Sunday, September 17, 2017

Editors, media executives, reporters, and journalists: Stressed out?

Please take note. The following blog post also addresses the subject of medical marijuana and may be disturbing for some readers. Below, you’ll also learn about the newly-formed coalition called “HEMP” that attempts to confront this issue head-on vis-à-vis the responsible use of medical marijuana, young people in Palm Beach County, and possible protests (and counter-protests) in the very near future.

Without further ado. . .

Hurricane Irma coverage was rough for everyone, e.g., imagine the surprise of employees at The Palm Beach Post when they all learned,
“[P]ublisher Tim Burke told the employees via email . . .”.
However, if you’re in the press and/or news media business, there’s good news to report! A great way to change your mood and perspective: medical marijuana.

Later this month Modern Health Concepts (MHC [not to confused with THC]) is opening a new medical marijuana dispensary right here in the City of Lake Worth, conveniently located at 1125 N. Dixie Hwy.

MHC is on the west side of Dixie between a crematorium and an elementary charter school on the east side of Dixie. Or. . . look for Blue Front BBQ; MHC is right across the street! How cool is that? Contact MHC today:

“Now Offering Free Delivery to Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Lee and Collier Counties. Call 877-303-0741 or place an order online.”


Young members of HEMP (Helping Educate My Parents),* are planning a counter-protest on learning this from the editor at the Post:

“The proposed [medical marijuana] dispensary, owned by Miami-based Modern Health Concepts, plans to open by the end of the month. Academy for Positive Learning’s [charter school] owners are fighting it, including possibly protesting outside the facility once it opens.”

HEMP’s goals are nonviolent; completely educational:

  • Charter schools are too expensive and a family can use the money on funner things.
  • “All my friends go to public school.”
  • Medical marijuana (MM) can help parents better deal with school administration, staff, and grades.
  • MM can help teachers deal with unreasonable deadlines.
  • And MM can help when pondering questions like, “Why am I still teaching in a mobile home after all these years?”
  • What if a child says, “I want to be a part of PBC School Superintendent Robert Avossa’s vision for the future of public schools.” MM can help deal with that too.

Stay tuned as they say for more from HEMP!

*If you didn’t catch on, this is called satire. There is no group called “HEMP”. At least not yet. Will there be protesters outside MHC, a legally-operating medical marijuana dispensary later this month? We’ll have to wait and see. But hopefully there will be counter-protesters there as well in support of a Lake Worth business and medical marijuana.