Thursday, April 19, 2018

Just in case you may have missed this blog post yesterday. . .

Following the drama at the Lake Worth City Commission last
Tuesday night. . .

It was a very interesting and informative City Commission meeting on Tuesday, April 17th, starting off with a legislative update from State Senator Lori Berman, several proclamations and updates, and then the proverbial ‘train went off the tracks’ about an hour into this Commission meeting (see video below).

One of the special highlights at the
City Commission last night:
Leading off this meeting was a legislative update from State Senator Lori Berman, who along with County Commissioner Dave Kerner and School Board member Erica Whitfield, are the three most frequent visitors to the City Commission.

So “the train went off the tracks” at the 1 hour 10 minute mark at the City Commission and then at the 2 hour 17 minute mark everything got back on track again when Electric Utility Director Ed Liberty approached the podium to explain the power outage that occurred last week on Monday evening, April 9th, until the following morning at approximately 6:30 when all power was restored.

By the way, Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo took a well-deserved absence Tuesday night and left the City Commission in the very competent hands of Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso. Two items pulled from the Consent Agenda for public hearing — which could have easily tied this meeting up in knots all night long, referred to as an “all-nighter” — were dispensed with in about one hour and seven minutes. An excellent job by the City’s Vice Mayor.

The video below is from last night’s Commission meeting when Electric Utility Dir. Liberty explains step-by-step why the power outage happened last week and the steps taken to restore power. 
A special treat! Listen to what Vice Mayor Amoroso says at the 2 hour 41 minute mark, Dir. Liberty responds to the Vice Mayor, and then Amoroso says a few moments later, “Are you listening, Kevin Thompson? That’s a quote!” referring to the beat reporter from the Post and the comments made by Mr. Ed Liberty.

To learn more about the “praise” for PBSO during last week’s power outage and the ever-present “misery” at The Palm Beach Post click on this link.

Enjoy this video, one of the very special highlights from the City Commission meeting last Tuesday night.