Thursday, September 26, 2019

‘Sober home’ resident murdered and stuffed into a trash can. Case remains unsolved. Video by PBSO below.

Tyler Etue was found murdered 4 years ago
in City of Lake Worth.

Stay anonymous. No fear of retribution.

Lake Worth Beach: Be eligible for a reward for helping solve crime including cold cases.

Former Palm Beach Post journalist Alexandra Seltzer was the lead on this story after Etue was reported missing and posted this update on Sept. 19th, 2015.

On September 9th, 2015, Tyler Etue was found murdered in the City of Lake Worth. It was this news that shocked a lot of people and had the public wondering what was actually happening in those so-called ‘sober homes’ being bought all over town. The people buying these properties called themselves “investors”.

Then a so-called ‘church’ opened up in our Downtown attracting even more drug addicts promising they could get help here in our City. And then the ‘counseling centers’ and self-described treatment centers opened up in this City known as having a “Key West attitude” as some would call it. A party town.

Desperate families up north thought they were sending their children to a treatment center in a sprawling gated community ‘in Lake Worth’ but in actuality these young people were stuffed into overcrowded single family homes in the City of Lake Worth, a coastal municipality four years ago already overwhelmed with problems.

Too late for people such as Tyler Etue was a public meeting the next year on the evening of Sept. 26th, 2016. The public had had enough of sober homes. What happened at that meeting in this City shook the walls in Tallahassee and got everyone’s attention in the halls of the U.S. Congress and President Barack Obama too. For those of you not here at the time click on this link to find out what happened.

Yes. People did come to this City to get help. And yes, many of them did go home in body bags. The murder of Tyler Etue remains unsolved. Somebody knows what happened:

September 2015—While PBSO deputies and detectives handed out information to the public in Lake Worth trying to find a missing person (Tyler Etue) they discovered his body in a trash can. The public is asked to call the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office or Crimestoppers (800-458-8477) with any information they may have to solve Tyler's murder.

This video is in two parts. One is of the initial investigation and the second concerns the events leading up to the discovery of the body: