Saturday, May 24, 2008

Links to Various Planning and Redevelopment-focused Websites

I spent most of the day yesterday in Boca Raton (in the City's fantastic public hearing building) at a seminar called "Planning Challenges of the Twenty-First Century: Effective Planning in an Anti-Government Environment." You'll be seeing a few posts related to the information I was able to gather there. One of the speakers (Gary Rogers, Executive Director of Community Redevelopment, City of Lauderdale Lakes) provided the following links to planning and related sites focusing on redevelopment. You may want to check these out or save them in your "favorites" for future reference:

American Planning Association

Broward Housing Partnership

Congress for New Urbanism
Florida Redevelopment Association
Google Maps (Satellite & Hybrid)

City of Lauderdale Lakes (where the speaker was from)

Planetizen - The Planning and Development Network
South Florida Regional Planning Council

Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council

State Road 7/US 441 Collaborative

Urban Land Institute
Public Officials Design Institute
Enjoy! I will be looking these over to see if there is anything worth highlighting more on this blog. I already found a great, recent Powerpoint on CRAs and the changing role in redevelopment - very interesting. That is found on the Florida Redevelopment Association website.