Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Last night’s power outage explained by the Sun Sentinel, news report from early morning hours.

What a coincidence!

Just yesterday signed up for the Sun Sentinel’s digital paper and already that newspaper is making an impact!

Here is the news in the Sentinel headlined, “More than 25,000 customers affected by Lake Worth power outage”:

Power outages reported overnight affected more than 25,000 customers of Lake Work utilities and restoration efforts were continuing Tuesday.
     In a Twitter posting the city said there was a problem with the Hypoluxo Station and that — to help restore power until repairs are completed — the Lake Worth Power Plant was being brought online.
     Before dawn, Lake Worth crews were joined by crews from Florida Power & Light in making repairs at the power plant near Interstate 95 and Hypoluxo Road where debris from a blown transformer could be seen on the ground.