Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Response to one of the comments under a Suzanne Mulvehill post...

This was left under the John Gs post:
Suzanne won.

1. She won by more than 500 votes.
2. She won despite Vespo receiving the endorsements.
3. She won despite the silliness you put up on your site.
I can assure that Cara was quite jolly last night despite the picture you posted of her. However Suzanne was even more excited. It was her night.
And still there was a morning after.
A damn nice one.

As with all the Neo Cons who have to choke and gag when they say President Obama. You have to say Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill. It can be followed up with a desert of Commissioner Cara Jennings. The Walgreens has agreed to stock extra Pepto Bismol.
This really deserves a response where everyone is able to see it easily. First of all, I - and the rest of Lake Worth - acknowledge that Suzanne Mulvehill won and is now Commissioner-elect, representing District #4 in the City of Lake Worth. You will have to admit that it's an absurd notion that the run-off represents the "majority" given the moving of the election to November. This is not trying to offer an excuse for the results being what they were, but it is evidence that the run-off election is superfluous at best. How can 2,999 people represent more of the majority of the electorate than the 8,000 that came out in the general election held on November 4th? All the run-off tells us is that given the choice of these two candidates, those that came out on November 18th chose Mulvehill over Vespo nearly 60/40 percent. Can we stop thinking that somehow the run-off election creates some magic notion that a majority of voters in Lake Worth supports one candidate over another? I suggest we find a workable way to address this situation and possibly eliminate the run-off through a second choice selection the day of the general election when most people come out. Again, nothing about this election was "invalid" - the choice was a result of the rules in place at the time the election happened. Congratulations to Suzanne and her supporters for getting their people out to vote.

Secondly, let's talk about the subject of endorsements. I had a whole slew of them in my campaign last year for the District #3 seat, but for the Palm Beach Post. Even they were on the "fence" in their endorsement, but settled on Jo Ann Golden in the end. Endorsements are important, but they are not the thing that gets you elected. What does is the organization and database that a campaign has to identify voters and how they are able to motivate them to get to the polls on election day(s). That is something that Cara, Jo Ann and Suzanne's crew has down to a science now. They continue to up the ante in every election or cause where walking/knocking on doors is required.

Thirdly, laughter is the best medicine. This was a very tough loss for soon to be former Commissioner Vespo, his family and supporters. If we can't or couldn't laugh at our collective selves, then the world would be a pretty dismal place. I hope the person that left the comment doesn't think all the content on this site is "silliness" - there are a lot of very important issues raised here. It's important to point out the hypocrisies of candidates and commissioners that scream "corruption" at the top of their lungs and then accept campaign contributions from people who will have items coming before them should they be elected. You know the saying, "People living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Just look at some of the topics covered here and you will see that it is not "silliness" for the most part, but from time to time I must warn you that there will be an attempt at levity. Please indulge me in this decidedly human trait.

Personally, I think it would do Cara well to lighten up and not be so morose, but she's a Scorpio and they are prone to that sort of demeanor.

I am glad that you all had a nice time celebrating your hard work last night. Havana Hideout is a fun place and nice to have in our downtown.

Fourthly, and this is one that really gets my goat: Don't assume that because I voted for Dave Vespo that I am a "Neo Con" that has trouble saying President-elect Obama. I voted for Obama and have voted for every Democratic candidate for President since I could vote. I have very liberal social policy beliefs and dislike those that interfere in the private lives of people for what they think are "moral" reasons. This was a local, non-partisan race. Dave Vespo as Commissioner had a great record in addressing the issues that concerned me most. That's why I voted for him. I wish that Commissioner Jennings, the de-facto head of your "party", would understand that there are many law abiding citizens that give a lot of time in service to their community and just because they dont' agree with her are not "corrupt", "Neo Cons", or "sleazy lackeys for corporate greed and fascist xenophobia" (that was a label put on me by p. tsolkas), etc. If she would acknowledge that and value the contributions of all people that live in Lake Worth, this would be a much better place to live, work and play. Where is your olive branch Suzanne and Cara?

And Walgreens can stock up on all the Pepto Bismol it wants, I won't be needing it.