Thursday, November 23, 2017

December 2015: The press, elections, and the politicizing of art (“monkeywrench-
ing”) for political advantage.

Check back later on this week to find out more about what happened in the City of Lake Worth in December 2015. Now almost exactly two years later, in 2017, consider this:
  • Murals are once again big news here in our City of Lake.
  • Like in 2015, we’re just about 3½ months away from City elections, this time the March 2018 elections.
  • And the beat reporter whose ‘news’ back in 2015 about ‘one Lake Worth woman seeing red’ was accompanied by this gem of a headline: “Lake Worth resident: Boy’s face on mural too white for neighborhood”.
Two years later, will some look at this as another opportunity to create and stir up trouble here in our City of Lake Worth, “the politicizing of art” for political advantage?

The iconic mural which still exists on 6th Ave. South that was ‘news’ in the Post back in 2015 which “shows the face of a blue-eyed white boy looking to the heavens’ was, according to the artist Eduardo Mendieta, a Cuban-American boy.

Another quote from that 2015 ‘news’:

“It would’ve really been symbolic and wonderful if it had been a child of color because that’s who predominantly lives there,” said the ‘one Lake Worth woman seeing red’.

Question: Does this Lake Worth mural give you some sort of weird vibe or have you “seeing red”:
Another quote from the ‘news’ in 2015:
“It just sends a weird vibe.”

Since when is a ‘weird vibe’ news in The Palm Beach Post? Or do you get a
‘weird vibe’ that this was even published in the Post to begin with?