Friday, September 15, 2017

People’s kindness: Part of the Hurricane Irma experience is the kindness of people.

After this electrical outage we will really enjoy our air conditioning and be grateful our City of Lake Worth homes and businesses are still standing. Remember to be kind to City employees doing their jobs, e.g., officers in the Code Enforcement Dept. working so hard to save our ficus trees and reminding residents it’s better to work together and settle disputes instead of getting the City, press and media involved.

Here is a message being spread on Facebook,
“My Dear Lake Worth Family”:

If you are able: please ask linemen, cable guys, servicemen or landscape folks if you can help them. Reports of guys not having much food (water, gas, electricity just like us) because everything is closed or they can’t wait in long lines. They’ll be working overtime to restore our lives back to normal. Food, drinks, and snacks are much appreciated. Please copy/paste this message and share.”

and lastly. . .

“Instead of complaining, help out and be part of a solution, not a problem.”