Saturday, June 8, 2019

Flag Day 2019 is Friday, June 14th. Everyone is invited to Lake Worth Beach to honor American flag.

The City’s American flag flying full mast in
Bryant Park for Flag Day 2018.

Flag Day is celebrated at the Bryant Park Bandshell each year attended by dignitaries and a huge crowd. There is plenty of free parking nearby and the program begins at 6:00.

Here is an excerpt from a 2016 article in The Lake Worth Herald about Flag Day:

     In 2008, then Mayor Rene Varela invited the Flag Day ceremony back home to Lake Worth, where it has been magnificently celebrated and greatly revered annually ever since. The ceremony this year was hosted by Scottish Rite General Secretary, Mike Cribbit who said he was pleased to see more people than ever in attendance.
     The brief but moving ceremony in recent years has included hailing the names of our sons and fathers who attended Lake Worth High School since the school began in 1922, and who have given their lives in service to our Country. Another treasured part of the ceremony is the recitation of “What the Pledge Means to Me,” written and originally performed by the late Richard “Red” Skelton [see video below], a 33 degree Mason in the Scottish Rite Fraternity.

News vans are packed and ready for the next major storm.


You are a young and eager weather reporter.

The assignment editor wants you to do a quick news segment along the seawall at the beach in Lake Worth Beach but when you get to the scene nothing is really going on. Just a normal beach day but really crowded. But you have to do something because you’re a weather reporter!

But there is a solution. You can create your own weather if you want. Find out how below.

So a week or so earlier hotter than normal water and wind churned off the Ivory Coast and went heading west. Some claim they can feel a storm coming and those people are feeling something.

Being safe Lake Worth Beach sends out a press release advising the public to be careful of swimming in the ocean and of course everyone then heads to the beach. Not much is happening at the moment except for some brisk wind and surfers taking advantage of the higher waves. So the reporter, with his or her back to the ocean, needs something to air and quick!

What a reporter could do is just deliver the press release from LWB.

But another method will get you noticed called the “gale force” approach.

This approach is not advised in most situations but it certainly will get attention from the public (note the ‘gale force’ method may be encouraged in some newsrooms when assigned to report on anything that looks red-tidish or anything blue-green in the water).

So to quickly go Live with the news which isn’t news but you have to do something please take a few moments and watch a CNN segment, an example of the gale force method being employed.

“Don’t Do It!”

Hope you enjoy this video and remember,
“Don’t Swim In the Sea! Incredibly. . .”

Old Covers: Palm Beach Life magazine. Sunny images for just ¢25!

March 22, 1927:

January 12, 1932:

January 26, 1932:

Friday, June 7, 2019

Press Release.

Lake Worth Beach, FL — Due to the unfavorable weather conditions for Friday, June 7th the June Lake Ave Block Party has been cancelled. The Lake Ave Block Party will return next month on Friday, July 5th at the usual time.

Archery Tag / Screen on the Green will be back in Bryant Park next Friday, June 14th with a showing of How to Train Your Dragon 3.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. For more information please call 561-493-2550.

Recycling in Lake Worth Beach: Front page news in this week’s Herald.

Before we get to the news in The Lake Worth Herald do you remember the leadup to Recyclemaggedon in the City of Lake Worth in October last year when the expected public outrage and public confusion that was predicted never happened? (For a look back click on this link for a blog post from September 2018.)

According to County press and news media reports last year there was anxiety and confusion amongst some in the public about the switch from single-stream recycling (one 55-g container of mixed recyclables) and going back to double-stream recycling using two 18-g bins (blue container for bottles/containers; yellow for paper and cardboard).

But when Monday, October 1st rolled around the Recyclemaggedon some were predicting never happened. Things worked out perfectly with nary a complaint and eight months later all is still going well with the recycling program in Lake Worth Beach.

What happened to make everything work so well?

This is what happened: The City and the County’s Solid Waste Authority teamed up with a comprehensive public information campaign early in 2018, this news story published in WasteDive received an immense amount of attention both the County and statewide, and The Lake Worth Herald was all over this story informing the public from the very beginning.

In short, LOCAL newspapers matter. At the end of this blog post today is more information about the Herald and where to pick up this week’s print edition.

Two excerpts from today’s paper headlined, “LW Beach Has New Garbage/Recycling App”:

Lake Worth Beach has announced the launch of a mobile and web app [see links below] that contains all of the information residents need to know, tailored specifically to their neighborhoods, about the city’s residential garbage and recycling services.

The mobile and web app, developed by Recycle Coach™, provides residents with a full range of information that is normally on the website or in the collection schedule that Lake Worth Beach distributes.

and. . .

“Once residents have downloaded the app, they can set it up to give them regular reminders for any of the collection programs. For example, they can set a reminder for the day that recycling is collected or for their monthly bulk waste collection days,” said Jason Yaeger, Lake Worth Beach’s Solid Waste Supervisor.

“This is a new way for us to connect with residents about our solid waste and recycling programs. We’ll be able to update the information on the mobile and web app as necessary during the year, so it will always be current. Residents will never forget a collection day and that should lead to increased recycling rates. Everybody wins,” Yaeger said.

The Recycle Coach app is FREE to download and is available from the iTunesStore and available on Google Play as well. For more information one can also contact the Solid Waste and Recycling Division in Lake Worth Beach at 561-533-7344.

To see this week’s front page headlines in
the Herald click on this link.

The Herald print edition is available at the City’s newsstand located at 205 N. Federal Hwy. and is still only ¢50! To contact the editor at the Herald call 561-585-9387 or send an email to:

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Blog post from June 2017.

The blog post was titled, “It’s incredibly unfair that the message isn’t out”.

“Stop sending your children and your loved ones to South Florida because we’re sending them back in body bags.”
—Lake Worth Commissioner Andy Amoroso quoted in radio interview by WLRN reporter Peter Haden.

To listen to the entire interview use this link. Two more excerpts from the text of the news article:

“You see these wonderful ads: ‘Come to South Florida. Beaches. Palm trees. Ocean breezes. You can get clean,’ ” said Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein.
     According to a 2014 insurance industry report by Optum, 75 percent of people getting treatment at private rehab centers in Florida came from other states. And with more than 2.5 million Americans addicted to opioids, there are plenty of potential patients.
     “We’re now having tourists come in for treatment,” said Bornstein, “these young folks in their 20s from New Jersey, New York, Michigan — wherever the heck they’re coming from — and their families send them here.”

Bornstein continues. . .

“It’s incredibly unfair that the message isn’t out: Don’t send them here. Keep them where you are. We should focus on our own residents and people that have issues. Now we’ve got the burden of the rest of the country’s being shipped here.”

Once again, from the oft-cited file, “We all have to keep in mind. . .

. . . there are many new residents in the City of Lake Worth Beach that have no knowledge of things that preceded them.”

Many blog readers have seen this blog post before. Some of you many times. Thank You for visiting once again today and please scroll down.

For everyone else, once every 2–3 months like to remind new and recently new residents why long-time residents don’t get annoyed when they hear PBSO helicopters overhead, especially at night.

Hearing PBSO helicopters was a sign of hope for many people. Things are much different today in this City as Cpt. Baer explained at a Commission meeting earlier this year.

Ten and a half years ago. . .

On August 26th, 2008, then-Mayor Jeff Clemens signed the agreement to begin the process of turning over law enforcement responsibility to PBSO and subsequent disbanding of Lake Worth PD. In response to Cara Jennings (former commissioner, 2006–2010) who supported keeping the LWPD, JoAnn Golden (another former commissioner, 2007–2011) said about the out-of-control crime at the time:

“[W]e have allowed the gangs to get ahead of us.”

Prior to PBSO taking over for the LWPD, crime in the City was so bad a resident actually proposed that LWPD set up checkpoints and vehicle searches on all roads leading into the City.

Listen for yourself:

That never happened. But crime was so bad prior to PBSO taking over many residents and community leaders seriously considered police checkpoints. Now let’s take a stroll down memory lane to 2007:

Check out these crime “Clearance” rates, especially for homicides. . . “but having our own police department was just so charming”. Maybe in a few neighborhoods. But not so much in others.

Oh, and by the way, that PBSO helicopter flying around at night that some people find ‘annoying’ isn
t so annoying in the context of history, is it?

One could call this blog post, “How not to do a project at the Lake Worth Beach.”

What you’ll see below is from:

April 13th, 2012.

So as we proceed forward let’s hope we never see anything like this ever again. . .

I took a drive up to the beach Friday afternoon [in April 2012] and captured these pictures. Below you will see a group of people trying to navigate the main walkway from the lower parking lot to the PEDESTRIAN ACCESS leading to the actual beach. I say “navigate” since the walkway was covered by water from some unknown source (this was before any of yesterday’s rain).

Click on all images to enlarge.

The former Casino had been demolished by 2012. And the new Casino was nearing completion. And officials said the Beach ‘was open’. 

Moving into the future, whatever is decided to do at the Beach, let’s make certain the Beach truly remains open for the public.

You can check out the video of these girls trying to negotiate the water covered path.

Benny’s on the Beach.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Recycling update in Lake Worth Beach.

From the City Commission meeting last evening:

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Lake Worth Beach official website still not available for the public. Down for over two months.

There is a City Commission meeting tonight. Here is agenda page 1 of 3; click on image to enlarge:

Also on the agenda tonight is Item 12A, New Business, “Ordinance No. 2019-05 – First Reading – Increase Business Tax Receipt rates by five percent (5%) and set the second reading and public hearing for June 18, 2019”.

“There’s a rich history here. If you don’t do anything to preserve it, it’s gone.”

Newspaper clipping from The Palm Beach Post, September 3rd, 2003.

Click on images to enlarge: 

The CDC is not to be confused with Lake Worth Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). The CDC went defunct many years ago.

“One part of the plan will involve interviewing lifelong residents to compile an oral history of the neighborhood.”

The plan, “[A]ims to boost community pride, improve property values and stave off gentrification.*

“The Osborne neighborhood is one of the target areas for the CDC, a nonprofit organization charged with improving blighted areas of the city.”

*Let’s take on that loaded word. . .

‘Gentrification’ is called a “loaded word” in that it’s used to confuse and frighten the public (learn more about that by clicking on this link).

There is no accepted definition of that word and therefore fuels the “politics of fear” just like another loaded word used to confuse and frighten the public: ‘sanctuary city’.

Whilst on the topic of ‘gentrification’, Joan Oliva became the executive director of the CRA back in January 2008 and she remains the leader of that agency to this day.

And also to this day former members of the CDC criticize the CRA for increasing property values which have steadily risen in this City. Ironically, as cited in the newspaper clipping above, one of the goals of the CDC was to “improve property values” whilst at the same time promising to ‘stave off gentrification’.

Ironic is it not?

The former CDC never accomplished much and not much remains from what they did actually do. However, how much do you know about the $23M NSP2 Grant the CRA received in 2010? Learn more about that below.

Do you remember when former commissioners, Cara Jennings was one, wouldn’t lift a finger to help the CRA acquire that $23 million grant?

Enjoy the video (below) about the CRA’s NSP2 Grant eight years ago. You’ll recognize more than a few people if you were here in Lake Worth during that time. At one point, if you pay close attention, you’ll see a few campaign yard signs of people you might know, including a current city commissioner. About the video:

This video is one in a series of case study videos intended for NSP grantees and partners interested in learning about how other grantees are successfully implementing NSP. In Lake Worth, FL, the NSP2 consortium has taken a comprehensive approach in their stabilization efforts. Nonprofits and community leaders featured in this video demonstrate the keys to running their NSP program, including homebuyer counseling, home-purchase assistance, and connecting stabilization with broader economic development and revitalization initiatives such as the Cultural Renaissance Program.

Now, about all those people who thought the NSP2 was a bad idea, like former city commissioners who didn’t make the effort to apply for the grant. But the CRA did step up and apply. Here is an excerpt from this blog:

“Both the City and the CRA were eligible to apply for the funds. Leading up to the grant application’s deadline, it became apparent that the City administration (Susan Stanton was the city manager in September 2009) and the City Commission (which included Cara Jennings, JoAnn Golden, and Susan Mulvehill) had demonstrated no interest in assisting the CRA or applying for the grant money itself. Wanting to make sure Lake Worth didn’t miss out on this opportunity to address slum and blight in a big way the CRA went ahead and made the application itself, without any help from the City Commission at the time.”

Want to learn more about Lake Worth Beach Community Redevelopment Agency? Click on this link.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

City Commission meeting in Lake Worth Beach on Tuesday, June 4th at 6:00.

It’s been several months since Lake Worth Beach has posted City Commission agendas online for the public. Having an official Facebook page for LWB would help to fill the information gap but this City does not have an official Facebook page.

So, just as a reminder what all this information looks like on your computer and/or smartphone click on this link to see the agenda and backup information posted by the City of Boynton Beach for their City Commission meeting next Tuesday beginning at 6:30.

And the City of Boynton Beach has an official Facebook page too!

For example, here is a recent posting about nuisance tires in the community posted on the Boynton Beach official Facebook page:


Put them by the curb on your regularly scheduled residential trash pick-up days, between June 3 to June 7, and we will pick them up for FREE! Questions? Call the Public Works Department at 561-742-6200 or email

To learn more about Boynton Beach please visit their official website for, “What’s Happening”, news, public meetings and special events.

Very important information.

Budget workshops scheduled for the 2019/2020 proposed budget in the City of Boynton Beach will be held at the Intracoastal Park Clubhouse:
  • Monday, July 15 at 5:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, July 16 at 10:00 a.m.
  • Wednesday, July 17 at 2:00 p.m.

Now that it is officially Hurricane Season click on this link for emergency information in Boynton Beach which includes FAQs, flooding and locations of emergency shelters.