Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Just in case you missed this from yesterday. . .

From Facebook. Name withheld:

“The negativity I have been reading on my phone is disgusting.”

Thank you to the person who wrote this and hope you’re not catching too much grief from the haters.

“I do not normally post, but decided to do so due to a lot of complaints I have read about electric [Lake Worth’s Electric Utility].
     First, I do not know the City’s protocol for hurricanes. What I do know is that I have lived in this City since 1981. I am not political in any way, shape or form. I have been through the unnamed storm in the late 80’s . . . no power. I have been through Frances, Jeanne and Wilma in ‘04 and ‘05.* I lived with no power, food loss, no generator for 7, 10 and 13 days with three children, and even fell and broke my ankle during Wilma.
     I saw Matthew at tropical storm . . . no power loss. Four crews from other states came in to help our City. Yes, I was out six days and am hoping the rest come on today, but heck the majority of us have power.
     Now think about your suffering through one or seven days! There are areas such as our entire Keys who have nothing and I mean nothing, so please do not blame our City officials or our utility director because we too could be so much worse.
     How about instead we focus on Florida? Donate your unused hurricane supplies, baby clothes, formula, clothing, towels to those in our Keys. They are struggling unlike us with no power, no food, no water, nothing, but we can and have restaurants, stores, gas stations.
     The negativity I have been reading on my phone is disgusting. I myself am grateful that I only lost my fence, tree branches and power. How about positive help for those in need!”

*To learn more about those terrible storms back in 2004–2005 use this link for an account by Yours Truly.