Sunday, December 3, 2017

A beat reporter, ‘news’, murals, and disingenuous word “permanent” vs. an accurate word, “temporary”.

Referring to painted and spray-painted murals in Downtown Lake Worth as ‘permanent’ couldn’t possibly be more inaccurate, misleading, and downright silliness:
Now, 10 artists from Brazil, the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States are in Lake Worth painting colorful murals that will become a permanent part of the city’s landscape.

Here’s the definition of “permanent”:

  • existing perpetually; everlasting, especially without significant change
  • intended to exist or function for a long, indefinite period without regard to unforeseeable conditions
  • long-lasting or nonfading

The definition of “temporary”:

  • lasting, existing, serving, or effective for a time only
  • not permanent [!] [emphasis added]
  • for a short period of time

Simply put. . .

No murals are “permanent” here in the City of
Lake Worth. Structures are, the mural is not.

Whilst on the subject of temporary art in public spaces in our City, using the medium chalk, the iconic Street Painting Festival is coming up and is now accepting artist applications!

A spray painted mural will last a year, or two
years, or maybe even longer. But they are in
no way “permanent”:

Do you remember the wildly popular “Off the Wall” event in 2015 at the LULA Arts Annex and former shuffleboard courts which is now called HATCH?

Fast forward to Nov. 2017. More new temporary murals!

Remember. Any time soon we will learn more about plans to redevelop the now-condemned municipal pool at our Beach. Expect a fun fight!
So get to our Lake Worth Beach and enjoy this tremendously vibrant art and share it with
everyone you know!

The east wall of the Cultural Council in
Downtown Lake Worth:
Have you seen the time-lapse video of The Hula
at the Robert A. Harris Bridge, the view
from Bryant Park?

Enjoy watching The Hula: