Monday, May 7, 2018

To ‘Save’ the former Lake Worth Casino at the Beach back in 2011, it first had to be 94% demolished (see video below).

But that was just the beginning. . .

Because from that point things really went downhill from there:

“When the building, which cost $6 million, was opened in 2013, it was riddled with issues, including water intrusion, bad drainage, leaking and rusting.”
Excerpt from The Palm Beach Post dated March 3rd, 2016 titled, “Is progress being made with troubled Lake Worth casino building?”

Here’s what was left of the former ‘historic’ Casino structure following demolition work in July 2011:
The video below is of the actual demolition
in progress.

Palm Beach County history
in the making.


But it was all worth it because the ‘renovated’ Casino was such a bargain at just $6M!


Actually it wasn’t a bargain. Six years later we’re still paying the price:

“The eliminated amenities, or ‘value engineering’ if you like, reduced the cost but resulted in lower lease rates, event rates, and contributed greatly to un-leased second floor space.”