Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Organizational Importance of Honesty

The following is a link to an interesting article (click here). This is from the Opportunity website. I had the link posted on my TalkBlog, associated with Lake Worth and thought that I would post it here as well. Many have commented positively regarding the article and find it enlightening as it relates to our situation here in Lake Worth.

For example, one of the quotes at the beginning of the article is as follows:

"We have all experienced the public lie that goes unchallenged. It may be baldly
untrue but somehow accepted as the basis for action with life and death
consequences. Some of our experience of public lies may be based on differences
in values or perceptions, but sometimes what is said just simply violates the
facts—this is disheartening and drives people out of public participation."

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Thanks and I hope you are enjoying the shows!