Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wes’ little bit of Lake Worth news and please take note: Be very suspicious of rumors and speculation.

UPDATE: Well. Now it’s Day 4 and The Obtuse Blogger (TOB; see below) is still not back on the Internet. TOB’s been offline since Sept. 10th. If you didn’t know any better, if you happen to read that blog, you would think Hurricane Irma was still on its way. One would think with all her ‘conservative’ connections, she could find somebody, anybody, to give her access to the Internet. Anyhow. . .

“You guys all stay safe down there. Thinking about all my old friends in Lake Worth!”
Quote, Tom McGow, Sept. 6th, 2017 (learn more about Mr. McGow below).

As of Thursday, Sept. 14th, at 5:30 a.m., still do not have electricity in my neighborhood in this little City of Lake Worth, but am very happy to hear many others are getting their lights turned on.

If you’re not following the City on Twitter,
well, you should: @LakeWorthpbc

Why? Because there’s a lot of good news being reported by the City. Also try using the Twitter “hashtag” Lake Worth too: #lakeworth
“everywhere i turn i see more power crews in #lakeworth”
This is a trying time for many people, a very real hardship. But please know the City is doing everything they can to restore power to your neighborhood. And if you know what is happening — and have been following the updates (now up to #21) from the City of Lake Worth — please inform your friends and neighbors what is going on as well.

And. . . there are plenty of rumors going around as well. Especially from a certain condo community west of I-95, which is nothing new of course.

Do you remember the rumor back in the day when the Army Corps of Engineers was going to “reconfigure” Lake Osborne into the shape of a dolphin?
The Army Corps of Engineers announced today that they plan to dredge and reconfigure Lake Osborne as part of a federal mandate to return lakes and waterways to their “pre-development” state.
That rumor was untrue. Lake Osborne was never reshaped into a dolphin. The lesson is be very careful of rumors and wild speculation. However, reconfiguring the lake into the shape of a mammal seemed like a good idea to some people at the time, according to Mr. Tom McGow:

“Local resident ■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ [aka, TOB], who lives close to the lake, added, ‘I like it!
Oh, by the way, our Downtown Publix has power and is open for business following Hurricane Irma! Now for another look back in time, readPublix Works” by the inimitable Mr. McGow from back
in April 2010, prior to construction of our
treasured City supermarket.