Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A word or two on blog features...

The "Call Me" button offered by Grand Central is working fine. Someone just used it today from out of the state that had a question on Lake Worth. So, if you want to leave me a message, click on the button, enter a name - it can be yours or not - and then your phone number. Click "Call Me" in the lower right hand corner and your phone will ring. Once you answer your phone, you'll hear my recorded voice message and after a beep, you can leave me a message - just like voice mail.

Don't forget you can also reach me through my e-mail address:

Also, surprise, surprise! Just today the Blogger folks initiated a rating system for each individual post. If you are moved by a post, or not, you can now indicate so at the bottom of the white space below the main part of the message. Try it out and see. (NOTE: This morning - 5/8 - this feature disappeared, but it is probably one that we will be seeing soon.)

Visitor traffic has been steady and I am continually amazed at this blog's reach. It seems whenever I am out and about, someone comes up to me to comment about something they read or saw here. This really is turning out to be an interesting experience.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your time on the blog.