Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Just in case you missed this from yesterday. . .

Video and photos: Large-scale sculpture installations in Downtown Lake Worth.

Received an email from Judith Czelusniak* at the Palm Beach County Cultural Council earlier today about this event:

As Lake Worth prepares to kick off the exciting CANVAS outdoor art project for later this month, today three sculptures will arrive in Lake Worth. We’ve just learned that a giant crane, sculptures and installers are on their way to the Cultural Council project space. They will be installing over the next couple of hours. If you’d like to stop by and photograph/film the process, please let me know.

Would have liked to set up the tripod with sound equipment but just as the installations began the rain began. If you would like to go by and see these sculptures for yourself they are located behind the Cultural Council on ‘L’ St. between Lake Ave. and 1st Ave. South.

Some photos from today (short video
follows the pics):

Click on images to enlarge:
Two sculptures arrived today. One more will be delivered later this week.

View from ‘L’ St. behind the Cultural
Council building.

Heavy equipment and a crane was needed.

And. . .
Here is how the scene looks now to passersby.
Enjoy the video:

*For more information contact Judith Czelusniak, Public Relations Manager at the Cultural Council by calling the office, 561-471-2901, by text at 917-655-3217 or email: Judith@palmbeachculture.com