Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ahead of Hurricane Irma: “Update from Electric Utilities”.

“Worth Noting” has your official updates from City of Lake Worth.

Use this link for “Hurricane Irma
Special Update #4”.

Emergency Call Center to report electric
outages and electrical emergencies:
561-586-1695; 877-454-4480.

“Last Friday [Sept. 1st] City of Lake Worth electric utilities began preparations for the hurricane and have continued to work throughout the week. In addition to the City’s own crews an additional 10 crews have been called up and are currently on their way from Alabama, Illinois and Oklahoma. This will put a total of 50 linemen in the City prior to the storm’s arrival. Prior to the storm you can help reduce the likelihood of damage to the electric infrastructure by tying down, picking up or securing any loose debris especially if near an electrical substation.

As the storm approaches our crews will continue to work until 30 mph sustained winds are recorded in the area, at which time it is no longer safe for to continue working and they will return to base and wait until the storm passes before going out again. Once the winds subside crews will be back at work to asses the system for damage and begin repairs. Restoration priority will go to circuits which run critical infrastructure (e.g., police and fire buildings, medical facilities, schools). During this period you will see crews on the streets and power beginning to return to affected areas.

Please remember that crews are leaving their families and homes in order to get your power back quickly and safely, be patient with them and allow them to do their job safely. At times you may see crews sitting and appearing to not be doing anything, this is most likely because they are waiting for a line to be made safe so they can carry out their repairs.

Please stay safe before and after the storm. Remember to NOT run your generator indoors and that all wires around poles and on the ground should be considered LIVE and dangerous.

If you have any utility issues please call 561-586-1695 or 877-454-4480. If you are a Lake Worth Electric Utility customer please DO NOT call FPL, they are unable to assist within our electrical service area.”

For Hurricane Irma and “12 Safety Tips from
the Lake Worth Electric Utility” use this link.