Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy, PhD, were both opposed to Brightline. Right?

Well. Actually. . .
That’s not true at all.

Here in the City of Lake Worth back in February 2016 the vote at the City Commission was unanimously in support of a passenger rail service then called All Aboard Florida (and the future Coastal Link too!) which was officially launched recently to wide acclaim.

So one would think former City of Lake Worth commissioners Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy. . .

Who both frequently cautioned ‘the people’ about almost all and any development would oppose this project. Right?

Remember, it was these two who both pontificated quite frequently on many, many topics, talking at great length advocating caution about any new projects. Calls were repeatedly made to be ‘reasonable’ and that it would always be prudent to delay any hasty decisions. Time and time again they would ‘raise the question’ after ‘listening to the people’ and quite detailed personal anecdotes about whether or not it would be wise to ‘expedite decisions’.

But. . .

On the issue of passenger rail service here in South Florida, after hearing the facts, both Maier and McVoy (who has a PhD by the way) came out in support of Brightline and passenger rail service here in South Florida.

And they both supported the idea of a “Coastal Link” as well.

What’s the Coastal Link? Learn more about the below. Here’s an excerpt from this blog dated February 7th, 2016:
On the discussion that followed at the City Commission about Brightline (formerly All Aboard Florida) the vote taken was 5-0 to support rail transit going forward.

Note that another topic up for discussion in February 2016 was something called the “Coastal Link”:

Click on image to enlarge.
This is the future “Coastal Link”:
The Coastal Link will follow Brightline service and link all of the coastal downtown’s together
in Palm Beach County.

For example, you’ll be able to take the Coastal Link from Lake Worth to Jupiter’s Loggerhead Marinelife Center. Or you could take the Coastal Link to West Palm Beach and then take Brightline to Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and to Orlando in the near future.

By the way. I still remember that meeting back in early 2016. And remember how refreshing it was to see the entire City Commission working together, albeit very briefly. Two years ago though nearly every important vote at the City Commission was a 3-2 with the ‘2’, Maier and McVoy opposed to nearly everything.

But on the topic of Brightline? It was unanimous. You see, back then, even Maier and McVoy saw how important Brightline was for the future of this City and for all of South Florida.

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