Monday, November 17, 2008

Suzanne Mulvehill - What is she hiding from?

First we get the news from City Clerk Pam Lopez that she didn't file her run-off election treasurer's report in time therefore denying the public access to information about who funded her immense run-off campaign. Then, I get this text message from Maura Hennesey who attended the Bryant Park Homeowners Association meeting tonight. This is her report:
I'm at the Bryant park neighborhood assoc and dave vespo is here but suzanne mulville is not. She declined minutes before. Dave Vespo did great! Really great!
please vote tommorrow in the run off and tell your neighbors , please it's really really important for our city ! Your friend and neighbor, Maura
This is not what we need from a Commissioner - someone who cancels an engagement at the last minute - perhaps in order to avoid having to address what is actually being said by her legions at our neighbors' doors. Who are these people that have been pounding our doors down anyway?