Thursday, February 15, 2018

Please join me Friday night for an “ART Studio Talk”. An informal gathering to talk about The Cottages of Lake Worth.

Yours Truly, Wes, will be in Downtown Lake Worth tomorrow night, beginning around 6:30, at the ART Studio Café located at 16 South ‘J’ St. and everyone is cordially invited.

Oh. And if you haven’t been to ‘J’ St. in
the City of Lake Worth in a while. . .
This street has changed quite a lot since “Mr. Ned Racine”, aka actor William Hurt, walked down
‘J’ Street 37 years ago.

Why not come on down to the ART Studio Café and check out Jumpin
‘J’ Street for yourself?

This “ART Studio Talk” will be a very informal one. Just people standing around and sitting down in chairs and we’ll all talk about “The Cottages of Lake Worth”, The Cottages book as well, and we’ll talk about 20th Century history in this little City of Lake Worth too: the Planes, Trains and Automobiles that have had such a huge impact on this City.

Oh. And by the way. . .

Below is the Honorable Congresswoman Lois Frankel at her Congressional office in Washington, D.C. recently with smiling staff and interns. Now look real closely at the table with the books. Do you see anything familiar? If not, click on the image to enlarge.

Do you see it now? It’s The Cottages of Lake Worth hardcover book!  
To see the district map and more information about Congresswoman Lois Frankel click on this link.

So. Is it true what you heard, “Lake Worth
is the next Delray Beach”?

No. That is not true at all and I explained why last month at an event in — of all places — the fine City of Delray Beach. To read more about comparing “apples to oranges”:

And who would have thought when the exits off I-95 were decided upon, those decisions would have such a dramatic effect on the future of cities such as the City of Lake Worth and the City of Delray Beach.

The photograph below (courtesy of Lake Worth’s Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents’ Council [NAPC] president Jon Faust) is of the vice president of the Delray Beach Historical Society giving the introduction prior to “The Cottages of Lake Worth” presentation on January 30th.

Meet Michelle Donahue.
Michelle Donahue said, as quoted by Mary Kate Leming in The Coastal Star, “For me, we’re standing on the shoulders of those who came before us.”

In memory of Dean Sherwin. He lives on in our memories and in our history as well. Sadly, Dean passed away before seeing this book get published.
It was due to volunteers such as Dean, his hard work and dedication, that the story of “The Cottages of Lake Worth” was finally told.

And lastly. . . if you do come down to ‘J’ St. this Friday, you don’t have to wear a suit and tie. Shorts, a T-shirt, and sandals are perfectly OK on Jumpin’ ‘J’ St.

Remember, this ART Studio Café talk is
in the City of Lake Worth!

Yes. Our City IS very much different
than Delray Beach!
Yours Truly at the Old School Square Fieldhouse in Delray Beach two weeks ago.

A view inside this tremendous community facility.
Credit: This photograph and the two above from the Delray Beach Historical Society’s “Heritage Lecture Series” were taken by Lake Worth photogra-
pher Jon Faust.