Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Just in case you may have missed this from yesterday. . .

About the trolley tour and history talk last Sunday: An event planned and organized by the Historical Society of Lake Worth.

Last Sunday (April 8th) the Historical Society of Lake Worth (HSLW) held an event which included two trolley tours, an opening of the Lake Worth History Museum in the City Hall Annex building and two history talks as well by Ted Brownstein and Yours Truly (Wes Blackman).

This entire event was planned and organized by the Historical Society of Lake Worth — including the trolley tour — and Mr. Brownstein and myself were both invited by HSLW to give talks about the history of the “Town of Lake Worth” prior to and after the town was first established in 1913.

If you have any comments or suggestions about Sunday’s tour please contact the Historical Society of Lake Worth by clicking on this link or send an email to: historicalsocietylw@hotmail.com

Mr. Brownstein and myself took no part of the trolley tour as we were tasked with giving two talks inside the City Hall Annex: one to the group waiting for the trolley to return and another talk later on for those returning from the first trolley tour.

Brownstein talked about the pre-history of the City of Lake Worth, starting with the indigenous peoples that inhabited the area up until the time of the City’s incorporation in 1913. His presentation was based upon research related to the creation of his book, Pioneers of Jewell published in 2013. I then continued with a talk about the physical development of this City from Henry Flagler’s railroad to the present day with special emphasis on the era between 1913 and World War II. That was the period when most of the Lake Worth cottages were built and featured in the book, The Cottages of Lake Worth — Living Large in Small Spaces (published in 2016, reprinted in 2017).

Prior to Sunday’s event the board of the Cottages of Lake Worth, Inc., a 501c3, voted last week to donate four Cottages of Lake Worth books to the City of Lake Worth Library and one to the Lake Worth Historical Museum for their permanent collections.

If you would like to arrange for a presentation for your group, club, or association to which you belong that is interested in the history and the physical development of the City of Lake Worth and how the Cottages of Lake Worth miraculously survived the 20th Century, please feel free to contact me by email: WesBlackman@gmail.com

Presentations can be adapted to the time available and even a particular topic of interest. It was a real pleasure working with Mr. Brownstein and it was even suggested after the event that Brownstein and I “take the show on the road” which is actually a very good idea given there is so much interest these days about this little six square mile City of Lake Worth that “is truly the place ‘where the tropics begin’ and the fun never ends.”