Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not that it matters now, but...

I just got back from walking my dogs around the neighborhood and bumped into the nice lady that lives across the street. She was asking me what happened in the election last Tuesday. I told her and she was disappointed - both she and her husband voted for Dave V. We had talked long before the November 4th election and I knew they were going to support Dave. However, Sunday before the election, a Suzanne Mulvehill sign appeared on the extreme northeast corner of their property. It was positioned in a way that it was really only visable from my property.

I wonder what they - the people who placed the sign - thought that proved. Just another reason to ban signs since many times they are just put in properties without the property owners permission. My neighbors didn't know what to do since it was before the election - they were afraid to touch it. And Dave V. bought a lot of signs and where did they go by the end of the campaign anyway? Did a big wind come along and just blow away Dave V. signs? Me thinks not. My signs were also disproportionately not represented either by the end of the campaign. Hmmm.

Then I hear stories of Suzanne supporters, some very prominent supporters (ehem), that had small fits thinking that someone touched one of their signs.

I hope they initiate a recycling program and promote it so that these don't end up in the waste stream. Or, don't they care?