Friday, June 22, 2018

A message to the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee (REC).

Click on this link for the REC website which explains to the public, “WHO WE ARE”.

Just recently there was a Republican running for Governor of Florida buying TV ads in Palm Beach County (PBC) on the platform of being ‘against sanctuary cities’.
  • There are no ‘sanctuary cities’ in PBC.
  • There has never been a ‘sanctuary city’ in PBC.
  • There has never been in the history of Florida a so-called ‘sanctuary city’.
  • Even if a city in PBC wanted to become a ‘sanctuary’ it could never, ever happen (at least not in this Century).

This nonsense from a Republican Party carpetbagger needs to stop and it needs to stop now.

Cities in this County like Lake Worth and the Town of Jupiter have worked too hard to eliminate that divisive term from our political lexicon. Boynton Beach was recently the target of that ‘sanctuary’ nonsense and take note: those troublemakers failed miserably.

Question? How is it possible to be against
something that does not exist?

Heading into the August Primary and General Election in November no one from the Republican Party or Democrat Party should stoop so low here in this County as to try and frighten the public about this ‘sanctuary’ nonsense. Just stop it.

The City of Lake Worth is a proud “Welcoming City”. If you have a problem with that then go at it. But our City was never, ever a ‘sanctuary city’. And neither was Jupiter. And neither is Boynton Beach or any other village, town, or city in Palm Beach County.