Friday, January 18, 2019

There was a public vote with far-reaching consequences two years ago.

This blog post today is the reasoning why the voters should re-elect District 4 City Commissioner Herman C. Robinson on March 12th. Very important: City Commissioners are elected city-wide! All voters in all four Commission districts will have their say in Districts 2 and 4 on Election Day.

And this blog post today will also answer some very common questions from the public.

For example. . .

Do you remember what happened in March 2017? There was a referendum on the ballot that passed.

And in January 2017 was another significant political event. The Lake Worth City Commission voted to give themselves a pay raise. The last pay raise for the Commission was in 2005. The grandstanding two years ago by then-Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD, in opposition to the pay raise took to unimaginable heights and think he quoted Ghandi or Abraham Lincoln. But McVoy ended up getting what he wanted. No pay raise. He got booted out of office in March 2017. 

No raise for you!

The reasoning by City Manager Michael Bornstein for a pay raise was solid. Learn more about that later in this blog post.

And did you know this coming March whomever gets elected to sit on the Lake Worth City Commission will serve a three-year term? Terms for electeds used to be two years. Now it’s three. Two years is a long time in politics. Three years can be an eternity. A lot of people say that can do a great job on the City Commission. But the incumbent has an actual record. A very big difference.

Have you ever been through a run-off election?

It can be a very nasty thing. A candidate, or possibly two in the District 4 race this year, are determined to take this City into a run-off election to be held two weeks after the municipal election on March 12th. They have no chance of winning. But they are running anyhow.

Why are there four names on the March 12th ballot this year in District 4? For one reason and one reason only. To force a run-off election. There were three names on the ballot in 2017. It’s very possible somebody or some group did not get the result they were anticipating two years ago and think that four names on the ballot will do the trick this time.

The results from District 2 and 4 in March 2017:

Most everyone was anticipating a run-off election or possibly two. Then Messrs. Robinson and Hardy won outright. FYI: The Post made no endorsement in District 4. The editor, in the endorsement for Hardy called McVoy a “gadfly”.

Back on topic, is a run-off election in District 4 this year all but certain? No.

There is a way to thwart this political tactic and send a message. That on Election Day the incumbent commissioner in the District 4 race gets over 50% of the vote and wins the race outright. Getting 50%  +  1 vote in a four-person race is very difficult. But not impossible. It’s been done many times before.

Meet your commissioner in District 4.

Am happy to report a large crowd came out last month to show support for Herman C. Robinson and his re-election to the Lake Worth City Commission. This fundraiser was held at Victoria’s Pisco Lounge located at 806 Lake Ave. in Downtown Lake Worth Beach. Stay tuned for the next fundraising event in the near future.

A photo is below of Herman’s well-attended campaign event and also later in this blog post is much more information about City of Lake Worth politics too. For example, is it time to get rid of run-off elections?

Election Day will be held on March 12th. Herman brings continuity and stability to this City district, District 4, one that’s been a ‘revolving door’ for far too long. Another election. Another new face. Round and round goes District 4.

Briefly, on March 13th, 2017, Herman was in a three-person race for the “open seat” election. Former Commissioner Ryan Maier opted not to seek re-election. Most everyone predicted this election would go to a run-off. But Herman ended up winning by a wide margin. District 4 is flooded once again with new faces. This time it’s a four-person race. If Herman does not get 50%  +  1 there will be a run-off election on March 26th. Two more weeks of knocks on the door and mailers in the mailbox.

Soon will do a breakdown of this year’s races in Districts 2 and 4. District 2 is fairly straightforward: Incumbent Commissioner Omari Hardy is being challenged by Cathy Turk, a former P&Z Board member. This race will be a very good one. Quality public debate on the issues and no ‘shill’ to monkeywrench the result.

The District 4 race is another complete mess once again. Right at the last minute another one jumped in making it a four-person race. So now the voters have to decide who the “shill” is. The one or two candidates not “in it to win it” but just trying to manipulate the result.

And to not tempt future shills and keep elections fair, there is actually a very simple solution. Let the voters decide. By referendum put the question up for a vote: Should this City get rid of run-off elections? Simply put. The highest vote-getter wins. That magic number of 50%  +  1 is taken off the table.

Back on topic.

So what exactly what was so significant about a public vote in March 2017?

This public referendum passed by 55% of the electorate.

And in that referendum the electors (the voters) voted to raise terms for elected officials from two- to three-year terms.

A two-year term is a choice by voters. A three-year term is a commitment.

Which delves into why the vote to give the City Commission a pay raise back in January 2017 was significant. The Lake Worth City Commission also serves as the elected body which oversees the Lake Worth Electric Utility which is tremendously complicated job all on its own. Being a City Commissioner is a very serious job.

Three year terms and a pay raise is all about attracting talent and serious people to run for an elected seat. To learn more about, “Why salaries need to rise for elected officials” click on this link.

Commissioner Robinson has been the sitting commissioner in District 4 for nearly two years. He has brought stability and reason to District 4. And Commissioner Robinson has worked very hard for 50%  +  1. At the very least.

 Robinson speaking to the crowd last month.

Click on photo. In the crowd, center frame (next to woman seated) is Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso.

Also of note. Due to that referendum in 2017 there will be no election of candidates in 2020. For example, Amoroso was re-elected (unopposed) in March this year to a term ending in March 2021.

Imagine that. A year off in 2020.

Meet Herman when he’s not dressed up.

A former Post reporter covering the Lake Worth Beach beat may be coming back soon! You may recall Chris Persaud made history winning awards for election reporting. Stay tuned as they say.

Election Day is March 12th.

Would you like to show your support for Herman in District 4? See caption below.

Suggested contribution: $25, $50 or $100. Maximum allowable contribution is $1000 per individual or corporation. Call 561-651-1499 or by email to:

One can also make an online contribution.

Or one can choose to volunteer. Help put out campaign signs, hang door hangers, be a poll watcher or wave campaign signs on Election Day!

If you would like to make a contribution by mail, send a check payable to “Herman Robinson Campaign Account” to this address:

Campaign of Herman Robinson, 114 Ocean Breeze, Lake Worth, FL 33460

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Herman Robinson for Lake Worth City Commission, District 4.