Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A blog post one could say, “Ruffled a lot of feathers” and an update below.

“From where I sit. . .”

Published in The Lake Worth Herald (Issue No. 41, Oct. 19th, 2017; 105th Year, “Established in 1912”), an observation by Pelecanidae*:

“74 PBC schools earn 5 star award . . . the award for incorporating family and community members into the school environment. . . . Sadly, only one school in Lake Worth made the list. . . . Why the lack of involvement? . . . Lake Worth can and should do better.” 

Which school was the only one in our City to make the list, qualifying for the “Five Star School Award”? North Grade Elementary School came in at #45. “A 5 Star School for 18 years!”

The City’s only charter school, Academy for Positive Learning, did not make the cut. For a short list of other schools on the list see below.

From this blog, a question posed many times over,
“Is the Education Council more important now
given recent events

The City of Lake Worth’s Education Council (EC) was quite popular with the community. Students, children, and their families were invited to City Hall and council members visited and toured our local public schools as well (just a few of the activities).
     Now with the resurgence of interest in our local public schools — and the efforts to boost school attendance a big priority now — this would be the time for a City board to tackle these crucial issues.

Enjoy this video.

A few other schools that qualified for the “Five Star School Award”:
  • Bak Middle School of the Arts, #1.
  • Belle Glade Elementary School, #3.
  • Equestrian Trails Elementary School, #23.
  • Forest Hill Elementary School, #25.
  • Jupiter Elementary School, #35.
  • Palm Springs Community Middle School, #51.
  • South Olive Elementary School, #61.
  • Wellington Elementary School, #69.
  • Wellington Community High School, #70.
  • Wellington Landings Middle School, #71.
  • Wynnebrook Elementary School, #74, in last place.
*Pelecanidae from the genus Pelecanus. “Pelican Pete” is a sometimes biting bird with a clever wit. You’ll find this birds weekly musings, or droppings if you prefer, on the front page every week in The Lake Worth Herald.
     To pick up the print edition of the Herald today, go to the City’s newsstand located at 600 Lake Ave. in Downtown Lake Worth. To contact the editor use this link or call 561-585-9387.