Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Table Talk: “Another outstanding FREE program” in the City of Lake Worth.

Get Registered today!
Tonight is another community and family ‘Talk’ around the table. More details are below.

Register today to get your family a seat at the table, “Bringing Families Together” to talk about recent news in The Lake Worth Herald. “Table Talk” continues until March 20th but if the community interest and attendance remains high it’s very possible this free program will continue on past March.

To register call Miriam at 561-899-1652.
Please note and show your support for the
(see below) of this family event.

“Another outstanding FREE program conceived and organized by Cindy Ruth Ansell, the Lake Worth Children’s Librarian: families are invited to come for dinner and a discussion. Each evening a different topic based on articles in The Lake Worth Herald (Lake Worth’s oldest business) will be read aloud during dinner and then discussed.
     Each family will be joined with a bi-lingual facilitator at their table to keep the conversations lively! Bringing back a wonderful tradition of families reading together and sharing interesting news in the community. Special Thanks to all the generous sponsors for making this happen!”

Sponsored by:

“Lake Worth’s Oldest Established Business —
Established in 1912”
To see the recent front page of the
Herald use this link.