Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pics from Eden Place Neighborhood Association Candidate Forum

Here are some views from the audience last night. I think all six candidates did very well. We should all appreciate the sacrifice it takes just to run for office, let alone serve if elected. There was a question on the beach that made it sound like the judge has ruled that the item should be placed on the ballot. That is not the case - the judge denied the City's request that the lawsuit be dismissed regarding the length of the lease. I do not know of a ruling or action related to the lawsuit brought by the city about the land use and zoning issue going to referendum.

Commissioner Jennings said that the referendum provision in the city's charter was very important. Mary Lindsey rightly pointed out that if it is so important, why did she vote for the day labor center at the shuffleboard court in violation of the zoning? Why didn't she push for that on the issue to be placed on the ballot? All good points. At the end, Cara seemed to not like being "critiqued" (her word). Then she told people to look at her voting record - where can one find that Commissioner Jennings? Do you have that on your website? Or should we call the clerk's office and ask her to compile all the votes from the previous two and a half years? If only it were that easy.

And a suggestion for forum organizers - please have a sign made that shows which district is which and place that in front or behind the three candidates in each race. I could follow who is runing for which seat, but I am not the typical Lake Worth resident. I think most people would wonder who is running against who - which is not helped by Jennings and Mulvehill not putting their district on their yard signs and perhaps other materials. In fact Commissioner Jennings door hanger passed out by Annbeth Karson last night mentions nothing about District #2 - not even in the disclaimer.

Here is a map of the commission districts in the city: