Wednesday, July 25, 2018

City of Lake Worth’s Visioning Workshop yesterday at City Hall.

The video of this Special Workshop is already available on YouTube; see video below. Check back over the week for more images and display charts.

This was an all-day meeting at City Hall scheduled by City Manager Michael Bornstein and facilitated by a consultant. All elected leaders were invited to attend as were top City management and dept. heads.

View of the room . . .

The two front rows in the chambers were removed to make way for a large conference table.

Some notes from the workshop. . .

“Extend development along Dixie Hwy.”

The content from this meeting could make for a blog post every day for an entire year. Make no mistake, this workshop yesterday was very significant for the future of this City.

In the meantime suggest saving the video below. Watch the video in short segments; it’s a bit over six hours long and remember to jot down the time to quickly pick up where you left off just in case video reverts to the start.

From the start of the meeting,
the city manager with the introductions: