Saturday, May 26, 2018

Memorial Day holiday will not impact waste collection in unincorporated Palm Beach County (PBC).

Below is very important news from the Solid Waste Authority and also below is more information about suburban (unincorporated) areas in PBC. “Suburban” is defined as outside the borders of a municipality, e.g., “suburban Boynton Beach” or “suburban Lake Worth”.

This information will be very helpful, informative, and enlightening for residents of this County who sadly rely on CBS12/WPEC for their news. If you are a viewer of NBC5/WPTV you are already very familiar about this important topic. However, for many viewers of CBS12 what you’ll learn about below may come as a big surprise.

For residents of PBC who DO NOT reside within any of the thirty-nine (39) municipalities here is news from the County’s Solid Waste Authority (SWA):

Garbage, recyclables and yard waste will be collected on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, for residents and businesses in unincorporated Palm Beach County. Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County disposal facilities are open and haulers in unincorporated Palm Beach County will run their regular routes. Residents should place all garbage, recyclables and yard waste curbside by 6:00 a.m.

SWA Customer Service can be reached at 561-697-2700 or 866-792-4636. Residents residing within city limits should contact their municipality directly for their Memorial Day collection schedule.

Where and what is unincorporated
Palm Beach County?

And for those of you wondering where every municipality in PBC is located (an exception being CBS12 which doesn’t care; more about that later), below is a new video from the Palm Beach County Property Appraisers Office. Please take a few moments and follow the instructions by Dino Maniotis, CFE, and afterwards try to find a location and see whether it’s actually within the municipal limits of a village, town or city.

Please note: After a few tries this new “mapping tool” becomes very easy to find locations (e.g., municipality vs. suburban areas) and to discover for yourself where all thirty-nine municipalities are in PBC:

More helpful information and about zip codes too.

Maybe you believe you’re located in a suburban area but not exactly certain? Or maybe you are a viewer of CBS12 and you don’t have much knowledge or are confused about a places called “unincorporated”. For example, just think everything west of the Town of Palm Beach on the Intracoastal to the Village of Wellington on the edge of the Everglades is ‘in Lake Worth’.

Or maybe you’re curious and wondering where your city, town, or village is in relation to other municipalities in the County? How can you find out? It’s very easy. Click on this link for the “Boundary Maps” in Palm Beach County.

And to illustrate how using the “mapping tool” actually works (video above) in combination with maps and more helpful information (see below) anyone in just a few minutes can find out where exactly a place is: whether in a municipality or not. Unless, of course, one is an assignment editor at CBS12 and just don’t care.

Briefly, to illustrate why NBC5 is the best source for TV news in the County is this recent news segment from Jennifer Tintner titled,
“Driver suspected in fatal suburban Lake Worth hit-and-run under arrest, PBSO says” [emphasis added]

To no ones surprise who cares about and follows the accuracy on TV news, CBS12 got it wrong once again:
“The collision happened on South Military Trail, just south of 10th Avenue North, in Lake Worth [sic]”

Wrong. Trying to correct the editors at CBS12 is a waste of time. The answer is to turn to NBC5 for your news on TV. And get all your friends and neighbors to make the switch too.

Now back on topic, locating the borders of villages, towns and cities vs. suburban (unincorporated) areas.

 Please read the captions below and then refer to the maps. Please note: Below are just examples. You can try this exercise using any location in PBC.

Click on images to enlarge.
This first map is a small part of eastern coastal CPBC. The white areas are called “unincorporated” (meaning outside the borders of a municipality).

Now take a short test (the answer is at the end of this blog post): Here is another recent false news report from CBS12, about a burglary at a car wash. That burglary DID NOT happen “in Lake Worth”
as reported. . .

Now using the tools above and below find out
where that burglary actually occurred. 
This second map uses “zip codes”. For example, zip code 33461 covers just a small part of “Lake Worth. Many zip codes as you can see overlap with municipalities and suburban areas.

For example, despite what you hear and read repeatedly in the press and news media, John Prince Park is not
‘in Lake Worth’. That County park is located in suburban Lake Worth.

And lastly, a recap. The most accurate TV news in PBC is from NBC5, by far, when it comes to accuracy and reporting where events and incidents occurred, or will be happening in the near future in places like “Lake Worth”. Because the next time you hear about a crime or event ‘in Lake Worth’ from CBS12 you know to find out whether it’s true of not from NBC5.

And don’t forget that Memorial Day “will not impact waste collection in unincorporated Palm Beach County”. And that includes all those residents in suburban Lake Worth too, including those areas with ‘Lake Worth’ zip codes on the edge of the Florida Everglades. The actual City of Lake Worth, if you didn’t know, is only 6 square miles. Hard to believe but it’s true.


Using the tools above were you able to locate where that car wash burglary occurred?

The crime falsely reported by CBS12 as happening ‘in Lake Worth’ actually occurred on S. Congress Ave. south of Lantana Rd. in suburban Lake Worth!

Or more generally west of the Town of Lantana and north of the City of Boynton Beach. The nearest municipality where that car wash burglary happened? That would be the City of Atlantis about a mile to the north using Congress Ave.

“The City boundaries [of the Great Walled City of Atlantis] are Lake Worth Drainage District L-14 Canal on the north, Lantana Road on the south, Military Trail on the west, and South Congress Avenue on the east.”