Friday, March 2, 2018

The G1s are in. Next come the G2, G3, and then what’s called the “Termination Report” after the March 13th elections.

To see the latest campaign treasurer reports of all the candidates for mayor of Lake Worth and for Commissioner of District 1 click on this link.

There are no “Ah Ha!” revelations in these latest reports turned in. Election Day is March 13th and the G2 and G3 reports are still to come. The final report is called the ‘Termination Report’.

For example, after Chris McVoy, PhD, lost his re-election bid last year he had campaign money left over and afterward wrote a check for $1,000 to a City resident for “Data management” and another check to himself for $940.75 for a “Loan reimbursement”.

Which of course begs the question: Had he spent that money on trying to get re-elected. . .

The winner of that District 2 race last year, Commissioner Omari Hardy, turned the balance of his campaign money raised ($658) into what’s called an “Office Account” which is a pretty good indication he plans to run for re-election. Before long we’ll know for sure.

But. Anyhow. . .

As you go over these reports what’s interesting to note is the “TOTAL Monetary Expenditures To Date” versus the “TOTAL Monetary Contributions To Date”.

 Besides just campaign treasurer reports there is a lot more to learn about “City Hall” in this little
City of Lake Worth.
District 1 Commissioner Scott Maxwell is leading the pack by far in “Contributionsand has the most money still available for Expenditures. Mayor Pam Triolo is a close 2nd followed by Sarah Malega, the challenger in the District 1 race. Drew Martin, a candidate for mayor, is quite far off the pace in campaign fundraising.