Saturday, September 16, 2017

Remember, your official news source about the little City of Lake Worth IS our little City of Lake Worth.

Below is a recently issued, important City of Lake Worth YouTube video.

Our Asst. Dir. of Leisure Services on our City’s parks.
Municipal offices will re-open on Monday. Use this link for more information. Next Tuesday’s ITLAPD proclamation at the City Commission is a go!

For example, many of the news reports in The Palm Beach Post to date, post-Hurricane Irma, have been copy & paste, reworded press releases and updates from the City of Lake Worth.

Below is a message from the spectacular Lauren Bennett, the City’s Asst. Dir of Leisure Services.

But first, here is a short excerpt from Lake Worth’s Post-Hurricane Update #31 datelined yesterday,
Sept. 15th:

Post-Hurricane Irma, Day 5, was another good day. Lake Worth Electric Utility was able to energize 5 more system circuits, that means out of the 41 circuits within the Lake Worth Electric service area, 1 circuit is left to re-energize.
     Approximately 84% of the system has been restored, which equates to 22,122 customers. This leaves 4,288 customer outages. For those of you still without power, please be patient, we are on our way. Today, post-Hurricane Irma Day 6 we’ll hit it again, continuing to restore power.

To contact the Lake Worth Electric Utility
by phone, call 561-586-1695.

Without further ado, Lauren Bennett.

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