Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The City of Lake Worth is considering renaming this City to “Lake Worth Beach”. Seen this news in the ‘news’?

And it is very possible, even likely, this question will be put on the ballot next year, on March 12th, 2019.

Coming up next Tuesday (Nov. 27th), and on December 4th and the 13th this item will be discussed by the City Commission, to consider options for ballot language, and then forward this question to the PBC Supervisor of Elections to be on the ballot next March.

More details about these upcoming public meetings will be forthcoming.

On October 30th, three weeks ago, the City Commission took a straw poll and voted unanimously to put this issue to the voters.

Question: Have you seen this reported in
the press or news media?

As far as I can tell this topic has not been reported on WPTV (NBC5), CBS12 (WPEC) or even ABC25 (WPBF). Why not?

Why has this topic not been reported in The Palm Beach Post? It’s no surprise the beat reporter from the Post has not informed the community about this since it’s that particular reporter, and many others, whose inaccurate and misleading news reporting brought about the urgency and to consider options once again such as changing this City’s name.

And just last week was a homicide widely reported as having occurred “in Lake Worth” which many in the public were left to assume happened in the City of Lake Worth. Which is completely false. Changing this City’s name to Lake Worth Beach over time will correct those misconceptions and educate the public about where this City is actually located in Palm Beach County.

And back to the press and “Lake Worth Beach”. What about County government reporters Alexandra Seltzer or Wayne Washington? One would think a municipality in Palm Beach County considering a name change would be of interest around this County and really all of South Florida as well.

What about the editorial board? Today marks four hundred and fifty days since the last editorial about this City of Lake Worth was published in the County’s paper of record. What does the Post editorial board think about “Lake Worth Beach”? Where is Frank Cerabino? He is silent as well. Nothing sarcastic to say?

And Skyler Swisher at the Sun Sentinel? He’s their reporter here covering Palm Beach County. This could be a major scoop for him.

Thus far the only reporter in South Florida to bring attention to this topic is Brian Bandell at the South Florida Business Journal. 

So as you ponder these questions about
the press and news media. . .

Check back tomorrow to this blog.

Because there is a very interesting theory why the news about “Lake Worth Beach” is not being reported. And also explained tomorrow is why Lake Worth High School will not have to change its name and neither will The Lake Worth Herald and a lot of other things with ‘Lake Worth’ in its name will not have to change either.

In fact, most things in Palm Beach County with “Lake Worth” in its name will not be affected at all. But when and if ‘Lake Worth’ becomes “Lake Worth Beach” it will have a tremendous effect on this little municipality.

What will change, if approved by the voters, is defining the municipal borders of a place called “Lake Worth Beach”. A 6 square mile coastal municipality south of West Palm Beach, a city that does not have a beach.

In conclusion the topic comes down to this:

After all these many years of debating this topic the public needs to have their say.

Say “Yes” or say “No” on March 12th, 2019.

Settle this debate once and for all.