Friday, May 2, 2008


America 2050 is a national initiative to meet the infrastructure, economic development and environmental challenges of the nation as we prepare to add 120 million additional Americans by the year 2050. In 2005, the Regional Plan Assocations convened the National Committee for America 2050, a coalition of regional planners, scholars, and policy-makers to develop a framework for the nation's future growth that considers trends such as: rapid population growth and demographic change; global climate change; the rise in foreign trade; sprawling and inefficient land use patterns; uneven and inequitable growth within and between regions; infrastructure systems that are reaching capacity; and the emergence of megaregions. In recent months, the focus has been on the nation's over-reliance on fossil fuels and the need for incorporating renewable sources of energy to fuel our cars and buildings. Additionally the importance of federal transportation policy to meet the challenges of climate change, competitiveness and social equity has been underscored. Go to to learn more.