Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From our correspondent on N. L. Street...

Posted as a comment under the most recent 431 post.

Lots of activity at 425 N. L today. This morning I called Det. Carreiro and had a very good talk with him about 431 and 425 N. L st and he gave me some good guidelines on what could be done.

Later today I noticed activity in front of 425 and being the inquisitive type I went outside to take a look. A neighbor told me that someone who had lived at 425 asked him to call the police for him. The person said that the people at 425 had "ripped him off" and that there was "major drug dealing" going on there.

A patrol car with a LW officer and a PBSO officer arrived. They spoke with the gentleman and also with my neighbor and I. The officer (I am sorry but I can't recall his name) was great. He seemed interested in what we had to say, and said that the fellow who had called the police had a story that "didn't add up".

I went inside and after a while noticed that three or four more police cars had arrived along with a supervisor's truck and two city trucks. In all there were ten or twelve officers and they were investigating the property. I saw that they posted a bright yellow notice on the back building (can't read it from my property). They were speaking at length with an older tenet who has been at the 425 for at least four or five months.

It was quite a busy scene and I was unable to ask then what the outcome was. However they made the person who called in the complaint vacate the premises and as of 8:00 pm tonight there appears to be nobody home at 425.

Later I spoke with a friend who told me that she had contacted police about someone trespassing at 431 this afternoon and they arrested someone for trying to steel the wiring from the outside of the building.

Big kudos to the Lake Worth Police Department, PBSO and the concerned citizen who alerted police to the trespasser.

Lively times on North L!