Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Funny story...

I've been getting about three or four calls a week from the Palm Beach Post for about the past month. They got a hold of me in August and asked if I would like re-subscribe for another year. I said no this year and I told them that a year ago too. But the paper kept coming. And, true to form, the paper kept coming after I told them to stop this year.

Why did I want to stop the Palm Beach Post from being delivered to my home? Primarily the same reason that you are reading this now. I get most of my information from the Internet, including the Palm Beach Post website. Why would I want to subscribe at about $150/year so that they have to deliver a paper to my house in a fossil fuel burning vehicle, leave something that is going to end up in a land fill or recycled into some post consumer content item (a better choice), clutter my house and give me another thing I have to drag to the curb every week, read what amounts to a multi-media conglomerate's view of the world, something that is 80% advertising by volume (have you seen the ads on the front page?) and something that generally has a very skewed editorial view, especially as it relates to goings-on in our little city of Lake Worth? I guess this paragraph qualifies as a run on questions.

Newspapers in print format are dinosaurs from the Industrial Revolution - a nasty habit we should take pride in shedding in the new millennium.

So, they call me today, about the third time this week - many times with the caller ID, I just choose not to answer. This time I answered and told them again why I didn't choose to take the paper anymore. And then they said, "But you owe us money since August" - that's when I reared back and said that I told you not to deliver the paper back then and it kept coming.

Thankfully, today, I didn't receive that litter in my driveway. I encourage you all to save the money, be kind to the environment and do as I did.