Sunday, April 28, 2019

A truly inspiring story for Lake Worth Beach and Lake Worth metro area.

Worth Noting: The annual FREE hurricane preparedness seminar hosted by WPBF meteorologist Mike Lyons will be next month. The location, time and other details have yet to be announced.

It was Item 5E at Lake Worth City Commission on Tuesday, February 5th: A proclamation for Kevin Addison and Sam Hamilton.

Despite what you may have heard, some truly wonderful things happen every now and then at Lake Worth City Hall now called Lake Worth Beach City Hall.

Following the YouTube video (see below) is the background on what happened on February 5th. Following that video is the background on this long-untold story.

Both meteorologist Mike Lyons at WPBF and editor Mark Easton at The Lake Worth Herald were duly noted for their volunteer efforts getting the word out about hurricane preparedness.

This presentation lasted ≈ six minutes, another presentation follows, then Commission liaison reports and public comment. After public comment you can continue watching the rest of this meeting if you wish, but would strongly advise against doing that.

Enjoy this truly wonderful proclamation:

Here is the background.

June 1st is fast approaching. How many of you reading this blog post today are thinking about hurricane preparedness? But many of you will be soon enough.

By the way, just about 1½ years ago, on September 17th, 2017 at 1700 hours the Lake Worth Electric Utility (LWEU) fully restored power to this City following Hurricane Irma. Do you remember Irma? At the end of this blog post is a short reminder, a video produced by LWEU following that massive hurricane.

But thanks to Messrs. Kevin Addison and Sam Hamilton in mid-May every year the public will be reminded about what June 1st is: The official start of the 2019 Hurricane Season.

Every May in this City Messrs. Addison and Hamilton along with meteorologist Mike Lyons from WPBF (ABC25) hold an annual FREE seminar at The Beach Club located at the City’s municipal golf course, #1 7th Ave. North.

Rainy Season officially begins on May 15th. Stay tuned for the date of this year’s annual FREE hurricane preparedness seminar usually held the second or third week in May. Then shortly thereafter at the end of May is the City’s annual Vegetation Amnesty Week.*

This FREE seminar held annually is sponsored by the City and The Lake Worth Herald and this event will include public service agencies, hurricane industry professionals and many other experts.

Now to Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

Have you ever wondered why so little was ever reported in The Palm Beach Post about what happened during that terrible storm? Find out why a little later on.

The video produced (see below) with very Hipster music is of LWEU reporting about the “power restoration recap” following Irma. Assistant Dir. Walt Gill is featured along with other officials and linemen including those from out of town brought in to help get all the power restored in this City, areas in the Village of Palm Springs on LWEU and metro Lake Worth area too, e.g., Palm Beach State College and John Prince Park.

Very little about what happened prior to, during, or post-Irma in this City was ever reported in the Post. However, a few days after the storms had passed and electric power was fully restored, City Manager Michael Bornstein was forced to publicly respond to an “egregious” story in the Post by a beat reporter who “took a crack at us.”

Prior to Irma, just a few days before the high winds and storms arrived, a whole lot of people working at the Post hauled ass out of town and that’s why there was so little news reporting about what happened in this City in 2017 during Irma. But not everyone scooted out of town. Post reporter Joe Capozzi, a City of Lake Worth resident, hunkered in place and helped the City get information out to the public on Twitter.

And also thanks to the City! Because of all their hard work getting information out to the public about what actually occurred, that information did get chronicled for posterity. Despite not being reported in the Post.

September 17th, 2017 at 1700: “100% of
reported outages restored!”

Enjoy the video!