Monday, January 14, 2019

Important information “Worth Noting”: Public meetings this week.

PUBLIC ALERT: If you are a member of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) in the City of Lake Worth there is a meeting tonight! The public is invited to attend this publicly noticed meeting and if you wish you can make public comment.

If you happen to know any members on this committee west of I-95 please remind them but stay safe. Learn more about CAC below.

CAC members, please behave yourselves tonight! Hissing, speaking out of turn, and disruptions will not be tolerated. See the CAC agenda at the end of this blog post.

Also Worth Noting: Very Important Persons (VIPs) are visiting City Hall tomorrow!

To learn more click on this link.

Planning to attend a protest tomorrow?

Please follow the rules and behoove the instructions from PBSO. If a protest happens it will be outside City Hall at 5:30.

Worth Noting: It’s always a good idea to stop by a dollar store for bottled water and noisemakers. However, balloons and plastic straws are prohibited!

About the very important meeting tonight at City Hall:

At 6:00 will be a Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) 2016 Bond Oversight board meeting.

The CAC meets in the City Hall conference room. The purpose of this 14-member volunteer board is,

[T]o review all expenditures from the bond proceeds for improving local roadways and eliminating potholes in the City. Ord. No. 2016-47 — effective October 15, 2016 . . . composed of seven members of the City’s Finance Advisory Board and seven members, two members selected by the Mayor and two members to be selected by the Vice Mayor and one member selected by each City Commissioner.

Below is the agenda for tonight. Currently there are three vacancies on this board. If you would like to become a volunteer on this board, or any volunteer board click on this link or contact Olivia Brown the volunteer coordinator by email:

Interestingly, on the CAC agenda is to approve the meeting minutes for October 1st, 2018. But when you look at the schedule of meetings in 2018 there is no meeting in October on the list. There are two meetings on the list for June and September. But there are no minutes available for those two meetings either.

The confusion may stem that there are two boards in question: CAC and the Finance Advisory Board (FAB). Possibly this could be explained for the public by Finance Dir. Bruce Miller: What exactly is the purpose of the CAC and the Fabulously FAB? Two boards responsible for advising the City Commission on the Neighborhood Road Bond that passed by a “whopping 69%” in November 2016.

Mr. Miller is the City liaison to both the Fabulously FAB and CAC. To learn more about the City’s Finance Dept. click on this link. Also it is worth noting that Mr. Miller became the finance director in mid-2018. In other words he inherited the FAB and CAC.

The Lake Worth City Commission will be meeting tomorrow at 6:00 in the City Hall chambers.

If you are planning to attend this meeting and speak at public comment on any particular agenda item please follow the rules by Mayor Pam Triolo. Will you be guaranteed the chance to speak? Maybe or maybe not. After thirty minutes any particular agenda item on the agenda tomorrow may be moved to a future Work Session.

Also worth noting is a Planning and Zoning (P&Z) meeting on Wednesday, 6:00, in the City Hall chambers. To look over the agenda click on this link and scroll down to download the “Agenda Package”.

Here is the agenda for tonight’s CAC meeting:

Citizens’ Advisory Committee — 2016 Bond Oversight.

Location: City Hall Conference Room.
Date: Monday, Jan. 14th.
Time: 6:00.
  • Roll Call.
  • Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Agenda: Additions/deletions/reordering.
  • Opening Remarks.
  • Presentations: A) Corinne Elliott, Asst. Finance Director. B) Brian Shields, P.E., Dir. of Water Utilities. C) Jamie Brown, Dir. of Public Services.
  • Member Reports.
  • Approval of Minutes: October 1st, 2018.
  • Unfinished Business.
  • New Business: Set next meeting date.
  • Public Comment (three minute limit).
  • Closing Comments.
  • Adjournment.

NOTE: One of more members of any volunteer City board, or any member of the Lake Worth City Commission may attend and speak at this public meeting.