Friday, August 3, 2018

August 7th, 2018 will be a very significant day in this City of Lake Worth.

At City Hall next week, a regular meeting of the City Commission, from the draft agenda under “New Business”,

Agenda Item 12C: CPZ Beach
Complex presentation.

The process to finally fix all the deficiencies, bad planning decisions back in 2008–2010, and all the defects that later came to light at the former ‘renovated’ Casino Complex — which was actually 94% demolished — was a process that first began in the Spring last year and then became official in October 2017:

“RFQ 17-305 for Lake Worth Beach Complex Conceptual Plans Design, Cost Estimates & Construction Design and Construction Phase.”

Out of the vetting process came two presentations to the City Commission. One by CPZ Architects, Inc. from Plantation, FL and the other by Kimley-Horn from Delray Beach. Without getting into why, most everyone breathed a sigh of relief when CPZ Architects was chosen.

Then in January of this year:

A motion was made by Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell and seconded by Commissioner Omari Hardy to approve the Consent Agenda. The vote was unanimous. Here is “Item Q” on consent: Professional Services Agreement with CPZ Architects, Inc. for Task Order #1.

The next big step came in April with the all-day community charrette held at The HATCH. To learn more about that meeting click on this link.

Why will August 7th be so significant? Because, hopefully, this will be the break from the past we have all been waiting for so long.

Check back later on for more about this very important process. In the meantime click on this link to learn more about, “What’s going on at the Beach and Casino Complex?” which includes an interesting timeline explaining how we got to this point.