Friday, January 4, 2008

Beach Visit - 1/04/08

I visited one of our long time commercial establishments at the beach this evening. Just got a hankering for a slice of pizza so I wandered into the New York Pizza Department. Excellent selection of slices and left satisfied after spending a little more than $5. It seemed like most of their business was coming from the island. How much business you ask? Well, I was the only one dining in the establishment - the rest was take out. There were no other stores open and there were a total of six cars (including mine) on the entire 19 acre property. Parking lots were empty as the ocean roared.

News Flash: We are not adequately using or promoting our beach front property. Let's hope the pool gets finished on time and that the project moves forward from there. If not, then we need to do a better job in promoting the asset that it is and the long time establishments that we have there.

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