Saturday, December 2, 2017

Palm Beach County “Is Worth” and deserves a newspaper like the Tampa Bay Times, which is the proud. . .


If you know anyone at the Tampa Bay Times contact them and ask them this: Why not open a satellite news bureau here in Palm Beach County?

Really now, if the public here in PBC thought The Palm Beach Post was “worth your support” that ‘newspaper’ would not be up For-Sale right now; re: the recent news from business reporter Jeff Ostroski, the opening line in the article is “Cox Media Group said Tuesday [Oct. 31st] it has put a for-sale sign on The Palm Beach Post.”

Don’t you think it’s time to bring in some fresh and exciting competition into the County-wide newspaper market? Maybe from a new newspaper called The Palm Beach County Times?

How much do you know about the
Tampa Bay Times?

The way the Times operates is much more public and very different than privately owned and profit-motivated newspapers like the Post. Learn more about that below. And unlike the Post which is a cumbersome monopoly the Times, being the #1 newspaper in Florida, has very tough competition state-wide.

There have been many reporters and journalists from the Tampa Bay Times here in Palm Beach County ever since November of last year. I had lunch with a very well-respected Times journalist (to remain unnamed) in Downtown Lake Worth. After a few minutes and a few questions the notebook and pen were put away and we talked about newspapers in general. This was not long after the Post shut down their Tallahassee news bureau and let a very good journalist go, John Kennedy.

I asked if the Tampa Bay Times ever considered opening a satellite news bureau here in Palm Beach County and that question wasn’t met with any surprise at all, like it was one asked every day.

Without further ado, about the Tampa Bay Times:

The Times, which is Florida's largest daily newspaper, has been part of the Tampa Bay community for more than 130 years. Locally owned and independent, the Times has long been celebrated for its outstanding and credible journalism, practiced with integrity in the public interest.
     Its pioneering modern-day owner, Nelson Poynter, understood that at the heart of democracy is an independent and free press when he transferred ownership of the paper to a nonprofit journalism school, which today is known as the Poynter Institute, a mecca for professional media practitioners worldwide.

From Wikipedia:

The Tampa Bay Times, previously named the St. Petersburg Times through 2011, is an American newspaper published in St. Petersburg, Florida. It has won twelve Pulitzer Prizes since 1964, and in 2009, won two in a single year for the first time in its history. It is published by the Times Publishing Company, which is owned by The Poynter Institute for Media Studies, a nonprofit journalism school directly adjacent to the University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus.