Affordable housing units don’t build themselves.
The revitalization and preservation of our communities doesn’t just
happen on its own…

It happens because of the efforts of the 141 active Community
Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs) throughout the state.

Think of where your city was just 10 years ago. The changes
and improvements you have seen are likely a result of the
planning and work of your local CRA.

The financial commitment put forth by a CRA attracts private
investors and creates a trickle-down effect in which a community
greatly benefits and the overall economic product is
greater than the original public investment.

A CRA creates a safer and cleaner urban environment, preserves
and grows businesses, and provides a place we can be proud of.
It serves as the catalyst for revitalization projects – working with
citizens for the community’s best interests, and sustaining the overall
vitality of the community.

Redevelopment will always be a priority in people’s minds.
Florida, a diverse and densely populated state, must continually
invest in the redevelopment of its urban areas, or blight will take
a foothold.

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