Monday, April 27, 2020

Help for homeowners facing COVID-19 related financial hardship

Many agencies are experiencing increased calls from households concerned about making mortgage payments due to COVID-19 related financial hardship. The Sun Sentinel has a great article on this subject but the most important information to give any homeowner is the following:

Homeowners must contact their servicers and let them know they cannot make your payment due to a COVID-19 related hardship. Servicers will not assume anything so they must let them know otherwise loans will be become delinquent. Most servicer websites will give multiple options for making contact.

Homeowners should know who owns (backs) their loan. Homeowners can check on Freddie Mac or  Fannie Mae online or check with their mortgage company. And Credit Counseling Agencies can provide assistance - they are used to dealing with mortgage questions and contacting servicers so call them for assistance.