Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ponder this...

Some sort of building on the beach, wherever it may land with a sea of green, verdant, lush native landscape, getting rid of all (or most) of the parking lots, store vehicles in the downtown, encourage trolley, walking or biking to the beach.

Would better link the downtown with the beach, encourage commerce in the downtown, emphasize the "greeness" of Lake Worth, encourages fitness, shows commitment to alternative transportation, would open up additional possibilities for grants, foundation assistance.

Idea sent in e-mail to City Commission - 12/18/08.

I am reminded that the county requires that parking be provided in equal or greater numbers than what is there now, in exchange for their $5 million. Why can't that parking be dedicated to our beach, but physically exist in our downtown? I think it's worth discussion - even on a "what if?" basis - with the County.

Otherwise, we are "cementing" the fact that if you want to go to our beach for the next 20 years, we prefer that you drive a car there. Perhaps minimal parking there for transit vehicles, hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles. And then you would automatically be funneled through our downtown commercial district if you wanted to go to our beach - establishing a better economic link between the beach and the downtown.