Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some more links to Planning, Ecological, Green and like websites...

This is a continuation of a previous post of various links that were talked about and distributed at a seminar I attended a couple of weeks ago.

ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability - "...is an international association of local governments as well as national and regional local government organizations that have made a commitment to sustainable development. Over 977 cities, towns, counties, and their associations worldwide comprise ICLEI's growing membership. ICLEI works with these and hundreds of other local governments through international performance-based, results-oriented campaigns and programs. ICLEI provides technical consulting, training, and information services to build capacity, share knowledge, and support local government in the implementation of sustainable development at the local level. Our basic premise is that locally designed initiatives can provide an effective and cost-efficient way to achieve local, national, and global sustainability objectives. Browse their index - Lake Worth would be nice to see on their list of local government members.

Climate Communities - "...is a national coalition of cities and counties that is educating federal policymakers about the essential role of local governments in addressing climate change and promoting a strong local-federal partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Communities will ensure that the federal government:

  • Recognizes and enhances the critical role of local governments on climate change;
  • Provides the funding and incentives needed to achieve local climate change progress;
  • Ensures that national carbon control laws and regulations provide opportunities and incentives for local solutions to climate change challenges; and
  • Helps localities address and pay for any new mandates imposed on communities."

Congress for New Urbanism - This is the climate section of their website. Known for their urbanist principles and being disciples of Andres Duany , this is their take on the urban form's contribution to fighting climate change. It embodies many of the principles that we are working on here in Lake Worth and how we are really the envy of many communities.

Florida Green Building Coalition - The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) is a nonprofit Florida corporation dedicated to improving the built environment. Their mission is "to provide a statewide green building program with environmental and economic benefits."

Environmental Protection Agency - Green Communities Assistance Kit - our Federal government at work.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Governor's Action Team on Energy and Climate Change - "Governor Crist established the Action Team on Energy and Climate Change by signing Executive Order 07-128, “Florida Governor’s Action Team on Energy and Climate Change,” on July 13, 2007. Since that time the Governor appointed 27 team members and one ex officio member, who serve at the pleasure of the Governor. Team members are tasked with creating a Florida Climate Change Action Plan that will include strategies beyond the Governor's Executive Orders to reduce emissions, including recommendations for proposed legislation for consideration by the Florida Legislature."